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  1. planetside as well...lots of friendly fire there...asshat behind you with an smg, or the blind dude driving the tank that just turned you into fertilizer. Design --> Tactics --> Strategy THis should all get worked out in testing...as players, we'll gravitate towards stuff that works and the tactics we wrap around their design will be the ultimate feedback. if the ff design is 'too brutal' then the devs will find the players actively trying to use tactics to minimize it's impact (ie. ranged single target focus fire). Conversely, if ff is too 'limp', then they'll find that players are just ignoring ff as a deterrent.
  2. yeah they just need to clarify...i understood what they said (it was brief) as in the campaign you get the 'city grid' (a la shadowbane), but you could only wall in a certain % of it...but you could place additional structures outside the walls. You can also place your 'castle' inside your walls as an additional defense point.
  3. which could be really freaking awesome...primarily because it will/might make terrain mean something...specifically elevation and choke points.
  4. I don't really see the alt account thing happening...it just doesn't seem to have much roi...now i'm 100% positive we'll see hand holding on a scale rarely witnessed before (the mega guilds do have a proclivity for hand holding). as much as i think this would/will suck, i see it as completely within the parameters of what the devs intend. A zerg does what it does. i just hope there are some design elements that bring some disadvantage to being a massive conglomerate, as there are disadvantages to being a smaller one.
  5. i'd say go fire up one of the sb emu's rolling around, the friendly fire modeling is likely going to be similar. otherwise, i'd just say it's manageable...just that you have to pay attention to what your doing, and can't just spam your uber aoe of doom..at least not without getting screamed at in ts for being an idiot...or sometimes you make make calculated assumption that you're going to inflict significantly more damage on the enemy that you will on your own team.
  6. /agree with Mourne. SB could have made formations quite a bit more useful, even in just movement...if, for instance the position in the formation would have been defined by class, and those positions would have been varied by the formations selected...basically the formation would have toggled a formation specific buff, that broke on combat action or group leader breaking...buff would persist for like 5 seconds after formation break... For instance, the column formation is a typical travel formation when combat is not effected...it would have been just the natural 'fall in, move' formation, and ideally would have granted a movement buff while that formation was active. on the other hand, the wedge formation is a classic 'trolling for combat' set up, that presents solid defense/reaction ability to all sides...where your high value members are tucked safely in the middle...again, would have been nice to see the columns movement buff replaced with a defense or resist buff. i also don't have any problem with the autofollow stuff...i know it sets the stage for keycloning...but isn't 1 toon:campaign already going to significantly address that? The convenience/organization aid that goes with addressing group leaders (who in turn control their groups) is huge, especially when dealing with complex, protracted engagements like sieges or long term grab and hold ops (like poi control).
  7. hmm i could see that a bit...but i would think that by potentially restricting a sub's activities you would make subbing (potentially) less attractive. - can i recruit? no. - can i claim my own poi resources? no - can i plant my own tree? no. - can i drop buildings of war? no. i could see that being a 'discussion topic' as part of conditions of kneeling...the true zergs would just keep it wide open anyway... heck. at a minimum, like handies stated, i woudl just like the ability the drill down into wtf my sub guild(s) were doing.
  8. i was just watching the q&a video and had a question/clarifications regarding the administration of sub guilds... As a GL in shadowbane, one of the larger headaches was the management of subguilds. While there were quite a few issues that could be addressed, one of my major pita's was controlling sub guild member activity. Whether it was recruiting, resource control, activity monitory or even war initiation, as a 'parent gl' we really had no in game mechanisms to manage sub guild action. It would be nice to have some ability to define what a sub guild can do at all, with approval, or without approval. Obviously you'd want to allow a guild you've worked with for years to operate more or less autonomously...because you trust them...just as obviously, in those temporary marriages of convenience, you would likely want the ability to prevent any unnecessary headaches. So...question...what level of controls are envisioned not just in guild management, but also with the management of sub guilds?
  9. i'm curious what you deem a 'solid pve component'. I see the devs making pve as a means to instigate player conflict/emergent gameplay. i don't see them spending a ton of time building quests to find the lost trinket of loveliness. I'm going to wager that the 'pve' in this game will be of the economic variety...crafting, trading, etc...and not playing whackamole with wabbits. of course we will be playing whackamole, but, again, i'm going go out on a limb that we'll be doing so for the purpose of resource gathering...which if you're resource gathering, you know that there is someone out there looking to farm the farmers...so it's pretty much trolling for pvp.
  10. well hopefully stealth is a multifaceted thing...toon skill requirements, equipment requirements, and player action driven. like if you want to be invisible...you wear this and you move really really slowly.
  11. i do remember them saying that the dregs are what 'we shadowbane people' want... which, for us, equates to kill anything at any time, for any reason...regardless of what tag, tribe, or faction you're in (of course that doesn't mean you can't group, form guilds, alliances, etc...).
  12. if ranged projectiles are actually projectiles, does that mean they will be affected by player spells/abilities (ie. fessor hellfire tornado)? also, again, on projectiles...will we have different versions of them? given that F=M*A, it would be cool if we could vary the functionality of a bow toon based on their bow and projectile load out...ie. short range (heavy projectile) : high short range damage, very quick damage redux curve outside of optimal, vs. long range (light/balanced projectile), optimal damage is at range as it accellerates from its peak via 'gravity'. granted, i'm not a fan of carrying arrows, but arrow type could easily be handled by the value in the 'quiver' equipment slot. and...adding bow draw strength variables into the the mix, would make archer builds extremely unique...even if they were built identically skill wise.
  13. ? you're inferring that i 'dont like centaurs' because I proposed a potential balance issue with 100 of them operating in a coordinated manner...based upon the limited info we currently have? and to your 'digging holes' arguement...a 'counter' that requires 2 (or more) toons to kill 1, is not a counter...unless you make it so that 1 class can disable a whole bunch of another...of course then you go down the rabbit hole of how much counter is too much.
  14. i actually was. it's about mass. if i have 10,000 hp char that can do 2000 dps (being arbitrary here and making up numbers), and a 6000 hp char that can do 3000 dps... it's a game of whose hps evaporate first group 1 has 10, 10,000 hp toons...so 100,000 gross hps group 2 has 5 10,000 hp toons, and and 5 5000 hp toons, so 75,000 gross hps. group one, does 20,000 dps (optimally) group two, does 25,000 dps (again, optimally) in a straight 'time to remove' scenario, group 1 removes g2's hps in just under 4 seconds, g2 takes out g1's hp in right at 4 seconds. but then you look at the time to kill per toon, as under focus fire, this is much more of an exponential equation as the squishies go down much fast than the tnaks, and this the damage curve of g2 sufferes exponentially as compared to 1's. again, we don't know how the mechanics will actually play out, yet...but i hope we have more options than the heavy meat + a couple that games tend to devolve to.
  15. ahh the 'have a brain' fallacy. the problem is it's all about a) mobility hps c) dps on target. assuming 'relative size' has some equivalence to hps (ie. assuming the heavy tank has more hps than the fire wielding fessor), the heavy melee has every advantage, excepting perhaps defensively in a seige (but we know even less about that...siege weapons, abilities, conduct of, etc)....more so in a massed, friendly fire, environment than in a 1 v 1/small engagement model. basically, the legionnaire's (potential?) combination of mobility, hps, and dps on target will allow it to close with it's target before that target can effectively deliver sufficient dps to it. again, there is a lot we don't know...crowd control dynamics for one...but understanding the devs want an environment where there is some level of equivalency (everything has a roll, at some point)...having some downside so one option isn't 'the best' for 90% of the situations (again the holy trinity of mobility hps and dps) doesn't really play to that.
  16. dubanka


    /yawn time to burn poorly made socks yet?
  17. Title is generally misleading. as i'll be asking about the hunger mechanic. So after reading the Legionnaire write-up, i thought 'self, why would anyone want to play anything but a giant horse, who moved faster than anyone, could run over people, knocking them down,and then smash them with a giant pole arm?' Why on earth would you play a squishy fessor, that would be able to get off one, maybe two spells before she was trampled and impaled by the giant horsey? I thought the answer must be in the hunger...there must be a downside to being a giant horse (besides the obvious restroom difficulties...they must have excellent/busy plumbers)...but then i realized we don't really know that much about the hunger mechanic besides that it is SCARY and makes the critters turn from fluffy bunny to rabcula. so, what is to prevent the game being 'easy mode'...where ultimately the best option a unit composition dominated by heavy meat?
  18. not really...20-30% of any gross salary number is tax/burden/benefits/etc, potentially also including logistics stuff (stuff= technical term)...phone, desk, it crap, etc.
  19. hehe, it's also a game you can't play when intoxicated at least not in hardcore mode...
  20. playing it in the various hardcore modes adds a solid level of stress to the game.
  21. pretty lengthy earlier discussion on it here. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/5900-lets-talk-crowd-control/?hl=crowd+control
  22. hopefully they just strike a solid balance. insta hit gratification is annoying. manic frenzied spinning jumping is annoying. like everything else, there should be costs and tradeoffs for 'advantage'. you want the fastest possible projectile speed? channel it longer for quick impact and greater damage (it is physics after all...Force = Mass x Acceleration) you want to move like a pinball on crack? jumping/sidestepping/strafing/sprinting should all represent a meaningful stamina drain, and impact (negatively) any ability damage. the devil, is, of course in the details...but it seems that such a system would be pretty reasonable, and infinitely tweakable.
  23. I think this is where a lot of players 'just don't understand' the world they are about to (hopefully soon?) get into... in a world where you have freedom to act, and are not locked down by rulesets which predetermine who you can kill, or how/when you can do it...there is actually very little room for 'toxicity'...or at least very few that can carry on as 'toxic'...because they'll just get hunted down, smushed and have whatever roof they are living under burnt down. Try to bring that to the forums? if you can't back up the poorly made socks your lips spew...well then you're just a joke and you cease being toxic, and morph into something more akin to comic relief. The problems with most games is that there is no accountability. There is no way to 'make the jerk pay' for their behavior in game or on the boards. The very rules that are imposed to protect players ultimately end up allowing the toxicity to occur. We, as players, need 2 things: 1. An ignore button...both in game and on the boards. 2. Freedom to hold a player/guild/whatever accountable in game (kill them, take their stuff, kill their friends take their stuff, burn down their mud hut). That's it. if you don't like what i'm saying, ignore me...or better yet, do something about it. If you don't like what i'm doing, give me a reason to stop...or make me. you say you can't? make friends or get better...not my problem. oops. sorry...might have just hurt someone's feelings...guess i'm feeling toxic today.
  24. i'm hoping the Viking's were right...Valhalla sounds like it rocks.
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