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  1. I always meant to check that game out, but have yet to. I'm assuming you played it at some point? How is it?
  2. EDIT: Never mind, not a good idea.
  3. This. If an indie company wants to make an MMO and their pockets aren't endless, where do they get the means to make an MMO? KS MMO companies are trying to get away from publishers, because then their great idea turns into a themepark to please the masses and ends up being one huge cash grab. The easiest way to get money for a game that you want to make, is crowdfunding. Crowdfunding also allows the company to see how many people are of the same mindset and want exactly what the developers want. I, too, was burned by the AA founder's pack, but any time you pay for something and you're uncertain of what you're getting, you're gambling. If you can't shake that off, this ain't for you.
  4. Just because an opportunity presents itself, does not mean you have to take advantage of it. Men can take the responsibility, but it won't change the porn industry.
  5. Listen, Seven Bacons, I understand what you're trying to prove here, but it's not working. As Sheen has stated, as long as some women profit from sexism, there will never be this equality you speak of. But like you Seventh Pig, I'm trying to make changes. For the past couple of months, I've stopped going down to Portland to visit their many strip clubs.
  6. Very true. The title of Professional has been revoked.
  7. They'll have a gameplay video of elk and centaurs slaughtering each other, but near the end, Gandalf will show up on a hillside beaming his staff and all these humans riding elk and centaurs will ride down and provide grass, oats, and chicken for all to enjoy. There will be peace in the land of Crowfall and they'll announce the game no longer needs to be made.
  8. That or he has to pull back a few punches in this environment.
  9. dreeb


    As someone who's looking to be a crafter, I hope there's a ridiculous amount of weapons to choose from. Spears would be amazing!
  10. Everyone deals with harassment directly. It just so happens there's more than just women getting harassed on a daily basis. That's the sad truth of it. Everyone goes through troublesome times. Some are worse than others at any given moment.
  11. Years of practice to hone his skills. Then sites such as 4chan and reddit appear to cultivate the breed of "player" to a whole new level. CHECKYOSELF B4 YOUWRECKYOSELF #neverforget #womenarepeopletoo Edit: I really hate that t-roll gets changed to player.
  12. U wot m8. Just because magic and centaurs have been introduced, I don't think that shows certainty of furries running around.
  13. As they've stated, it'll have new stuff and stuff we already know. I also think the crowdfunding will start on the big reveal as well. I'm actually excited to see what tiers they come up with for that. I'm already down to play this game with what we have so far.
  14. As long as Iron and Wood farmers can spam a global chat, I'd be cool with us not being able to.
  15. I'm all about the dudes, bro.
  16. Not specific enough. If you sign up as a dude looking for dudes on a free dating site, you can probably count on a lot of hooligan and breast pics.
  17. Exceptions abound! If it wasn't for WoW, this thread wouldn't exist.
  18. Though they've already met their goal, it doesn't hurt to help fund them either. http://kck.st/1C50Xtl
  19. In my 15+ years of online gaming, I've never seen a female gamer truly harassed in a game. That doesn't mean there isn't, because obviously there are women being harassed online and offline, but some of this Gamegate and extreme feminist BS is just that, BS. And I say that primarily because I've seen the opposite happen more often than not. Most notably, in WoW. I was an officer in a guild for 3 years, prior to me being there, women weren't allowed to join. The GM said it was because women suck at games, but later I found out it was because they cause mass hysteria in communities that can't keep their junk sealed up. Once I became an officer and did a majority of the recruitment, I started bringing women in for trials if they decided to apply. Probably 1 out of the 20(ish) women I recruited over those 3 years, was good at their class and didn't cause drama. The others were horrible at the game and had they been a guy, they would've been out of the guild in the first couple of nights. Two women that I know of sent nudes to the officers to favor in the loot council, 1 met up with a member and ended up being a catfish, others would spread rumors or cause other guildies to choose sides on their behalf, or if we had 2 or more girls in the guild at the same time, they'd constantly be arguing at one another. Honestly, my decision to open the floodgates was probably what ended the guild at the very end. And I'm not saying all women are like this, but the ones that I've come in contact with have always been waited on hand and foot and unless it's a large community with a fair mix of both sexes, they cause nothing but problems, treated fairly or not. And in the larger gaming communities I've been apart of, it's not even an issue, because it's handled with if on the very rare pccasion some guy comes in and start harassing a woman. Anyway, after reading all 15 pages of garbage, outside of a handful of insightful posts, I had to say something. I think there are some real problem in the real world, but trying to spread this crap through games is asinine. If someone has a problem with all of this, it doesn't start in the gaming world nor will that be the first place with change. Oh and Checkyotrack is a professional troll. Props to you good sir.
  20. Sager Laptop i7-4810MQ @ 3.8 GTX 880m 24GB DDR3 1600MHz 500GB SSD 2 TB HD
  21. Nice to meet you as well! I've spent most of my time in EQ, DAoC and WoW. A lot of MMOs end up being a 1-2 month adventure and then flop for me. I'm hoping Crowfall is a place to call home!
  22. Hello everyone, My name is Dreeb. I've been a member of almost every MMO between EQ and today's games. Like most of you, I've been searching for that original high from games like UO, EQ, and DAoC. I seem to recognize a few people from the CU backer forums and others from ArcheAge. Anyway, hope to meet a lot of you and I'll be looking forward to some hard-hitting PvP in the future.
  23. GW2, Lotro, Dishonored, and Shadow of Mordor. Just started all of these, so I'm quite busy right now! Prior to that, I was trying out WoW again, but that gets old fast. Basically waiting for CU, EQN, or Crowfall to come out, hopefully I don't die before one of them does come out. I also like to visit Star Citizen from time to time to see how much money they've accumulated, that's always entertaining.
  24. AA Valor member giving Sugoi a +1! Hope to see you guys in-game.
  25. Well, you could just as easily buy gold for any number of sources within that game and buy whatever you wanted. Just depends on how much money you were willing to throw at it. Much like the rng boxes that dropped carrot dash and you could sell for thousands. Maxing out multiple crafting professions in less than a week was far more beneficial, which caused the uproar in the first place. But I will agree with you APEX did have that fault as well. But they didn't have a decay system on gear in AA, so basically just get BiS and GG.
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