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  1. About me: I'm a 23 year old student from the UK, i've been gaming for over a decade in mmos and really love the player dependency and potential for group goals in Crowfall. I'm looking to meet players I can work with, learn and research the game to benefit the whole team, whether it be pve or pvp. Guild criteria: Region: EU Atmosphere: During testing casual play. On release a little more hardcore. Casual/Hardcore?: Flexible, probably somewhere in the middle, depending on who I end up playing with! Size: Can do small, medium or large as long as the atmosphere is right and there are people to play with Play-Style: I generally play support/healer types and enjoy both pve and pvp. Im intrigued in crafting in crowfall for sure, but supporting my buddies in warfare sounds like a great time too, Commitment: Currently on the test servers, I was an early kickstarter backer. I played around a little in the past but with my account wiped and the new updates im wanting to get into the game more consistently and learn. Experience: I've played my fair share of mmos and survival games, being a raidleader in WoW for the past 2-3 years, I'm really looking to find a group of people who want more than just a solo experience, we have huge nodes to farm! Voice-Chat services: Can grab anything though I generally gravitate to Discord.
  2. Please ignore - found a new home to try out!
  3. Healers do have a place in PVP-centric games, its just not a model that Crowfall is choosing to use, which is fine. I'm a little irked because I main healer but I wouldn't write a game off just because of that, I'll probably end up playing a support class or ranged dps, Frostweaver peaks my interest, ranged dps, ice = cc? Who knows
  4. Interesting lore, if you're going to gender lock a race give a good reason for it, and they definitely did! Really interested in seeing more on the Fae lore, as well as their attitude towards the hunger, and towards working with males on the battlefield. Loving the diversity in back stories so far, can't wait for the next reveal
  5. I get the issue people have with heels, often seen in Asian MMOs, ridiculous heels to add to oversexualised female character models and a skimpy outfit. I personally don't have too much of an issue with heels, the ones I described above do irritate me, but if done right, if they are stylized to match a world/outfit/personality then I don't really see much of an issue. No they aren't practical, but its fantasy, if they are in a game, I think Crowfall has implemented them in one of the better ways. The heavy armor wearers don't seem to have them, this makes sense because well, heavy armor and weapons and shields would probably throw me off balance on the best of days, never mind if I was wearing 6" heels. The assassin type characters fit them the best, often portrayed as sassy, femme-fetales even. It also changes posture, it depends how this will be portrayed in Crowfall of course, but the extra height and change in posture can add a unique silhouette to a class, and help them portray who they are through body language. Additionally, if a fantasy fighter female is going to wear heels in combat, its most likely going to be the one with the highest Agility right? And they're quite large at the base and maybe 3" in height? They don't look like they are completely ridiculous, or have been added just to add some sex appeal to the character. TL:DR - Characters don't seem oversexualised, heels are a design choice which help create charater/class persona, Crowfall has used them exceptionally sensibly from what we've seen (no plate wearers in heels).
  6. Group six, just glad to have a group
  7. Forgive me for skimming some of the posts, I believe we are up to 48 pages at this point. I just wanted to address a few issues that people seem to be having. First of all the issue of PVP'ers, people thinking people will stay in safe zones, and focus on PVE. I mainly PVE in mmos, a well known example being wow, I PVE'd with a bit of PVP on the side (battlegrounds, low level arena etc). There was potential for progression in both sides, and if you wanted to focus on one element only, you could do that, there were equivelant(ish) gear from both tiers, titles, mounts and achievements. Crowfall, to a PVE'er, doesn't really do much. And that's fine. The idea of being looted and loosing items is a bit worrying for me, because its new, usually I'd have to spend months and months dying to raid bosses to get gear, so by nature I tend to be attached to it, but that's not how its going to work in Crowfall. As a PVE'er, it doesn't fit the qualifications I tend to look for in an MMO, but it doesn't have to. I ended up playing more PVP orientated games, I played Archeage for a while, which made me a little more used to open world PVP. Secondly, and probably more importantly, If I wanted to play PVE, I wouldn't come to Crowfall because from what i've seen so far, there isn't any endgame for it, its PVP driven, so maybe I could grind mobs and get materials, craft the gear and for what? To go and fight in the big battles.....that I don't want to do because its PVP. I fully intend to play Crowfall as it stands, and I will do some of the "PVE" content because well, it sounds like its a good way to get some resources, but I will use them to work towards progression in PVP, because that's where the game is, that's where the content and the players are going. I wouldn't play an FPS, to capture points and never kill players, because I've completely missed the drive of the game and because of that I would imagine it wouldn't exactly be fun; and while capturing points might be classed as PVE, you wouldn't call CoD PVX, its a tiny element to aid a PVP goal. The players in Crowfall will join for the PVP, possibly for different variants, but that's personal choice. SECONDLY. There's a lot of complaints about dead planets, people staying in safe areas and whatever. We're speculating on nothing really, people are using preconceived ideas from other games to try and comment, but we don't know how this will work yet. Put your comments in by all means *i would like to see/would hope that* or *I hope that they don't include/I don't like* , but writing negative comments on assumptions doesn't really help you, the people on the forums or the developers. I would be very suprised if the developers released the game without any thought to enticing players to different planets to keep up the populations. If you can think of it so can they, and I'm pretty sure as they are game developers, and this is THEIR game, they have probably put much more thought into it than we have, they just haven't told us what they are going to do yet. For example, they might make different materials much easier to gather on certain planets, giving you a reason to planet hop. They might make events on planets to draw players, offer bigger rewards, some sort of progression towards the political aspects?! If you're going to be negative about the ideas released, that's fine but make your comments useful, its a lot easier for the Dev's to look at your issue if they know what you actually want. Rant over, happy gaming
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