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  1. It will be mostly upgrades, it will all even out as people leave a lower tier to jump, the lower ones will fill up also.
  2. Honestly if you are on the fence between gold and amber and get a early bird do it. $65 bucks extra for 5 years of VIP, you will be happy you did.
  3. Not to be a debbie downer but it's not going to hit 800k this week more than likely. All the early birds are sold out (i bought sapphire). People don't need to hurry and pledge higher with fear of something running out. I might hit another 35k tonight and it will take awhile until some stretch goals are tossed out to get it closer to funding. It will fund of course, but it won't be today or this week with what is left in the tiers.
  4. Welcome to kickstarter... You pledge because you believe not because you have already played.
  5. /Shrug I am a carebear yet still a IT CU backer and a Sapphire here so far. *edit* Upgraded to early bird Sapphire.
  6. I agree Oberon. That could swing me for sure. Overall Amber does look to be the best value. I can always be sold though .
  7. Ya still considering. They are going fast for the early bird. I am more of a pve player at heart though.
  8. Trying to justify the jump. Alpha o e is nice for sure. Any others on the fence?
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