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    dubanka reacted to Jihan in Regarding new combat footage and camera...   
    I'll note in addition that making it harder to see what's behind you creates additional advantage and incentive for maphackers.
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    dubanka reacted to checkyotrack in Shadowbane Vs Crowfall   
    There will be absolutely no similarities in the combat.
    The biggest similarity I see will just be the play styles.
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    dubanka reacted to zinnie in Next Stretch Goal?   
    More gameplay options.
    I want the ability to sever my opponents limbs and eat it for nourishment 
    I want the ability to skin my opponents and make leather
    I want the ability to use their bones to make handles for weapons
    I want to be able to preserve their bodily fluids for use in alchemy
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in How Does Artcraft Plan To Prevent Massive Eve-Like Guild Conglomerates?   
    i think the short answer is...
    you can win.
    if 5000 players hold hands and dominate, they win, they split up their 500 rubles 5000 ways, and server restarts.
    unlike eve, these worlds are not permanently persistent, this alone reduces the incentive to blob.
    ultimately this will boil down to player behavior, and players deciding what is an 'acceptable' number to have, how many is too many, and deciding that those that violate those norms be made homeless. 
    or they can decide not to, and just hold hands till the server is 'won'.
    but yeah, short answer is, the servers will restart.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in How Does Artcraft Plan To Prevent Massive Eve-Like Guild Conglomerates?   
    there are elements of the game design, which we don't know/haven't been made public that will greatly influence the 'impossibility' angle.
    first and foremost is what is the 'stuff' requirement...how much of a city do i need in place to be viable? Do i need a city footprint at all to be viable? If I'm not tied down by the burden of having to maintain assets, it frees my folks, and others of like mind, up to wage all kind of guerilla frustration the the giant monstrosity.
    to this point, imo, beyond a certain point, territorial expansion should require and exponential level of effort/resources/etc...in a manner such that if you're going 'for the win', there is substantial risk that you not only might not 'win', but you could suffer a roman empire level collapse.
    but yeah, a lot we don't know...but at this point a) Until their product proves otherwise, i'm trusting that the devs know what they are doing and even if they don't, i'll still put odds on a couple mid size shadowbane guilds operating independently against a common 500+ player zerg army to deliver a glorious stalemate.
    at some point, denying the enemy victory, is victory.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in How Does Artcraft Plan To Prevent Massive Eve-Like Guild Conglomerates?   
    i think the question will ultimately revolve around victory conditions.
    as a smaller entity (sub 50) i have no allusions about being able to 'win' against some of these monstrosities...you simply can not kill them fast enough the dps:hp math just doesn't work.
    if you can win, by not winning...ie. forcing a stalemate/preventing a bob from winning...that could be something.
    say the match times out.
    bob didn't 'win' because they failed to fully satisfy the conditions.
    since bob did come the closest, they get the largest share...
    but since they DIDN't actually win, instead of a 50% payout (yes i'm just throwing numbers around...payout, embargo %, whatever), with the other 50% going to the top 5 entities, they only get half that...and there is now a 75% payout that trickles down much farther.a 7% share for my merry band might be just dandy, however bob, with his 500+ mouths to feed only get 25% that's no bueno for the zerglings.
    basically it's like age of empires you start building that wonder...if you complete it, you get all the glory...but at the same time, trying to complete puts a gigantic target on your back and encourages everyone else to make you target numero uno.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in How Does Artcraft Plan To Prevent Massive Eve-Like Guild Conglomerates?   
    There is always this misnomer that zergs exist entirely of mindless stupid players. 
    I have typically found this not to be the case.
    the achilles heel, typically, of the zerg isnt that it's individual components lack skill, it's that they become too used to relying upon numbers and do not evolve at the rate similar to those trying to counter them (because they don't have to, since they double your number. 
    i dont think you'll see 20 taking down 75. just looking at their time to killmetrics, that doesn't seem to support being able to dispatch opponent hps at a a clip 3x-4x faster than they are taking out yours. 
    but, we won't know until we get there. 
    re: FF.
    i hope it does the exact same damage to friendlies as it does to enemies.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in How Does Artcraft Plan To Prevent Massive Eve-Like Guild Conglomerates?   
    i don't know...it will be fun to go tripping around the elephants on a server...in a truly open environment, i've seen (erhm been the victim of) what a well skilled small force can do against two much larger foes who are focusing on each other.
    as long as you don't mind having all your poorly made socks burnt to the ground once they figure out who you are and where you live...it's a good time.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in Creatures variety   
    just take a step back...
    Why do you need a larger variety of critters?
    you're not 'leveling' or 'skilling up'...that is all time based.
    while i'm sure there will be some story driven elements that pop up (potential disc quests or whatnot), this will not be a hold your hand while you walk down the treadmill game.
    mobs will be (likely) a) guarding poi's guarding/protecting discs c) interspersed to present obstacles/randomness to normal gameplay...like i could see some of the more wild areas fairly mobbed up, as a barrier to whatever it is they are protecting.
    i don't see there being spawns, like you'd typical see...or great fields of bunny rabbits with great big bloody teeth.
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    dubanka reacted to headlight in Creatures variety   
    I hope all the monsters are stick figures until 3 months before launch. waste of resources on this game.
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    dubanka reacted to zinnie in Founders' Update: Pre-Alpha News! - Official Discussion Thread   
    Sad I wont be able to experience the Hunger Dome, but I hope the testing goes well and that the combat gets fleshed out.
    Combat is 95% of an action game.
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    dubanka reacted to Verot in How Does Artcraft Plan To Prevent Massive Eve-Like Guild Conglomerates?   
    As a member of the Fallen Angels in SB, we had a pretty good record against the Zergs. If your goals is to take 10-20 people and wipe 500 people in a couple of minutes, then sadly your goal is probably not aligned with reality. It depends on your approach and what your measurement for success is. Combating the zerg takes patience.
    Are your goals more of an immediate nature, i.e. we need to wipe this giant group and take some resources, in which case you can use some tactics to spread them out and cull the flock, just don't expect to rush headlong in to battle and wipe them. If your goals are more long term, lets says big zerg guild is being a bunch of bullies, then a more calculated political approach is warranted.
    Often times big guilds/alliances can be manipulated because each leader/general/captain will often believe that they could probably run the guild/alliance better than current management, as such you should exploit this. Long story short, there are many ways to deal with the zerg as long as you are willing to put in the work.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in One Account One Guild   
    and i feel that characters are tools to be used for specific uses...I could give a rats butt about 'my character's play experience'...
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in One Account One Guild   
    only if you planned on operating that guild on 3-6 servers simultaneously (1 toon per server)
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in One Account One Guild   
    This is definitely one of those things where intuitively, i'm against it...but, in the same breath, i'm willing to give it a go.
    i do have one question that i don't see being addressed...
    can a guild name exist on more than one server simultaneously?
    Will i be able to have occ created on the primary server, and at the same time, have it created on the secondary server, and then perhaps on the third server if we find out there are some folks playing there that we may want to play with in the future.
    Otherwise, i see just a metric fukton of subguilds...occ_serverA, occ_serverB, occ_sabatical, etc. etc. etc. 
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    dubanka got a reaction from ShadoPandauin in What's Worse Than P2W?   
    infinite gear grind.
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    dubanka got a reaction from FenrisDDevil in Ruins & City Building   
    The topic has come up in a couple threads about 'what will be the general dynamic of city building'?.
    Will city building consist solely of finding a ruin, claiming it, then building it up?
    Will city construction allow players to independently create cities throughout the map?
    i thought
    kinda closed the discussion with an answer of what seemed to be 'all of the above' ... but there is enough wiggle in what was said, or rather not said, where that has come into some dispute. 
    So from a ruins standpoint...what would be the benefit of of developing a set of ruins over placing a city (assuming you had that option). I read previously that ruins would be a site where we would find thralls...would city development on a ruin site eliminate this potential? So my developing it, am i trading future resources for near term resources. Would developing a ruins site present any design limitations (besides it's preexisting static location)...like a 'tier 2 ruin site can only be developed to x, whereas a tier 5 site can be developed to z'?
    If we are able to place our own cities on the map...will there be limits (a la post ToO sb) on how many city sites can go in any given geographic area? I would assume there would be limitations on city proximity to each other...would there be any advantage to build your own city, vs take over a ruin besides the obviously geography piece?
    I guess i wouldn't have that much issue with a ruins only approach...even in sb there were 'top tier city locations' on any given mapsets where players sprinted to grab...as they generally granted superior access to spawns or control of resources...and in each restart, a lot of cities popped up in pretty much the same location.
    Oddly, the main reason i'd like to see player created cities, is that it gives the population a chance to screw up City placement, design and construction should be just another layer in the game's strategic fabric...another element that demands a level of competence in order to be successful. I don't think we really get this if our city options are 'canned'.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Mahon Amichai in Ui Update: Billy's New Toys - Official Discussion Thread   
    Definitely looks solid.
    hits all the points noted here
    a nice added touch of awesomeness would be if we could toggle the format of some of the display icons...currently its all very rounded...a chunkier square look would be nice, or maybe it's the ability to 'just' change the dynamic of the display shape (like changing a line size). I'm sure it will be there, but color toggling for the display (chat?) items would also be nice.
    hold out from ye old mud years was make sure the 'important' stuff splashed nice and bright across the screen.
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    dubanka reacted to Verot in Shadowbane Vs Crowfall   
    I'll wager that one of the primary reasons that "most" competitive teams are comprised of those in their early 20s is simply based off of free time. As people grow up and settle into their jobs/family they typically have less and less time for games. 
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    dubanka got a reaction from courant101 in Ruins & City Building   
    OK, since a couple decided to to billy internet badbuttox, here, i will clearly state what has been stated.
    Q: Can we get more clarification on what state buildings and strongholds will be in when initially dropped on a plot.
    TB: They'll be in ruins I think
    JTC: When you stumble upon one that was dropped by the system not by a player, it would be in a ruin state. When a player drops one specifically it should start initially in the construction states...blah blah blah ranking upgrading -1, 0, state 1. pretty simple blah.
    The clarification here, is on the 'one' and what 'one' represents. The question referenced buildings and strongholds (again so sorry internet warriors for generically saying 'city' and not 'stronghold')...but the answer did not differentiate.
    now when you factor in we have a faq reference for finding elements, that combine and create a bloodstone tree, which you would build your 'stronghold' around...well when i put those together i seem to think that we will be able to create a city grid...a la the EK model, at places other than the designated ruins. this is not to be confused with 'placing a parcel anywhere in the world'...
    so yeah...clarification and all that.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in You Can Only Build Cities On Specific Plots In Campaigns?   
    every city was it's own nut to crack....geography...was it on an island, bordered by rivers, wall orientation , wall layout...both internal and external.
    if you spec tailored to defend your city? or take your opponents?
    it's just an extra element in the tactical/strategic layering that would be a shame if they left out.
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in You Can Only Build Cities On Specific Plots In Campaigns?   
    from the devs mouth...at least as of the June Q&A...the answer is both.
    if a players stumbles across one, it will be in a ruined state...
    if the player drops one (ie. bloodstone tree) it will be in a construction state.
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    dubanka got a reaction from bahamutkaiser in "off Weapon" Choices   
    i'm going to wager that there will be a decent selection of weapon options...either through discs, or through skill selection.
    i'm petty sure their design model entails a little more versatility than 1 weapon : 1 archetype.
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    dubanka got a reaction from KRIPTIK in Shadowbane Vs Crowfall   
    like driving.
    16-25 year olds have reflexes and senses that should make them superior drivers compared to the 'aged masses'.
    however the opposite is true. 
    They are, by far, the worst drivers because a) their brains aren't fully developed from a 'judgement' standpoint...ie. risk they lack the experience to recognize hazardous situations before they actually occur and c) they know better...so anything old custards tell them with regard to a & b is categorically disregarded.
    I will hands down give the whipper snappers the gold star for 'mechanical combat' twitch skills, reaction time, time to stare at a screen to develop the required muscle memory to make actions automatic...all that poorly made socks fades as you get older, and your time becomes more valuable/occupied.
    as it pertains to crowfall, and BACK TO THE OP'S QUESTION, i don't think this will matter a whole bunch...yeah it will matter if you wind up solo, in a dark alley, against some kid who has 10hrs/day to play video games...but, just like Shadowbane, individual contests of skill are likely to be more the exception to the rule. This will be a team based game...what I see mattering more is how well groups of individuals operate together...unit cohesion. 
    Of course, that's just on the field...just like Shadowbane...the macro game of territorial control and politics will ultimately decide who wins servers. 
    so yes, i will cede to the knowledge that my 6 click mouse combo speed will likely pale in comparison to the OMG ELITEZ!!! But we'll see...i'm betting it won't actually matter that much...
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    dubanka got a reaction from Steven Yannic in Shadowbane Vs Crowfall   
    you seem really hung up on the belief that none of the long term sb players actually play other games, and do so fairly well. anyway.
    Actually i dont think the videos we have seen illustrate what 'they are looking at for their combat' at all...they illustrate some of the individual skills and movements...giving you an idea of how that character might function in an engagement...but again, just wagering, I think they are looking at a combat model balanced around groups of players, not individuals.
    Individual skill counts for something...more so the smaller the fight gets...as you scale up those numbers group composition, interaction and reaction speed typically play a much greater roll than the skills of one player.
    but feel free to hang on to the notion...you can be that guy screaming, "...LETS DUEL!!!!!!..."
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