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  1. 'the good' that came back tended to get stomped and left with their bruised egos. the early game consisted of beta knowledge+mass+organization=WIN...against those that weren't. the late game was much more about execution and proficiency and (Excepting the easterners) numbers, knowledge and organization were at a much higher level on average. i'd go so far as to say that an average late stage guild would wtfpwn one of the 'we won the server and left' guilds from the first phase of the game.
  2. dubanka

    Is it sad....

    on and on about the custard dragon.
  3. and for the record, i do see the potential strategery value of 1 toon per cw...as it forces you to plan out your end game. i just feel that this forward thinking strategy may be at the expense of 'fun'...at least for folks like me...the spec/counter spec/counter counter spec discussions and planning are almost as fun as the fighting. not to mention when you get rolled over...and you're left with 'wtf was that' and have to deconstruct what happened to you, why, and how do you counter (was it just bad execution? terrain? tactics? or did they just have a spec built to take your lunch money). You see a lot of focus on the whole char creation/development/uniqueness...i feel very similarly about how groups are made up, the synergy between different specs, etc. In the end, it's just about options.
  4. see i just don't see the nostalgia of the 'back then' development. Heck i quit eq1 zek to go back to my pvp mud because the mud was infinitely more entertaining for what i wanted to do...which was fight other players. I still don't see the allure of 'developing characters'...when it amounts largely to level based (or time...as that is really all a 'skill based' game is...time to whack at something) exercise in tedium whereby one advances to the next rung of awesomeness where your fireball of doom does 1.85% more damage, and where you get to wear that Shiny New Helm of +1 to Awesomeness. I'll take the giant tool box all day long...because at the end of the day, the end game for me is matching skill and wits against other players...not worrying about my characters development and if i've bonded with it sufficiently. And you do also throw out 'just min max ' like it's easy...like everything else, the skill is in the execution, or in some cases the counter execution...you don't just 'field a spec group and dominate'...in that way it's similar to what your are waxing about with regard to character development...where as you are bonding with your toons development...my focus is on the group, or multiple group composition...and execution at the tactical level. /shrug in the end, to me, it's about the competition that only fighting another person delivers. Having multiple tools to do that enhances my experience in that regard. I may happen to have a bad bottom nail gun...but sometimes you just want to use that reciprocating saw, because it's fun.
  5. ha. the 'back then' arguement. been at this since ye olde days of the mud...back then wasn't that long ago. the main detriment to multiple toons 'back then' was that the grind to get them pvpable was pretty ridiculous. this 'designed so well' you're speaking of, to me, was just OMG I HAVE TO KILL WORMS FOR ANOTHER 10 HOURS GOUGE EYES OUT ARGHHH. again, it's one thing if you're working through a baldurs gate or something with a bad bottom story line where your decisions do have implication for your character, as your character's development IS the game. in the pvp game...the game is pvp...i'm not playing for some deep inner truth about Dubanka XXXXIV's inner feelings of being a digital entity...i'm playing to stomp your face and burn your house down....and to keep you from returning the favor. How i do that is the game. The tactics, strategy, politics, that go into do that is the game...not that my fessor learned that she looks prettiest when surrounded by the light of burning corpses. so yeah. sorry. no. better game design <> fewer toons.
  6. if you don't win your argument the first time, wait a couple months and recycle it. EK's should be bring no benefit to the campaign worlds...besides facilitating trade outside of campaigns...which may or may not benefit a campaign, depending upon the import rules. beyond that...play house as much as you like.
  7. not really. depends on the mmo...and how you play it. it's true in a singleplayer/carebear story driven fest where you're main concern is your character's story progression/development and the associated bling. in a competitive world, toons are tools, which tool you're using often depends on the spec you're running, and who is online with skill at various pieces of the spec. '...Don't suck and try to stay together...' only gets you so far...and by that i mean it pretty much gets you past the unorganized masses, but once you hit organized opposition, assuming your opposition doesn't suck, you're doomed to the numbers game. i would very much like to have more than one toon per campaign world, as it means we'd have the ability to field more than 1 spec per campaign.
  8. and i feel that characters are tools to be used for specific uses...I could give a rats butt about 'my character's play experience'...
  9. only if you planned on operating that guild on 3-6 servers simultaneously (1 toon per server)
  10. This is definitely one of those things where intuitively, i'm against it...but, in the same breath, i'm willing to give it a go. i do have one question that i don't see being addressed... can a guild name exist on more than one server simultaneously? Will i be able to have occ created on the primary server, and at the same time, have it created on the secondary server, and then perhaps on the third server if we find out there are some folks playing there that we may want to play with in the future. Otherwise, i see just a metric fukton of subguilds...occ_serverA, occ_serverB, occ_sabatical, etc. etc. etc.
  11. i don't know...it will be fun to go tripping around the elephants on a server...in a truly open environment, i've seen (erhm been the victim of) what a well skilled small force can do against two much larger foes who are focusing on each other. as long as you don't mind having all your poorly made socks burnt to the ground once they figure out who you are and where you live...it's a good time.
  12. There is always this misnomer that zergs exist entirely of mindless stupid players. I have typically found this not to be the case. the achilles heel, typically, of the zerg isnt that it's individual components lack skill, it's that they become too used to relying upon numbers and do not evolve at the rate similar to those trying to counter them (because they don't have to, since they double your number. i dont think you'll see 20 taking down 75. just looking at their time to killmetrics, that doesn't seem to support being able to dispatch opponent hps at a a clip 3x-4x faster than they are taking out yours. but, we won't know until we get there. re: FF. i hope it does the exact same damage to friendlies as it does to enemies.
  13. curious...how is it reaching? walls were full destructible in sb as well...and you could do exactly as i outlined...it just didn't make sense (maximizing the walled area was tactically the better option)
  14. nah we saw it...mainly with the issue of friendly banes...bane yourself to get the immunity. and of course our eastern neighbors held hands for great justice destroyed servers... but i agree, the megas will do just about anything to say they came, declared victory, and left. such glorious history.
  15. i think the question will ultimately revolve around victory conditions. as a smaller entity (sub 50) i have no allusions about being able to 'win' against some of these monstrosities...you simply can not kill them fast enough the dps:hp math just doesn't work. However. if you can win, by not winning...ie. forcing a stalemate/preventing a bob from winning...that could be something. say the match times out. bob didn't 'win' because they failed to fully satisfy the conditions. since bob did come the closest, they get the largest share... but since they DIDN't actually win, instead of a 50% payout (yes i'm just throwing numbers around...payout, embargo %, whatever), with the other 50% going to the top 5 entities, they only get half that...and there is now a 75% payout that trickles down much farther.a 7% share for my merry band might be just dandy, however bob, with his 500+ mouths to feed only get 25% that's no bueno for the zerglings. basically it's like age of empires you start building that wonder...if you complete it, you get all the glory...but at the same time, trying to complete puts a gigantic target on your back and encourages everyone else to make you target numero uno.
  16. i really do hope they have a logistics system that, again, is exponential in nature so that control of territory beyond a certain radius from 'home' becomes extremely expensive. also what would be helpful in this regard will be limiting long distance transportation. If you're only able to project power locally within a given window, then it forces an army to either mass up on limited objectives (reducing returns) or divide up in the attempt to increase their control (presents vulnerability issues). If the system does not allow a group everywhere at once, it creates a dynamic that at least slows down the zerg.
  17. dubanka


    i'm sure we crossed paths...but we inhabited the lore servers pretty exclusively on live (corruptions, vindi, saedron), also more recently did a couple rounds on emu. and yeah...the sb burnout cycle..i'm not sure anyone that played the game long term didn't 'quit' a minimum of a half dozen times or so.
  18. dubanka


    Fire burning brightly Elves make excellent torches I like to eat pie
  19. it's going to be reminiscent of 18th centrury musket volleys CLEAR THE GENERAL AREA IN FRONT OF THE SQUAD!!!
  20. i'm pretty much 100% against hard coded penalties on player/guild behavior...mainly because they just encourage folks to work around them...then you get rules which beget rules which beget rules as players and devs due to little shuffle. Might as well strip it all bare and let us adapt...simpler that way.
  21. there are elements of the game design, which we don't know/haven't been made public that will greatly influence the 'impossibility' angle. first and foremost is what is the 'stuff' requirement...how much of a city do i need in place to be viable? Do i need a city footprint at all to be viable? If I'm not tied down by the burden of having to maintain assets, it frees my folks, and others of like mind, up to wage all kind of guerilla frustration the the giant monstrosity. to this point, imo, beyond a certain point, territorial expansion should require and exponential level of effort/resources/etc...in a manner such that if you're going 'for the win', there is substantial risk that you not only might not 'win', but you could suffer a roman empire level collapse. but yeah, a lot we don't know...but at this point a) Until their product proves otherwise, i'm trusting that the devs know what they are doing and even if they don't, i'll still put odds on a couple mid size shadowbane guilds operating independently against a common 500+ player zerg army to deliver a glorious stalemate. at some point, denying the enemy victory, is victory.
  22. i think the short answer is... you can win. if 5000 players hold hands and dominate, they win, they split up their 500 rubles 5000 ways, and server restarts. unlike eve, these worlds are not permanently persistent, this alone reduces the incentive to blob. ultimately this will boil down to player behavior, and players deciding what is an 'acceptable' number to have, how many is too many, and deciding that those that violate those norms be made homeless. or they can decide not to, and just hold hands till the server is 'won'. but yeah, short answer is, the servers will restart.
  23. dubanka

    Is it sad....

    yeah they are...they just become a remote enemy detection device. it's like a drone, you send it out, it dies, brings back maybe a little intel, repeat
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