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  1. Druid Stormcaller is missing abilities from Naiad. Maybe they're getting put into a tray that doesn't exist for this class promotion?
  2. Note that this is feedback mostly for 5.125, however nothing about this seems to have changed in 6.1. A top level thread just seemed like the better option for such long-winded feedback so as to avoid entirely derailing the normal feedback thread. I have played pretty consistently for a couple weeks now, leveling around 10 characters of various classes and just generally getting a feel for what there is for new players to experience in Crowfall. While yes, there are a lot of bugs and polish issues as is to be expected for an MMO at this stage of development, there are also quite a few cor
  3. The "Crafty Crow" quest in the Sun Temple area of God's Reach fails to show the quest recipe in the blacksmithing station if a Immortals Ring is already equipped or in inventory (from another character via bank vault). This prevents the player from continuing the quest line until they are able to get rid of the ring, which is made more complicated by not having a vault in the quest town.
  4. Go to the paper doll, Details (above Talents) -> Combat -> Resource heading. It's things like mana, fury, essence, etc.
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