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  1. always go back to civ in downtime....
  2. i'm lazy...it's much simpler and less time consuming to keep current on the minuscule bits of new info that are being put out than it is to come back after 6 mos and try to figure out wtf happened since i left and get #usethesearchfunctionidiot treatment.
  3. it was good to hear the quip about city states...with both static (ruin) and player placed models involved...
  4. dubanka


    /sigh i guess we've got a good 6-9 months more of playing bump the post...just because.
  5. Name i haven't seen in a bunch of years...
  6. 1. "this is stupid"/"what's the point" - GW2 2. I come to the epiphany that i'm using my free time doing something that is not at all entertaining (eq, tera) 3. I can't beat the grind monster (archeage) 4. If i have to [insert some task] one more time i will gouge my own eyeballs out (DAOC) 5. It didn't past the 15 minute test...didnt' hook me (smite, the repop) games i've played for long periods of time: civ franchise (since civ2) shadowbane (beta-last year...emu put the nail in that coffin) actofwar mud (96-02ish) i think the commonality in the long term games is variable gameplay (randomized in the case of civ, player driven...so inherently unpredictable...in sb and aow) and, at least as it relates to sb and the mud, community...as both were pvp centric highly competitive environments where the player/guild component/rivalry was as much a content driver as anything...it inspired you to play. in contrast the 'i quit' list...there just wasn't anything to pull you back once you put it down....which if i look at the 'why i played'...means that i didn't have a 'real' opponent...or it was impersonal, to abstract to make fighting against it mean anything.
  7. dubanka


    ok fine. goats with guns. as a mount keeps your lawn mowed. shoots people serves as a tasty treat when the vittle get low.
  8. and. i. want. my. EK to Fly
  9. dubanka


    giant battle kitten comes first
  10. dubanka


    I would like a giant kitten to ride around on. Discuss.
  11. burning topic: will i be able to modify the colors of my keep walls? Will i be able to import custom art skins? i mean it is all about the EK bling...us lowly pvprs are just here to work for our ek masters.
  12. Denver in July is pretty awesome.
  13. as had been said ad nauseum...there is a balance to be had...from zero control, to maximum control. ideally we have engaging daily activity for the 24x7 'so hard core i dont have time for RL crowd', and some focused content/objectives for the '...the kids are in bed and i got 4 hours to play before i cut into my 5 hour minimum sleep window...' as was posted above, an environment that evolved to 'only' stuff happening during a certain woo...well that's a design flaw and hopefully doesn't exist. i'm also hoping there is also a balance for the 24x7 pvw crowd...i hope we can build assets just about anywhere...but only certain number/footprint/whatever are protected. So i can build a watch tower, a tree house, junk hut, whatever, out in the wilds...but because the were out of the protection area, they would have zero protection. hopefully we'll get a solution that works for most.
  14. i like the idea of national service...whether that being digging trails for the forest service, military service, or whatever...it's something that has been missing from our society...something where folks from different places/backgrounds have some type of common background/experience. Military definitely isn't for everyone...or even most.
  15. they'd only do that if nomadmerc was an employee...
  16. dubanka

    Dang You Mal

    you can also correlate the increase with the introduction/mass use of corn syrup. Cheap sweetener means everything gets that extra calorie punch.
  17. yeah continuing with the gameshow analogies...kind of like wheel of fortune it doesn't matter if you won both of the first two rounds, you can still lose in the 3rd if one of the other contestants goes on a run. basically with each season the stakes get higher.
  18. dubanka

    Dang You Mal

    would you rather be in virginia? or texas
  19. Blanton's is great stuff...at the maker's price point i prefer knob creek. Have you tried Noah's Mill? stuff iis basically cask strength (like 120) but is really pretty awesome whiskey...although it does need a little ice/water to cool it off.
  20. you mean it's not just about grilling some brats? #sarcasm sadly, as fewer serve (0.4% of the current population is active, and 7.3% of the overall US pop is in the active/vet status), most of have lost any connection to the sacrifices that have been made, and are being made daily, by our folks in uniform. actually it's pretty pathetic.
  21. dubanka


    please for the love of my sanity. no labor. if yo'uve got the mats, you should be able to craft to your heart's content. The resource should be the only bottleneck, no some arbitrary check on how much you can craft each day (of course for just $5 you can increase that amount ha).
  22. Pretty simple here...imo need to build around our inherent greed. Anybody every watch 'cutthroat kitchen'? cooking show...borderline stupid/funny but at least moderately entertaining (and my kids like it). Anyway...i think the general premise works here. each player (4) starts with $25k they do the usual scramble to get ingredients to make the meal de jour. then various sabotages are introduced that players spend money on...winner gets to inflict that sabotage on their opponents. The rub is, the winner only walks away with whatever money they have left. Most usually walk with 10-12k, I think only one has made it out with all 25. So...how does this apply? Somehow it needs to apply to the embargo... Perhaps your embargo percentage is heavily affected by your how many 'sworn guilds' (kneelers) you have. This would get 'counted' at the close of each season...assuming we start with spring, that would be a freebie. at the end of spring you 'lock' (end of free agent signing period) each subsequent addition reduces your % of embargo. the % redux also increases with each season. this number starts over at the each quarter...so if you picked up a sub at the beginning of summer, but dropped them before the close, it doesn't cost anything. with the exception of the last, any moves made at any point in winter count...whether they stay or not. at the end of the campaign your embargo penalties are totaled and you split whats left. the thought here would be to provide incentive for nations to keep as small as they thought necessary to win...if they just cared about winning...they are still more than able to sub everyone...it just comes at a price. However if you want to maximize your take, a group would really want to think carefully about adding people to their numbers.
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