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  1. Howdy. Sent you a PM. Let me know if you need anything else.
  2. yeah would seem to make sense...in the 'go with what you know...' world view. The rg system in sb worked well...providing some strategic value and making long distance travel less tedious...while still not making it 'easy' or instant.
  3. Ok. Here you go Teer. ===================================== What kind of guild is OCC? Ordo Castum Carnifex is a heavily PvP oriented guild. Our history has largely been based in Shadowbane starting around 2004 with many of our members being veterans of the full 5 year run that the game was open and further experience in the emulator version that was later opened. Through all of Shadowbane and any subsequent games we've picked up (Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Archeage, Xsyon (Beta), Faxion (Beta), Warhammer (briefly)) we strive to find strategies and tactics that give us a competitive edge within the game's rule set. A lot of this stems from most of our players being the types of people that love to figure out the mechanics of a game and talk over how we can make them work for us. This leads to us to a playstyle that is more organized and rigid than you might find in most guilds without a similar background. We are not elite gamers, only recruiting the top .01% of players, but we do seek competent individuals who want to adapt and work within a group setting to achieve a goal. What are OCC's goals? OCC is generally an RPK (Random Player Killer) guild. If you are not part of us, you are generally considered fair game. Bear in mind that this comes from a background of playing with similarly aligned guilds, so for us it's not a matter of griefing... it's just how you're supposed to act in a Guild vs Guild PvP game. We don't generally feel malice in our attacks, it's all in the fun of the game. That's what we're all here for. We may not pick every fight we can, but we won't back down from them either. We've also been known to kick up a little RP flair to our attacks when the game's Lore structure was interesting enough. Your sins will be purged in flames! That said, our goals are chosen based on the game and the size we are at the time. Going into Crowfall limited information is available, so as of now our primary goals are to compete for resources and objectives, find the strategies and tactics that best suit our playstyle, kill a lot of people, and have a good time. OK... but what can I really expect if I join? First off, we're communists. Everyone benefits when the guy fighting next to them is in better gear, has the in game items that they need, and is buffed up. We run a tight knit community and will not expand beyond the numbers where we can keep track of who's who. Everyone is expected to contribute to the well being of the guild, and everyone is taken care of in turn. As a newer member we will of course lend a hand in gearing you up. Just don't expect to be handed the 80-hours-to-create-sword-of-pwnage on day 1. You get out what you put in, at least until we get to know you and feel like you're here for the long run. Second, we run spec (specialized) groups. If you're not familiar with this concept, what happens is that as we learn a game and it's capabilities we will come across certain mechanics that we feel could be used en masse to give us a massive benefit on the battlefield. As an example, in Shadowbane there was a class called a Templar that wore heavy armor, could cast spells, and deal melee damage. One of their spells was a group friendly PBAoE (point blank AoE, meaning that it went out from around them). By itself that AoE was nothing too notable outside of a 1-1. But when you put 7 Templars in a group together with appropriate support toons, built them to do melee damage, but required that every one of them had that AoE that could be triggered every 10 seconds, it added up quickly. It was very difficult to stand toe to toe with that group. In Crowfall, we will be gathering information in the Alpha's and Beta's to determine what start up spec we want to run to be the most effective on the field as a guild. When we know it, all members will be required to roll up that spec and/or toons to support it (traditionally healers, buffers, and CCers). Members of course have feedback in the lead in to choosing a spec group, but once it is chosen it is required by all members to roll it up. Third, we use our forums. A lot. During times where we're not official in a game there is still regular activity here. It might be chatter about real life, excitement over a coming game, whatever. It keeps us well connected regardless of if we're gaming. Everyone is expected to register and participate on the forums. We communicate critical information here, so not making use of them is not an option. Likewise, we use Discord. You will need to have a Mic/Headset and be in there when we're playing together as that's how we keep organized in game. Fourth, when in combat we do maintain discipline. That might mean not complaining in [insert voice chat system here] when you lag out and get killed because it's not relevant for the rest of the people still fighting. It also means listening and obeying the instructions of the battlefield commanders. If the order is to charge into the enemy stack and only 8 people out of 20 listen, those 8 will get slaughtered because they were grossly outnumbered shortly followed by the remaining 12 facing the same issue. Likewise, if a callback is ordered it's not time to finish chasing the guy who was at 25% health. We operate together. That's how we win. Man... that all sounds a bit controlling. That's an understandable reaction. We do control more aspects of game play than many other guilds without a background in hardcore PvP MMO's. The benefit is that we win a lot of fights that we otherwise might not have, and winning is fun. Especially when you shouldn't have. But we're not super serious all of the time. We do allow for personal toons and playstyles. Favorite playstyles are welcome and we do smaller scale engagements where that kind of thing has its place. Spec toons get gearing priority, but we help out with the personal ones as well. Outside of combat TeamSpeak is pretty relaxed and chatty as well. We've been together a long time because we're all friends who like gaming together the same way, but we're always looking for a few more like minded folks to add to the roster. Alright... that sounds fair. I think this may be for me. What next? None of us care for standard guild applications. Most of our recruiting in the past has been done by people already in the guild vouching for new members followed by a trial period where we each make sure we're a good fit for one another. We're going to be recruiting some newer people for Crowfall however, so we need to know a little bit about you beforehand since we don't openly recruit. Fill out the application which we tried to make as minimally douchey as possible, and assuming all goes well we'll welcome you into the guild on a trial basis. So long as you're alright with all of the above, can follow directions in combat, and aren't generally an unpleasant individual then the trial period ends and all's well and welcome to OCC. If it doesn't work out that's cool too. We'll wish you well and go our separate ways with no hard feelings... unless you were a jerk, in which case we'll gleefully hunt you down and skin you repeatedly. Thanks for your interest in OCC! ===================== I was kind of holding off...alpha population and all...but there it is.
  4. nice to run into you last night Soulein...and by running into you, i mean you running into me...with that shield
  5. Ordo Castum Carnifex (OCC) was created as a Temple lore pvp guild at the outset of Shadowbane's corruption server back in 2004 from a conglomeration of Mourning guilds (Tribunal, Vets of the Hi Watch, some UDL). This group quickly got a lesson gun boat diplomacy as we watched its 6 weeks of server-up 'work' go up in flames during the infamous 2004 Thanksgiving Day Bane. Shortly thereafter the vast majority of the guild evaporated...the challenge set forth by Saint Malorn was just too much for them. So with a remaining membership of about 6 (from 70ish), and a change in leadership (those of us who were left kind of found ourselves in charge) we went about cleansing the world with our special kind of fiery love. From these humble beginnings we grew and prospered, having a relatively major presence on subsequent servers. And then Shadowbane died. And we were sad. And sadly nothing that has come to market since has brought the same experience...and while we've been active in most of the major releases....When you're used to fighting for your collective virtual existence, everything else just seems kind of tedious and pointless. Looking forward to crowfall...While it is still uncertain if we will try to take on some level of 'lore-play'...Probably likely, if for no other reason than it makes things a bit more entertaining...too much is currently unknown to really make a commitment there. We will be taking on folks as testing progresses. burn.
  6. just turn it on. 20 person teams. would be fun to see if it made the game more, or less, skill intensive or must moved the balance needle back to range heavy groups.
  7. i believe the ultimate vision was....'it will depend'. different rulesets might/could have different ff rules. i'm for just turning it on in the hunger dome. would be hilarity.
  8. /shrug. only point i was making is that, at least by what we see now (which very well could be dramatically differently 9 mos from now...i do realize this is largely still 'does this poorly made socks work as designed' testing), you still have a borderline requirement for the healing support archetype in the group. i didn't call it a dedicated healer...i called it a dedicated medic...he may not 'spam' a bunch of heals per say, but it's always cycling...hits 3 and 5 each put out a heal and working the ghot everyone time it cycles. Again, obviously, when the game has more meat we'll see how it's really intended...my only point was that the current implementation seems somewhat counter to the design intent stated many moons ago.
  9. elaborate: a group with a leg has a competitive advantage over a group without one simply because they can regen hps faster both in combat and out of combat i'm sure you can 'do fine' without one in the hunger dome in some scenarios, but in general it would typically be preferable to have a leg in the group simply for their healing capabilities...especially once you push inside the keep. for sustained combat, the ability to regen hps faster than your opponent(s) is a huge combat multiplier.
  10. I was actually looking forward to an environment where a dedicated healer was not a requirement... i'm currently not seeing it. we have replaced the 'dedicated cleric' with a 'dedicated medic'. i'm not sure how many other archetypess will have healing abilities similar in nature to the legionnaire, but...as is the healing provided by a legionnaire in the hunger dome environment is pretty much a requirement. I'm not sure what we're seeing right now is that much different than the current status quo...less efficient for sure, but not that much different from a group dynamic perspective.
  11. Houston Fence Mending Drinking Roundtable. Karbache Brewery. 11/20/2015 5pm till ? Takers?
  12. I just really really hope that the only reason i'm claiming it is because someone else built it. please, for the love of whatever, no prebuilt 'claimable' assets ( a la gw2/daoc/df). If it's standing, it's because someone put in the effort to make it so.
  13. it is sounding a lot like a merge of the darkfall method and the sb style (predefined placement -- darkfall, undefined build -- sb)
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