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  1. I am a simple man, i hear jojo, i like it About the video, i like this one more that the other that you showed the Pov side by side, it was a litle confusing because i did not know were i should look, now it was greato dase. And that Myrmi is a spin to win boss
  2. Okay you guys dont want lore reasons? Then lets say that the vessels are not lootable, do you know what that means? META. This game said that everyone would be unique at some point but vessels are a MUST for anyone that play this game, so many plus status... Everyone got tired of Uncle BOB because he was a god and the new players would not find his game fun anymore, right now, with the vessels system, everyone at some point and time, will have the top tier vessel, i am sure of that, they have guilds, crafters friends and thats nice, then... BOOM new players dont have friends, dont have a guild yet, they will come in a world to test and the, die... die... die... Because he did not train enough disciplines? maybe, but i am sure that his white vessel against the other legendary vessels are quite a big disparity. Want to say in the point of view of a crafter? Of course you guys wanna have vessel crafting,necromancy is the first tree many gonna level up. That i am sure. Now, dont say that RP is not important to this discussion okay? There is people that like craft, there is people that like pvp and there is people that like rp and for them do you know how wrong is a paladin (light side one) is to use the vessel from a necromancer? Thats just wrong, sorry man, respect all the community.
  3. Yep, they said that the game would have many worlds at the same time, i don't think it will be a problem... Only if everyone enter the same campaign and that campaign dont have a limit amount of people, than... That would be hell
  4. I would like to try to sell my body as a prost... mercenary to the other guilds who need a extra hand The joke aside, if my guild have litle numbers compared to others, it would be fun to hire our services, to protect or siege castles, damn, to rob carts of materials from enemies and etc
  5. They are equips, to be blunt. Thats why i dont like them but the concept, for a lore purpose is very good. You will see, the first crafters of the game will all be necromancers, so that the guild have legendary vessels, but, think with me, in the end game everyone will be the same, with they super powerfull vessells, only the new guys that dont have a crafter friend or money will suffer... This game wasnt going to break this problem?
  6. Okay i will try to not be offensive or throw my ideas on you. I do think that to be a good player of MMO´s you need to do your homework and i must say that this game in particular will need some time to sit and think, what will i do? You have seen the greatness of the disciplines? D> But dont worry i am with you when you say that is wrong to make a player make a decisive choice right in the begining of the game, that´s why i believe that the Vessels system is very good since you have the choice to change your character and to try each one of them until you find the "choooooosennnn one", BUT i think is wrong that they are itens and that we can craft vessels of legendary level with all that cooldown reduction and the sparkles. If you guys dont mind me saying, i think that the ideal system should be the implementation of the vessel system, without a tree of skills for the vessels and that should be possible to change them during campaings that allow this, but this should not be the rule, since is nice when before a campaing you can talk with your guildmates and then balance a good party. What i am trying to say? LET THEM CHANGE THEIR CHARACTERS AS MUCH AS THEY WANT, but only because that is more forgiving for new players that wont need to delete their accounts because of a bad choice.
  7. I like the ideia of having the choice to change Alts by trading vessels (Just to clarify, i am the type of player that stick to one classe, character) but i do feel that the Vessel crafting is a bit too much. Okay we can find a crafter in our guilds to help us have a better vessels but i find the idea from @KrakkenSmacken much better.
  8. Just wanted to say that your tutorial for beginners in your channel is very good and fun, keep making the video man and don't let anyone stop you! I know that bob will help you!
  9. Hey man let me say one thing, is not that all classes are gender locked (some are but they have a good explanation to be) is just that we are in the pre alpha stage and so the devs only made the minimum possible to let "we" players use and test with a bit of fun. About customization. I love, i dont like, i LOVE customization, i spend more or less two hours doing my character if the game give many options, but, in the alpha such customization is not needed so is not implemented and to be honest, i dont think this game will give us 999 sliders to toy with when the game goes out (i pray to the All Father that i am wrong about this) but if you take some time study the skills, you may understand how can your choices make a unique styled character and i do believe that there will be specializations that will let us use more weapons (i want a spear, if art craft is reading this, let the knight have a spear, knuckles could be good too! For the myrmidon :D) What i am trying to say is that if you want to know for sure is will like or not this game, please, come back in the beta or in the launching day. Like i said in another topic, Alpha is not for us to have fun, is to help the devs find problems and give sugestions.
  10. The leather armor effect is fixed? i think someone told me that the basic armor is best in the moment then any other type. That aside, very nice guide to help us explore the crafting that need leather, thx
  11. I am not saying that the white is bad, truly, i think the background is very nice, but it would be cool if there was a more gray like scenario with snow falling or just acummulated in the sword to tell about most challenging season of the game. Just a sugestion of course
  12. When you receive a like from James Goblin, then you know that you were chosen for his army that one day shall conquer all of the forum and then... ZA WARUDO!!!!
  13. Nice to see a brazilian making a guide to help the community! thanks for the tips o/
  14. jesus cristo. Eu esperando esse jogo @-@. Quase dando um upgrade na minha conta pra participar desses testes de agora mas to segurando a carteira
  15. Ho that was fun! Thx for the extra push needed to make my lazy self write something Deloria, i realy needed that and it was so good to read so many stories in such a short span of time! Count me in next time too and you dont even need to give any prizes for that xD Congrats to the winners! Dont stop writing! I want moreeeee!!! And for the judge, thx for helping us out, i really wanted some coments on each story to see what you would say, but i think i am asking too much so dont bother, i realy apreciate you work for reading my story and all the rest. Dont disappear guys, any thing, just call me!
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