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  1. Howdy. Sent you a PM. Let me know if you need anything else.
  2. yeah would seem to make sense...in the 'go with what you know...' world view. The rg system in sb worked well...providing some strategic value and making long distance travel less tedious...while still not making it 'easy' or instant.
  3. Ok. Here you go Teer. ===================================== What kind of guild is OCC? Ordo Castum Carnifex is a heavily PvP oriented guild. Our history has largely been based in Shadowbane starting around 2004 with many of our members being veterans of the full 5 year run that the game was open and further experience in the emulator version that was later opened. Through all of Shadowbane and any subsequent games we've picked up (Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, Archeage, Xsyon (Beta), Faxion (Beta), Warhammer (briefly)) we strive to find strategies and tactics that give us a compet
  4. nice to run into you last night Soulein...and by running into you, i mean you running into me...with that shield
  5. Ordo Castum Carnifex (OCC) was created as a Temple lore pvp guild at the outset of Shadowbane's corruption server back in 2004 from a conglomeration of Mourning guilds (Tribunal, Vets of the Hi Watch, some UDL). This group quickly got a lesson gun boat diplomacy as we watched its 6 weeks of server-up 'work' go up in flames during the infamous 2004 Thanksgiving Day Bane. Shortly thereafter the vast majority of the guild evaporated...the challenge set forth by Saint Malorn was just too much for them. So with a remaining membership of about 6 (from 70ish), and a change in leadership (those of us
  6. just turn it on. 20 person teams. would be fun to see if it made the game more, or less, skill intensive or must moved the balance needle back to range heavy groups.
  7. i believe the ultimate vision was....'it will depend'. different rulesets might/could have different ff rules. i'm for just turning it on in the hunger dome. would be hilarity.
  8. /shrug. only point i was making is that, at least by what we see now (which very well could be dramatically differently 9 mos from now...i do realize this is largely still 'does this poorly made socks work as designed' testing), you still have a borderline requirement for the healing support archetype in the group. i didn't call it a dedicated healer...i called it a dedicated medic...he may not 'spam' a bunch of heals per say, but it's always cycling...hits 3 and 5 each put out a heal and working the ghot everyone time it cycles. Again, obviously, when the game has more meat we'll see
  9. elaborate: a group with a leg has a competitive advantage over a group without one simply because they can regen hps faster both in combat and out of combat i'm sure you can 'do fine' without one in the hunger dome in some scenarios, but in general it would typically be preferable to have a leg in the group simply for their healing capabilities...especially once you push inside the keep. for sustained combat, the ability to regen hps faster than your opponent(s) is a huge combat multiplier.
  10. I was actually looking forward to an environment where a dedicated healer was not a requirement... i'm currently not seeing it. we have replaced the 'dedicated cleric' with a 'dedicated medic'. i'm not sure how many other archetypess will have healing abilities similar in nature to the legionnaire, but...as is the healing provided by a legionnaire in the hunger dome environment is pretty much a requirement. I'm not sure what we're seeing right now is that much different than the current status quo...less efficient for sure, but not that much different from a group dynamic perspecti
  11. Houston Fence Mending Drinking Roundtable. Karbache Brewery. 11/20/2015 5pm till ? Takers?
  12. I just really really hope that the only reason i'm claiming it is because someone else built it. please, for the love of whatever, no prebuilt 'claimable' assets ( a la gw2/daoc/df). If it's standing, it's because someone put in the effort to make it so.
  13. it is sounding a lot like a merge of the darkfall method and the sb style (predefined placement -- darkfall, undefined build -- sb)
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