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  1. Tbph, if this ties directly into game mechanics (such as symbols being used to craft runes that provide special effects to items) then I'm stoked. If not, then imho this seems to me a waste of energy and resources, and constitutes little more than mental masturbation. As such, make this really cool or don't enjoy yourself too much on our dime Todd.
  2. One word, GODPOWERS! It's the only way choosing a deity (therefor lore) is really going to matter.
  3. This just about sums it up for me. I second this in it's entirety (especially the bolded)
  4. How are you all doing after the Austin flood this weekend?
  5. Greetings all, new and old. Nice to see the guild structure coming together, and the organization moving forward so quickly. Should be ready to rock come Alpha/Beta time! Thank you 7B for the update on the new enrolment period and membership requirements. Looking forward to having some fresh meat, err.. seeing some new faces around! Numbers aren't everything, but they help when you have WORLDS to rule. (heh, see what I did there?) I should be getting a little more active in Tera again soon, so anyone interested in getting a group together just look for me. I'll be the big guy swinging the big hulkin blade around.
  6. No! No! No! No bunny ears! Please, please, NOT the bunny ears.
  7. While I accept your premise that this thread was meant as a community service, and I agree that this is a good conversation to have, I think your execution was a little... I dunno, clumsy. @bairloch, While on the topic of unrealistic expectations, lets just agree that these guys are not professional journalists, and leave any discussions about professional standards for the professionals.
  8. Soul Hunter? New profession/discipline path?
  9. I think you have it a little backwards. It's not the PvP that's there to add depth, it's the other way around. TJC said in thread "Will There Be Any Pve Campaigns?" (ref. post#104845) We have PvE in the game, yes, but it bears repeating: the monsters exist to raise the general threat level of the universe, and to occasionally drop rare reagants. If you want to avoid PvP completely, you can do that by stay in the Eternal Kingdoms -- but if you do, you'll need to have a a plan to work with the players who are willing and able to win in the Campaign Worlds, because you're going to need them to provide you with resources and materials to build and craft. There are a LOT of games where PvE is the driving force, and PvP is a secondary mechanic. We're making a game where PvP is the driving force, and the PvE is secondary. That's not to say that you can't be a full-time professional crafter or run a mercantile empire -- you can! -- but you can't do it in a vacuum. Todd ACE Man I wish Tully was here. He was so much better at this.
  10. There will be zerg guilds working with other zerg guilds. There will be antizerg guilds working with other antizerg guilds. There will be "stay out of our way or we'll spank your bottom, we don't care who you are" guilds, working with absolutely no one. There will be small bands of mercenaries, bandits, assassins, and bounty hunters willing to work with or against anyone for loot or just for the fun of it. Then there will be those guilds that find themselves appropriately and unapologetically crushd as they haplessly wonder out into the middle of all the above. Any attempt by the devs to limit or prevent any of the afore mentioned through some manner of game mechanics would be seriously disappointing to a large segment of this community. Myself included.
  11. My Alpha/Beta testers checklist. 1. Alpha/Beta is for testing. don't expect game to be playable/finished. Check! 2. If I try to break something and succeed, tell devs so they can fix it. Check! 3. If I have something to report, do it in a constructive manner. Check! 4. If I have nothing to report, don't. Unnecessary noise is unhelpful and devs will have plenty of data to analyze just from my participation. Check! 5. Don't be a whiner. Check! 6. Learn all I can and have fun doing it. Double Check!
  12. illegitimus non carborundum

  13. OK, here it is, Crowfall. It's like shadowbane met Wow and WoW didn't survive. We kept the best and trashed the rest! This is PvP folks, enough said.
  14. Sledge


    Couldn't get it to spit out "Magnificent Bastard' no matter how many times I took this damn test. Idiots! Can't anyone do anything right?
  15. For some the challenge is to win the game. For others the challenge is to play the game. For some the challenge is to beat the game. For others the challenge is to break the game. For the devs, the challenge is to make sure that what one person might feel is fun and challenging doesn't wreck the game. OP? Seems like a nice enough guy to me.
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