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  1. If they design the system correctly 'everything' will hold a value, for somebody. Nothing worse than a system where 99.9% of the items are utter crap. In an ideal system 'everything' has to be crafted, and it all has strengths and weaknesses.
  2. completely disagree. 'Griefing' (however you want to define it) flourishes in environments where rule-sets exists that allow certain players to gain advantages that can't be overcome...or even retaliated against. you get got, there is nothing you could do to stop it, and nothing you can do to get back at whoever did it. safe zones pvp flags level 'tiers' i don't mind being 'ganked'...so long as a game provides me the ability to find the responsible party and make them, and/or everyone sheltering them pay...preferably by reducing their pixels to smoldering ruins. if players have no choice but to be accountable for their actions, and the game provides the tools to deliver that accountability, the gameworld becomes a decidedly better place... of course a societal microcosm comes into play here...in our wonderful modernness, 'most people' don't want to be accountable for their actions...good or bad. They don't want to be accountable when they do wrong...and they don't want to be responsible for ensuring their own well being (it's someone else's job to keep them safe). in any case...this defines the niche. you get the wolves...lots of wolves...and sheep that wear armor and have developed an appetite for blood soaked grass
  3. I would say that at its end...the vindication/saedron periods...sb 'felt' pretty good. It had pretty much already eaten all of its digestible young, and those of us left were collective that frog who refursed to be eaten. . It will be interesting to see how the lessons...positive and negative...come through in cf's as a final product. it would actually be refreshing to see a who new type of errors and mistakes as we're all pretty much accustomed to folks making the exact same ones over and over and over again.
  4. dubanka


    So, it looks like we'll be making a run at this...either that or i just dropped a decent amount of cash at vapor We currently have a dozen or so in the various alpha stages, and are looking to add a few more players. Ultimately i think we'd like to have 20-30 actives in the alpha stage. At this point we don't know enough to say 'how' we are going to play (race/faction/whatever) just that we're looking forward to burning some Piles-of-Bovine-Excrement down..well that and generally working to combat the mmo tendency to zerg the ever-loving crap out of things (FOR THE LOVE OF MY PIXELS I DOTH ALLY WITH EVERYONE!!!!!!) Anyway, see you on the field...eventually. maybe. hopefully. burn.
  5. If you can trade character specialization for crafting grind...that would be a genre game changer. The existing 'crafting' model of just about every game is a) spend 1000s of hours gathering crap spend more thousands chopping big pieces of crap into smaller pieces c)spend even more thousands of hours fusing those small pieces of crap back into giant pieces of crap d) and finally spend, yes, thousands more hours chiseling that giant piece of fused magical crap into something useful (albeit with a .05% success ratio). If we could say, trade this multi-thousand-hour-mind-numbing-grind for a model that simply allows a character to more-often-than-not craft a quality piece of <whatever> most of the time, when provided with the correct set of materials and tools...providing it has invested a requisite amount of training is skills to perform that task...well that would be just fantastic.
  6. dubanka


    but why would you merc and just not ally up? if you're mercing in an existing conflict, regardless of what you say or post you'll be viewed as an ally of the person you're mercing for...so as a merc you'd get all of risk (and potential stigma) and for very little gain. ...and if you were any good, you'd likely get hired by the same group again, which would make you look like even more of 'just an ally'. anyway, in my experience 'mercs' typically tire of the merc experience once they realize their actions follow them beyond their contract...it just never really works out like folks imagine it will.
  7. dubanka


    If this game has the level of accountability that it looks to...a lot of this simply wont matter (so it wouldn't be worth putting in the resources create in game support mechanisms). There is simply no such thing as being a merc...either you are supporting one side, or the other. If you support my enemy (either offensively or defensively), i'm coming to burn your house down. If I hire you (for offense or defense), anyone i'm in conflict with is likely coming to burn your house down. eh brah, it's all good...i know you were just paid to do that job. pfft. really only two types of mercs... a) the homeless b ) the strong looking to pick a fight.
  8. /necro OCC has about a dozen signed up for alpha 1/2.
  9. dubanka


    should make an 'engagement tracker' as a stretch goal
  10. The thing about the 'sb community' is that it is so small, that many of us really don't like our respective digital opponents and why ally with someone when you can kill them? Killing is so much more fun
  11. I don't think you can look at Mourning in a vacuum. It was someplace players could 'go back to' in between 'new' servers, or when they got pushed off them. The players did manage to keep it more or less cn free, so if you wanted to arac it up, it was pretty much your only choice for much of the latter half of sb's existence. If i were to look at why Mourning succeeded in surviving...I would say it was because it served as a fallback point and a constant. The players 'chose' to not destroy it, because they didnt' really have anyplace else to go. This is in contrast to the latter servers that were stood up which all followed a fairly similar path towards end game domination...because the players assumed there would, at some point, be a wipe and restart. honestly, i think lessons from sb...if i look at sb at the end...most of the game breaking bugs and crashes were dealt with, it had decent enough resource system, pvp was relatively balanced...but what it still did was it ate it's young...and this was true from the beginning and one of the major flaws in the design. If/when you got beat (kind of like mma...if you do it long enough everybody loses eventually), it could be really tough to reconstitute and get back at it. This kind of goes against having a product that you want people to pay to play...if you can't play 'the game'...why pay? So while the solution to this will be some version of watering down sb's original 'hardcore' intent...i believe it's pretty much a requirement if we want something that will be able to stay open because it sustains itself financially.
  12. nah, that's the san diego part... i think they gather the urine and compost it.
  13. HTown represent. Austin is like New Orleans with San Diego politics.
  14. dubanka


    another member of the sb old folks home. anybody got a spare walker? burn.
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