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  1. Provavelmente o Beta será F2P mas o jogo será B2P com cash shop para cosméticos e Vip. Até porque,e eles vão querer saber quantas pessoas o que eles produziram vai aguentar. Eu também estava a procura de um MMO e pelas promessas e coisas que eles estão mostrando, parece ser um jogo que vai ser interessante.
  2. Liked the place where the story is happening
  3. Good text. Made me want to read the rest
  4. Great Story, i would love to see the aftermath of the battle, the new friend that came to help and maybe, the reason that the Crow had the potion... Pls make a continuation and i will read your job anytime.
  5. Character Name: Vaandus Shieldheart Race: Centaur Appearance: Centaur wearing heavy armor, no helmet. On his right arm a Chinese Glaive that this supported in his right shoulder while his left arm that is holding a circular shield, medium or large, but without putting a lot of strength in the arm. Black long hair, tied only at the end. In front, the hair is well divided. His face has a mature air, something like a general of a small army, his eyes are not very large, the pupil is brown. Has a well-cut beard that does not fall more than the chin. No mustache. If possible, I'd like armor had a similar design to the end of knights fantasy XII. I hope I have not exaggerated ...
  6. You want me to do a action explanation or just my character and the place he is in the tavern? Ps: You guys are invited to appear in the War Council that i am doing. Bring ideas to implement in the campaign and lets have some fun. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/2065-war-council-role-play/
  7. Sim, isso só vai dar certo se tivermos uma boa quantidade de pessoas. Vocês que vieram de outros jogos, façam propagando deste que esta no pre-Alpha para dar tempo para pessoas aparecerem. Como eu estive conversando em outros tópicos, eu acho que a população vai crescer bastante quando o contador acabar e todas as informações estiverem disponíveis. Mais uma coisa, coloquem no começo do tópico o grupo beta que cada um se encontra. Por exemplo, eu estou no grupo 6. Vamos fazer a população crescer e dominar alguns mundos.
  8. That´s too bad, sorry for the bad interpretation
  9. 15 Yet in that time and place the Sky Hunter laid in wait, angry over the death of his mother. 16 The Hunter fell upon his uncle, thinking to take him unawares. 17 Prince Kane lashed out in surprise, felling the Sky Hunter with a single blow. The bomb has been planted...
  10. I am too a fan of Spear and Shields. One of the many reasons i chose the centaur as my main race is that he have the choice to use a spear and the shield, is too much hype in only one race.
  11. Heya litle man (seventhbeacon). Let me say a few words. I am a Brazilian and not, am not a rage player and definitely not a BRBRBRBRBRBRBR type... I am trying to get together the other brazilians of the forum because i think this game will make communication a very important thing and as lame as could be... I am not confident in speaking english, so, in a foreign clan, i would be present only in the guild chat. Why i am saying this? Because if i dont get a good number os brazilians i would like to say that the guild that got my attention, is you guys, but of course, i am not saying that if my plan fails, i am IN THE WATCH. No No No, i am saying because i dont mean to lie for the people that could be in the future, my comrades in battle. In the end, i am a player with some story, not because i am old, but because i started soon. My first game was Ragnarok and i play League of Legends MOBA. I am a male with 22 years old, university student in his fifth period of law school and i have girlfriend that plays with me, but not this time ç.ç. I like to play in the night time but i dont know the game time, so cant say when i will be able to stay on... But let me say this... i dont sleep much because of games @_@. Now the conclusion ( yes! he will shut up! o my god thx), i am not a guy with free time, but i like to do all i can for the game i play and like. I am in Beta group 6 and if is okay with you guys i will say later if am joining or not the guild.
  12. I believe that later in the game, they will be like war tanks (but faster). Heavy armored with a strong natural Str, becoming one hell of a initiator and i believe that the guys that will specialize with spears, will get AoE too. But of course, we gonna be good against a great number of targets and the Fae assassin should be good with a 1v1 pvp fight, using their abilities to sabotage castles and killing characters with importance in the chain of command. But in the end, all will be the result of your character construction, like said in the FAQ: 9. How can you allow for so much character customization, and still claim that every character is balanced? We don’t claim that! The idea that “all characters should be equally balanced in all situations” is not one of our design goals. We’re giving you the control to be able to customize your character. The natural result is that some character builds will inevitably be better than others. Instead, our goal is to create a deep, complex simulation – filled with tactical and environmental considerations and emergent gameplay. Our design goal is that no single character is better than others in every situation. This approach means that mastery of the game relies on skill: knowing how to build your character in a way that suits your playstyle, and then seeking out situations in the game that will be to your advantage. It also means that adventuring parties will be less cookie cutter, as the roles are not as clearly defined. This is my speculation
  13. Usually the centaurs, as well as Vaandus not give much value to the other races, but one stood out, the dwarves. Centaurs are warriors and warriors need weapons and no one better in doing them than the dwarfs, angry litle mens, hard like stone, literally. "A surprise attack is a strategy, little man, I really do not care to use it, but where do you plan to store all the gold that may arise after the collision?" One leg of Vaandus step hard against the floor, drawing attention "I believe we should enjoy it while the hunger is weak to find a land with strategic benefits and then set up camp. We need facilities to save resources." The centaur knew the importance of a surprise attack, but all soldiers leaving a battle had to have a place to return, it would affect the morale of the army and would be extremely important to start building a strong castle as soon as possible . "After we got a base, we can send soldiers to perform reconnaissance of the area and then discover the routes that other groups are using to get minerals and then use the old strategy, hit and run." Hit and run means weakening little by little the enemy with constant attacks. After the attacks, it would be possible to locate the mines that these groups were exploring "Unlike you little man, I prefer to leave my prey have a false sense of security and then, weakens it and finally when hunger make the world a more severe place, we can give them two options, serve us or face destruction." A smile formed on Vaandus face. For him, one or two battles won were a good deal, but the idea of finding a way to increase your strength without having to harm his army was much more tempting as a general. As he thought this, the centaur looked the other dwarf who was there and then, with loud voice said. "Do not forget to cut their ears to make a fine necklace, some people say they are worth some good gold coins."
  14. Maybe i should move this topic to Fan Art & Fiction, but i gonna wait for someone to say this. Sorry if i am doing something wrong
  15. First, this is a topic of discussion with role-play involved, or at least that's the goal, but I hope that everyone is welcome. So let's make an introduction. My right arm pushes an iron door letting the sunlight penetrate the room in which I was previously, when my body appears, cries accompany it, the sound of hooves striking the floor multiply more and more until they become just one sound. All the excitement comes from hundreds of centaurs who gathered in a spacious square, built with the function of allowing the soldiers to organize before leaving for the war. Each man has in his right shoulder a brand, the symbol of our powerful empire, the symbol of our strength and greatness. We are known to devastate our enemies with a powerful breakthrough, our body was cut out for that, for war, then, is to her that we will go. Those who return, are men of value, but do not think that the soldiers who died on the battlefield are weak, each made sure to make a good amount of enemies to follow them to the same destination, they have done nothing more than its obligation to the empire and will be consecrated with great honor. But this is nothing more than a dream that hunger stole. Hunger took our home and the gods cursed us with an immortal body, but do not get us wrong, none of the men present here has fear and weakness in his eyes, no! They are warriors, they were bred to fight and that they will do. The gods want to have fun playing games, let them, we will dominate all worlds. Our empire will become stronger and when we eliminate the hunger, we will be prepared to deal with others who think they are worthy of the sacred battlefield, I swear this in the name of Valkyn, the All-Father. I approach the soldiers and they begin to silence, understanding that I have something to talk about. I am known as Vaandus Shieldheart (unconfirmed) and I own the respect of my group, but I'm not the only centaur with higher rank on the square, but before my companions arrive, I give myself the pleasure to initiate the main event. "Men! The gods are acting, you know what that means!? Means that the moment for which you trained your bodies for is coming, the time where we will fight for trophies and to demonstrate the superiority of our race! For this reason, I now start the war council! Here we will meet in the next few days (indefinitely) to discuss strategies that will be essential on the battlefield." (Personally, even if this topic becomes a forever alone, without response, I had fun imagining and writing about the scene, and has been a good chance to improve my English, so even if no person participate in this war council, I am grateful for giving a read in the text. Comment, need not be just a comment with the intention of participating in the role-play, just let it explicit when posting. Anyway, I love this race and I hope to see here other people who share this feeling.)
  16. Somthing like this... Or one cenatur whit two shields
  17. I too, was thinking about how we should be able to fight the progress of the hunger, not the season change, but, be able to fight in places with lots of Hunger infected monster and when fighting, the spread speed of the hunger can become slow, but, needing to constantly fight against the hunger. I dont know about captured worlds, because this can make some clans too much powerful for the next worlds wars. The thing i want is to not know the time left to the world, what will make the players explore the land to know about the progression of the hunger, a new objective. And of course, new strategies will be born, like waiting for a clan group to get outside to fight off the hunger and then, another clan goes and attack their castle that have low number of soldiers.
  18. Tambem to interessado em jogar esse jogo, mesmo que seja B2P, parece que vai ser algo diferente dos mmo modinha que lançam hoje em dia, então, se der quero participar de uma guilda onde se poder jogar com ts ou algo parecido, até porque, um jogo como esse vai exigir organização e claro, comunicação, coisa que eu vou ficar só no chat da guilda no caso de um clan internacional. Então, se reunir um bom povo, eu quero participar e eu jogo como tank, mas estou muito interessado no centauro, apesar de ser main dps, espero haver uma ramificação, promoção para uma classe mais tank, razão do escudo e lança por exemplo. Enfim, to aqui pra qualquer coisa.
  19. See Wakfu cash shop. The only diference is the helpers (sidekicks) that you can buy with cash, but, you cant use in pvp, only in pve. Until now, Wakfu, for me, is the game with one of the best cash shop because he is not selling power, just fast leveling, costumes, emoticons and etc, and the best, no one have a problem to buy cash for this. Anyone can make money with a cash shop that dont sell power, just need to think, like racial change and etc... Ps: Sorry for my bad english
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