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  1. this. they might as well give us the option to display the information...as inevitably some folks will go out and create the option to have it displayed.
  2. but this thread is just so much gold...i'm here till i find out what these high skill ceiling games are, and what elite early sb guilds went on to dominate latter sb servers.
  3. what games are you speaking of. who are these elite guilds that dominated elsewhere that you speak of
  4. 15 second immunity isn't that big of a deal (even if it stays as is)...at least so long as the 'resolve meter' wasn't getting charged while the toon was immune. also considering we don't know what other tools/abilities we'll have at our disposal to break our own stuns, or wash our friends...or if we'll be able to up our resistance to them in general.
  5. ahh, another, '...The last best server was the last one i committed any time to...' argument. lovely. 0400 wall bashing and 0700 restart 'protection' banes were such a dramatic and exciting part of the early sb builds, we all shed a little tear when they were removed. you are correct, about the population ultimately being focused around mines and banes...once you had leveled / geared characters, there wasn't a lot of reason to be on...of course as an adult with a job, i didn't actually find this to be a bad thing, as that fit into my nightly 'gaming window'. For teenagers trying to play after school, or those residing in parental basements, i could see how lack of 24x7 activity could be vexing.
  6. admittedly, at the time you allegedy played (AND WERE ELITE!), tactics amounted to stack and crash, spec groups didn't exist, and the pinnacle of pvp was crashing r3 leveling groups with leveled and geared r5 (DOMINATED!). Things evolved significantly from there... and again, you are comical, in your assumption that 'we' have no frame of reference with regard to other games. who were those elites that dominated outside of initial server rush?
  7. hehe emulator was a joke...it was a sad reflection of what once was...altho entertaining for bit, from a nostalgia standpoint. The emulator gameplay/competition wasn't near what it was over the last few years of live. it was also 'lesser' since there were no politics, as there was no convincing anyone about anything, it was pretty much a 2 sided factional environment...which wasn't sb's strength. and your assumptions are also misplaced... for instance a fair number of my folks were part of the prx uber alliance that played round and round we zerg (TO GREAT VICTORY!!!) in GW2...same thing with AA (although admittedly that grind killed our interest pretty fast). But back the the 'reminisce' bit... What sb had, that no other game has had since...and why it held some of us for so long...is proof of your performance. you played for stuff that real people put real effort into building. it wasn't some rotational keep or point that gave some arbitrary point total. You either either seiged/defended successfully, or you didn't... you can say what you will about competition and all that, but every other game that has come since has been 'easy mode'...since you never really lost, or even if you did 'lose', you didn't actually lose anything. sb was really the only game that has required skill at all levels of the gaming spectrum- individual, tactical, strategic, operational/logistic, and political. Hopefully cf will recreate some of this...as i'm really tired of waiting for something to not suck after the shiny wears off.
  8. oh the answer there is simple...a lot of those games just weren't very good...or at least weren't good enough to spend the time and energy to push through the grind to get to/maintain the endgame...much less trying to convince my guildies to do the same. Spending hours upon hours doing dungeon raids for bling doesn't move the needle on most of my folks' fun meter. but life wouldn't be nearly as much fun without the occasional anonymous troll to deal with...and it's typically sad when they get exposed...when the delusion of awesomeness that their anon status afforded them meets the reality of their general averageness. got tears welling up already.
  9. whole lotta letters there. i just really hope we have the ability to construct things more in the sb style...hell, even the AA style, than say the df/gw2 keep capture/upgrade/repair model. if only from a strategic sense...historically, the location of a city/fortress has underscored its ability (or lack thereof) to control territory...It would be nice if players had the ability to maximize that, or fail horribly. IMO, i would see the poi 'ruins' as being an element of convenience...you would be trading potentially an optimal location for the benefit of speed and resources to get fortifications raised. Do i build a city from scratch with the intent of control the ruins (we will be able to mine it for artifacts if i recall correcty) and the other surrounding territory...or do i look for a more immediate advantage of makign do with a less than optimal location/design etc. Anything that makes the player's decision matter, and just doesn't hand us a cookie cutter 'how ya do it', is preferred.
  10. no seriously...who were the guilds that 'went on to dominate'? i also remember that the super bestest tactic was to stack your 150+ mass of fodder, and then wait for the enemy. the game couldnt handle the load and would crash out for a fair % of the advancing force. again, i just don't get the 'early elite' chest thumping... these large nation/alliances conquered servers of fragmented, ill prepared noobs...declared victory and left. there was not competition to be had...the massive alliances had all the advantage...numbers, knowledge, organization, and a plan. They took advantage of that (bravo), and left before opposition could obtain any level of parity. #winning
  11. that's kind of my point. shadowbane was a grind...but it was basically a spec add grind. gear? not so much. got that through pvp. levels? macro druid. go to bed, wake up as 65. wait for xpac hotzone, hour or 2 to 75, typically with some good group crashing pvp along the way. i'm just still waiting to see who these unicorns are
  12. i'm going to wager that there will be a decent selection of weapon options...either through discs, or through skill selection. i'm petty sure their design model entails a little more versatility than 1 weapon : 1 archetype.
  13. no, actually it's not. literally every MMO since WoW, has been either a direct wow clone, or a clone of it's general model. grind for levels then grind for gear repeat. but, yeah...og beta guilds in a post rush environment please....
  14. Like i said, who were these post-rush dominating guilds? closest i saw was at the beginning of corruption when it was sd vs. cos...last gasp of the beta guilds...and that was pretty much a 1 bane and done affair. so since my 'recollection is highly questionable' please enlighten me. and yes, i know, real pvprs would rather stand in line to 'raid a sick dungeon' to roll for a piece of bling than actually, like, fight people.
  15. and what guilds would those be? just curious? besides the asian hordes, i don't really recall any OG Beta guilds dominating after the initial server deployments. besides all that...we've had this discussion before. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1571-so-tell-me-about-shadowbane/page-14?hl=scorn
  16. that's actually pretty much complete bs. teh 'top guilds' (ie.major beta guilds) at release orchestrated their presence on the servers to avoid one another. They did have a valid reason for this...as there was supposed to be inter-server travel/war. So in a trans-server war, the first step would obviously be to own your own server. of course, this never came to pass... So after they did their hand holding/crushing of 'their' server they were left with a buggy, exploit ridden game, with no one to fight. So these awesome purveyors of pvp entered into a start up world with numbers and game knowledge that dwarfed most of their server side competition. Of course they succeeded, and then most declared victory and left before the masses could even the playing field. i'm sure we'll see the same actors looking to have a similar outcome here (hold hands, zerg decisively, declare victory).
  17. from the devs mouth...at least as of the June Q&A...the answer is both. if a players stumbles across one, it will be in a ruined state... if the player drops one (ie. bloodstone tree) it will be in a construction state. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TZZnyB-ydU&feature=youtu.be&t=321
  18. infinite gear grind. is the devil.
  19. could always necro http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/6878-that-military-thread/
  20. i can agree with your sentiments on WM
  21. i agree but in theory it wouldn't be hard to play with the settings.
  22. it really all just boils down to how effective are the tools ace is using. i mean, simplistically...because i don't speak code... but if aoe of fiery doom type: AOE damage radius: 10 splash effect: yes spash from center: 40% redux group damage: yes/no guild damage: yes/no faction damage: yes/no if they can, for a given server toggle the group/guild/faction values with just a couple clicks (ie. adjust the entire group of 'aoe' damage variables at the same time) the could without much issue adjust values in without much issue. now if thhey are having to go in and adjust each and every ability individually...oh the horror.
  23. like i said...which games? They were all wow clones...gear grind pve preen fests. yay? YOu could say ps2, but that's not really an mmo... gw2? i guess forming pac rim alliances to ensure your 24x7 coverage is the height of skill...i only saw one group over there that really pwnd...some euro guild was rocking a 20orso player spec and just wrecking it. where was this multifaceted game of skill that you speak of?
  24. keep telling yourself that. having seen the full cycle...early sb, late sb, more current 'functional' games...everything (slight exception being darkfall) was like swimming in the kiddy pool. i'm curious what title(s) you're even talking about as pretty much everything has been a wow clone...and nothing has offered anything more than circle jerk theme park pvp.
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