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  1. I'd highly suggest adding a cooldown to the damage immunity when using rune gates. Currently, you can just move back and forth through the same gate to be invulnerable indefinitely, which has made for very boring gameplay on several occasions.
  2. Is that true? The only time I saw the damage effect working was the first day of dregs when it was doing damage in the middle of the courtyard outside any building.
  3. On swordsman promo, the pursuit and obliterate talent modification tooltips are swapped.
  4. Not being able to interact with harvesting and crafting disc vendors until you've talked to the vessel vendor is a frequent complaint I hear. Like me, most people just assume it's a bug and don't even know what to do about it.
  5. Can't target or talk to crafting or harvesting vendors in GR until doing one of the quests nearby, not sure which one in particular.
  6. Horseshoes take durability loss on death despite stoneborn statue in EK.
  7. Being pulled while whirlwinding as myrmidon cancels the whirlwind but keeps your abilities unusable as if you're still stuck in the whirlwind channel.
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