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  1. I would like to apologize for any mistakes, English is not my language of origin but I had fun writing this story.
  2. The Hunt “The cold, the blood cold that came when winter decide to make us a visit along with only Valkyn´s knows how much Hunger infected and here I am, tracking a traitor along with my buddies some hours before the end of the world, yep, intense right?” -Hey Halt, are you getting rusty? I could do that faster you know? “And that’s Brook, one of the youngest and of course, the dumbiest guy that I know but I can’t say the same about his skills with the bow. Yep, he can shoot a drunk fly that are fifty meters away and that’s the reason he is here.” -Blood no! I don’t want to get lost in the woods right in the end of the world! Make me a favor and go scout ahead. “And that’s the tale about how i dint kill myself.” -Don’t be harsh on him, he just want to impress you, give him a chance, okay? “Silver hair Diana, that´s who´s talking right now. She and I go way back and I can trust her with my back.” -I can give him a chance later. Now we need to find Bart, that blood traitor that stole our relic and he better wish that Yaga already collected his soul before I get to him and… “Before I could say anything else I found the track of the bastard. Some kindling were broken close to a bush and that was all I needed to know the direction that he had gone. I raised my hand making a sign of attention to the other two rangers that without losing time started to go ahead into the forest but in separated ways, hiding themselves in the shadows so that we could corral our target.” =================================== Transition ================================= “It took me one hour to find a clearing that showed signs of a recent battle, there was some footprints and cuts in the trees nearby. Some bodies were scattered around, most were remains of wild animals and some meters away leaning on a tree was Bart treating a wound in his stomach but something was wrong, he was alone. Were the enemy that caused that wound was? But before I could understand what was happening, Brook appeared in the clearing with his arrow in the bow, ready to shoot Bart at any moment but before he did that, he said:” -End of the line traitor, give me the relic and I may kill you without any pain. “After hearing his ultimatum from the mouth of Brook, the Guinecean got the relic from the bag that was resting right next to him and threw it at the snow, some maters away from Brook´s feat” -I will die from this wound anyway, i don´t need that anymore… “That appeared to have surprised Brook that started to walk to get the relic but in this moment I understood what was happening, the snow in front of the place that the relic was had a slightly different shape from the rest but I was too late relay this information. Brook’s feet touched the place and then he fell in a hidden hole and after that I could only hear a scream asking for help and that made me go out of my hideout only to see the boy and seven humanoid Hunger infected fighting to see who would eat Brook and at the same time Bart got the relic back and begun to run away, I could shoot him but he knew I couldn’t abandon Brook like that and then I shouted to Diana” -Go after him! “I could hear the noise from leaves moving and that was Diana going after the Guinecean and Valkyn knows how I wanted to be the one to kill that bastard but I had a job to do and to prepare myself for that I recited an old motto from the rangers” -When there is nothing left but the graves and the ice and the Hunger… We go back. We go back for those too stubborn, too dumb or too weak to leave… “And I let my arrow loose right in the heart of Brook, of my friend that I had to put out of his misery because some lowlife decided that his life was more important and to show that he was wrong I restarted the hunt” =================================== Transition ================================= “It dint take too long for me to find the direction the two had gone because Diane left traces for me to follow. The problem is that there was less than two hours of sunlight and this world would last at least more seven hours so we needed to take care of this problem faster. While I was thinking about our time limit, a red flame appeared in the sky, that was a sign used by our group to transmit our location and normally we don’t use because this draws too much attention, so if Diana decide to use it, something went really wrong.” =================================== Transition ================================= “I arrived in a place close to a giant tree, for one second i lost my focus and stopped there, gazing the majestic tree, maybe she could even be one of the trees of life that drank from the blood of Gaea, that´s the only thing I can think of to explain this anomaly. It was like I was in a trance but then I got out of it when I found the tool used to shoot the flare and right next to her was Diana lying down on the snowy ground without consciousness and when I got close to her I heard a sharp sound and I felt a slightly warmth coming from my left leg, it was my blood…” -Ha! You were wrong when you thought that I was the pray, because I am the hunter here! “From the ground appeared the Guinecean with his pistol in hand. He was hiding underground, damn Bart and his rat little tricks. I need to forget the pain in my lag and shoot him before he can even think of escaping, let me just get one arrow.” -Arrr… “Before I could finish the job, Diana hand grabbed my injured lag and started to pull in her direction and when she raised her head, I could see the bluish color coming from inside of her mouth and a mark of a shot in her forehead, she was not Diana anymore, she was just one more of the slaves of the hunger…” -Sorry to say, my bullets were bathed in the blood of some infected beasts and let me tell you one more thing before I let you and your girl have some private time, the bullet I shot you is the same! Good luck with that! “Before I could even think about the bullet I had to get free from Diana´s strong grip and for that I used the arrow i was going to use to kill Bart and I stuck her in Diana arm and that’s did the magic, her grip got loose and I put some distance between us only to see that the sound from all the commotion started to call the other infected beast that were nearby. I did the only thing I could do, I used all my arrows to minimize the number of enemies, then I used my twin blades to kill anyone who dared to come near me but my stamina was ending and the loss of blood caused by the gunshot made me weaker, I couldn’t even run because of this damn leg and was only a matter of time before I succumbed. I started to take steps back until my back leaned on the giant tree trunk and then I noticed, the hunger stopped near the tree, more like they were struggling to reach me but some type of invisible barrier dint let them.” -It appears Gaea took a like to me, now I can… Rest a little… =================================== Transition ================================= “Wen I woke up I could only see the darkness in front of me, the tree was emitting a small glow and that was sufficient to let me see that my skin was losing color, maybe in some minutes I will die and I will never be able to get Bart, he will live like nothing happened… Tears, I can only cry in my last moments.” -Sorry guys… It’s the end of the hunt, I couldn’t get him… “That´s when I noticed a light appearing in the forest and that was coming closer, it dint take long to understand that it was a deer, one with shining horns it seems, and now he is front of me, staring at me.” -Do you desire to continue your hunt? “A voice, I can hear a voice, but there is no one nearby besides the deer and he is not moving his mount, not that a deer can speak.” -I ask again, do you desire to continue your hunt? “It was speaking with me directly in my head, it was the deer… No, he is more than that, maybe I am crazy but I think this is D´orion, son of Arkon, if that is true, maybe I have a chance of revenge and with that in mind I shook my head as I accept.” -Then know that your soul is mine, you will hunt in my name, the entire universe is my hunting ground and you shall be one of my champions. “After saying that, the deer touched my chest with his nose and then everything changed, I don’t feel my limbs anymore, but now I have wings, I am a crow.” =================================== One year later ============================== -What this guys know about relics!? They don’t know how much trouble I had to take this with me! They want me to sell her for a cheap price, preposterous! Tomorrow I will find a decent buyer. “Said my prey when he entered his room. I can hear his footsteps, he is going to the bed. I already know where the bed is, the last weeks I watched my prey routine, I know the position of every single mobile in his nest, its time. I get my bow, I get one arrow, a thick one and I put her in the string, I pull the string, I must use the right amount of strength… I shoot and my arrow pierce the roof and find my prey, right in the heart, he is dead.” -I think that is mine… “I am inside his room now, I entered from the hole I opened in the ceiling and I am claiming my prize, a relic that I wish I never found in the past, but now she is mine again. I am no longer a human, now I am a Elken, I am a slave to the gods and I don’t regret nothing, because now I can hunt again.”
  3. I think that one way to dont make they too Op would be like in winter were everyone get a debuff of stamina or something, classes like frostwaver and rogue (lore wise because in their story they say that before the world are consumed by the hunger they will come back to rescue and kill the people that couldnt leave.) would not be affected or less affected.
  4. The only class that i think should be able to dash in the air would be Fae and maybe the Rogue if they get a skill were a giant eagle take them or some rope like 007 movie to get to higher places.
  5. I would like to know, there is a problem to use a story that i already posted in the community creations section? Or it must be a new one?
  6. Exatamente e eu acredito que por estarmos em um servidor onde nossa lingua não é a dominante, isso faz com que os próprios brasileiros interajam melhor entre si. Nosso clan possui 26 brasileiros. O clan de Portugal interage conosco de forma amigável e cheguei a conhecer vários outros brasileiros que estão distribuídos entre as guildas gringas e até o momento, tirando algumas exceções é claro, não houve infantilidade ou "hueragem" e eu sei por experiencia que a mesma situação não aconteceria num servidor privado para nós. Concluo então que é melhor nós acharmos nosso lugar dentro dessa comunidade e como fizemos agora, se alguma situação vier a influenciar os brasileiros num todo, possamos discutir isso da mesma forma pelo forum.
  7. No nosso clan eu sempre falei a importância que esse jogo vai dar para a interação entre os membros da guilda e por isso fizemos um clan de brasileiros de inicio, mas, trabalhar junto para competir internacionalmente em um ambiente onde as pessoas se respeitam ou pelo menos são competitivas de forma mais sadia ou pelo menos com uma garantia de uma população de jogadores grande, é bem melhor do que se limitar a um servidor brasileiro que vai tentar sobreviver entre huehuehue.
  8. Revivendo aqui o tópico. Como a quantidade de players aumentou bastante, é bom deixar o tópico visível para que outros brasileiros interessados possam saber sobre a guilda e também porque ninguém gosta de clicar na segunda pagina do fórum :x
  9. Eu ainda estou esperando uma dinvindade que combine com o clan, ou pelo menos a ideia, mas por enquanto, achei das três recentemente apresentadas, Gaia a mais legal.
  10. Someone can tell me what is happening? I was away and some nuclear bomb was thrown?
  11. Sorry, i loved all the banners but... this is just awesome.
  12. Resolvi dar meu sinal de vida aqui também. Seria legal descobrir nossa comunidade escondida xD Eu sei que existe um numero de braisleiros que estão em guildas internacionais e isso não é um problema, mais seria legal que estes mesmo sem nenhum interesse em particular surgissem para termos uma noção da nossa "presença" e quem sabe até um acordos diplomáticos. Enfim, um abraço pessoal.
  13. Why i dint think of that!? D: Maybe is a minor God that serve her :x
  14. Cute... A god that thinks that mortals only value is to whorship her... but cute
  15. Relaxa. O TESO eu to jogando mais pela Lore do que participar do ambiente "online". Bom saber que mais um player da nossa guilda vai participar do Alpha, espero que mesmo com sua agenda ocupada, você consiga aproveitar um pouquinho desse teste, até porque, vocês que já tem noção de como é o básico do jogo, é que vão nos direcionar no inicio. Falando nisso, queria confirmar algo. Pessoal, percebi em uma screenshot que o "mago" do jogo possui uma mira no local de locomover o mause, isso é para todos os personagens, ou só para os "ranged"? Outra, vocês notaram algo do "sistema de hologramas", coisas como quando você atira, ou ataca em área, surge no chão um espaço que apresenta a área que será atingida pelo golpe? Estou perguntando porque acredito que foi dito que ia ser utilizado no Crowfall mas faz tempo que não vejo. Até porque, me pergunto como se vai notar o caminho percorrido por uma flecha, afim de fazer rolamente ou algo semelhante para fugir do ataque. Enfim, estou torcendo para vocês no alpha e se quiserem trazer algumas lembranças (screenshot, video e etc), fiquem a vontade porque isso pode ser postado no forum para qualquer debate. Ps: Lembrei muito de vocês enquanto lia a Trilogia dos Espinhos (Prince of Thorns, King of Thorns e Emperor of ...) Pss: Criei um tópico novo la no nosso forum.
  16. Queridos, quem é que vai participar do primeiro Pre-Alpha? Se quiserem discutir mais sobre o tópico, fiz um no nosso forum,
  17. Todo mundo procurando seu canto enquanto não chega o jogo né? Eu to jogando Elders Scrolls online (A LORE CARA! A LORE!) e ainda vai sair Wild Star sem mensalidade em setembro, então vo jogar com uns amigos, mas nem se preocupem, minha vontade de jogar isso aqui, essa delicia, não passou. Quando tiver mais noticias sobre o Guild Hall, separar nome e tudo, agente se reune aqui de novo, não se esqueçam do nosso forum, de vez em quando surge algo la.
  18. Acho isso legal porque nunca, quando estive esperando um jogo, eles deram tantos detalhes sobre as fases básicas. Pelo menos sabemos que eles estão trabalhando.
  19. Oi, tudo bem? Primeiramente, gostaria de me desculpar pois o nosso código de conduta ainda não foi completamente escrito, um dos ramos da guilda se responsabilizou para escreve-lo de forma que possa abranger grande parte das ações, junto com regras especificas. Respondendo sua outra pergunta, estamos recebendo qualquer brasileiro, não porque não desejamos ter gringos entre nós, mas porque queremos no momento, criar uma base forte. Gostaria de informar que seria muito bom ter você na nossa família. Não temos requisitos específicos, mas, pedimos que você, sendo menor ou maior de idade, aja de forma madura, apresente um caráter respeitoso diante dos outros membros, não que isso lhe impeça de brincar, temos até um tópico para isso no forum do clan. Nosso intuito é mostrar para a comunidade internacional que não abraçamos o Hu3, mas que possuímos uma conduta séria, respeitável e que desejamos seriamente vencer e crescer como uma guilda unida. Se você estiver interessado, mande uma solicitação no nosso forum da guilda e após aceito você terá um rank temporário e acesso às nossas atuais discussões. Lembre-se que iremos observar seu comportamento para ver se você realmente é um de nós, uma irmão cuja chama viva queima no seu coração (Ta isso foi beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem Gay, mas, posso fazer nada, me emociono com as tentativas de role-play )
  20. Sei como é, sei muito bem. Normalmente eu me nego a participar de uma guilda BR em um servidor gringo, minha experiencia de jogo me mostrou que uma hora ou outra a bomba explode. No entanto, eu quis apostar, porque esse jogo, ao meu ver, vai necessitar de uma boa comunicação entre os membros de uma guilda. Logo, não sou fluente em "falar" inglês rápido (aquela cara que da umas pausas pra pensar no que falar em seguida...), então, vim observando essa aqui e quando me juntei, fiquei alegre em saber que nesse clan, existem outras pessoas que pensam que nem eu, que são maduras e não perdem o humor xD Enfim, desejo sorte às suas empreitadas Lokki, que nosso encontro no campo de batalha seja sangrento! (e que você perca...) coff coff... Qualquer coisa, pode aparecer aqui para bater um papo e tals. Abraço.
  21. .Mostrando que ainda estamos vivos. E ai pessoal? Eu como muitos outros membros, depois de termos conseguido arrumar nosso site e reunir um numero razoável de jogadores, deixamos a nossa chamas ficarem baixas, não porque perdemos o interesse no jogo, mas, simplesmente porque precisamos de mais informações e claro, mais pessoas ao nosso lado para expandirmos nossas atividades como uma guilda unida. Eu venho aqui para dizer para nossos colegas que recebem a noticia sobre o crowfall a cada dia, que, estamos aqui e que ainda pretendemos mais tarde, voltar com a nossa chama ainda mais forte. Não tenham vergonha, somos todos camaradas e pela minha convivência com os membros atuais de nosso pequeno grupo, posso dizer com clareza que temos uma comunidade bem saudável e organizada, sempre pronta para aceitar mudanças e evoluir para o melhor. Um abraço para todos aqueles que já são meus companheiros na guerra e para nossos futuros aliados, saibam, de todas as chamas a nossa queima muito mais e esta nunca será apagada, porque... "The night is dark and full of terrors, and united we shall fight them all"
  22. Eu tambem não largo meu Lol, mas se fosse para brincar com vocês do zero. Jogava tranquilo esses outros mobas
  23. Que tal para não haver rivalidade entre dota e lol, não chutamos o Strife? Nunca joguei e vou testar agora, todo começa do zero xD
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