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    vaands got a reaction from BarriaKarl in Servidores brasileiros possivelmente confirmados?   
    No nosso clan eu sempre falei a importância que esse jogo vai dar para a interação entre os membros da guilda e por isso fizemos um clan de brasileiros de inicio, mas, trabalhar junto para competir internacionalmente em um ambiente onde as pessoas se respeitam ou pelo menos são competitivas de forma mais sadia ou pelo menos com uma garantia de uma população de jogadores grande, é bem melhor do que se limitar a um servidor brasileiro que vai tentar sobreviver entre huehuehue.
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    vaands reacted to LordBinz in Templar Build v5.0.1 -> Analysis and Thoughts   
    Since the introduction of the disciplines and the HUGE variety of skills, passives and abilities that each character can use, ive been excited to test out and play with these changes.
    I thought it might help other people to see my thoughts on each skill im using and suggestion. Minor disclaimer: Im not saying this is the best build ever or is even trying to be the best build ever. Im also not trying to exploit any bugs.

    Discipline Runes used are:
    Banshee (Major)
    Field Surgeon (Major)
    Master of Greatswords (Weapon)
    Armor of Faith (Minor)
    Spirit Whip (Minor)
    Overwhelming Odds (Minor)
    All the damage scores are based on using a Basic Two handed sword, which hits for around 20 - 50. (avg 35)
    1 - Censure: Lunging forward 30m, does a reasonable hit of about 165 and will stun the enemy on hit. Notoriously hard to aim and hit with, especially with lag, this is still a must-have skill for Templars since you need it to close gaps, escape, get some CC on the enemy, and finish them off.
    2 - Divine Light: Probably the Templars signature skill, it casts a large "consecration" type AOE that heals you for around 200 damage and causes a small amount of damage to enemies standing in it. It drains your righteousness but is a great move - forcing the enemy either to fight you on the ground and take damage while you heal, or give you a breather and let you take the full +800-+1000 heal as well as let your cooldowns refresh.
    3 - Illusionary Armor: (From Armor of Faith rune) 20% damage reduction is a really good defensive buff, it costs no resources, seems to be off a global cooldown, and has an uptime of 65% (15s out of 23s) A no brainer really for a defensive minded class.
    4 - Rehabilitation: (From Field Surgeon Discipline). This does cost resources, but has a 9 second cooldown and heals for +600 hp or so. Double on you, if you cast it on a friendly (currently bugged). This probably should be restricted to healing oriented classes, because since everyone can have it everyone should have it.
    5 - Iron Skin: (Master of Greatswords Discipline). This costs as well, and seems to only reduce damage from slashing. Im not really sold on this move to be honest, I slapped it on so if I had excess pips I could get another defence buff going.
    6 - Haunt: (From Banshee Discipline). This is a close ranged, PBAOE type deal that ive struggled to effectively land on people before. (Maybe due to lag). Once on them, its really quite good -> They attack you, take reflected damage back (up to 1050), and you get healed for a portion of that. Essentially, cursing them to take more damage and you to recieve healing.
    7 - Ghost Army: (From Banshee Discipline). A swarm of ghosts (25 in 5 waves of 5) will cast out from you, and follow your reticule (though they only head into a straight line) dealing about 150-200 damage per hit and healing you for half that when they do hit. In a 1v1 scenario, this uses up way too many Pips for too little damage and healing to be useful, especially because most opponents wont let you swarm them with ghosts. I can see it begin extremely good in group fights though, or for zone control. Bonus points it looks and feels awesome.
    8 - Holy Warrior: Boosts your max hp by about 20%, and gives you 100% armor penetration. This is a great buff, and ties into the Templars mechanic of Righteous Parrying ->> This is a great move but im thinking of moving it out for something else, due to a passive that ill mention later.
    1: Overwhelming Odds - +20% all damage mitigation when faced with 3+ enemies. While obviously not great in a 1v1, this is definitely confirmed working (I tested) and is pretty short ranged, you need to be pretty close for it to trigger, maybe 1/3rd the distance of censure? Either way, 20% mitigation is great for a tanky sustain character so ive been keeping this on.
    2: Angel of Death: Deals 30% more damage to enemies below 30% hp. This works like an execute and basically the only way I can win fights against people because of all the healing. Ive noticed that I can seriously chunk people down with a parry-> knockdown-> holy warrior -> autos and a censure finisher when they stand up. Though I feel theres definitely more burst damage to be had.
    3: Faith: This passive is the reason I thought of taking holy warrior off, it triggers holy warrior at 35% giving you a big burst of potential if you start to get low. But, holy warrior is so integral with the armor pen for my damage potential, maybe taking this passive off instead is the right way to go.
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Snaptest GvG 5v5   
    I am a simple man, i hear jojo, i like it
    About the video, i like this one more that the other that you showed the Pov side by side, it was a litle confusing because i did not know were i should look, now it was greato dase. And that Myrmi is a spin to win boss
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Brand new testers Beginner Guide.   
    Nice to see a brazilian making a guide to help the community! 
    thanks for the tips o/
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Playtest feedback for Fri, April 21 – Mon, April 24   
    Stamina bar is buged. When she is low, she keep in one place and don't regenerate.
    Some constructions are inside the earth, the grass becomes the floor and others are floating
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    vaands got a reaction from Uyathefox in Snaptest GvG 5v5   
    I am a simple man, i hear jojo, i like it
    About the video, i like this one more that the other that you showed the Pov side by side, it was a litle confusing because i did not know were i should look, now it was greato dase. And that Myrmi is a spin to win boss
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    vaands reacted to SirGeorge in Snaptest GvG 5v5   
    So with the snaptest decided to try dual POV again, but in another way. also threw in some new editing toys.  Any and all feedback be nice. Especially around the dual PoVs.
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    vaands got a reaction from untuin in Vessels   
    Okay you guys dont want lore reasons? Then lets say that the vessels are not lootable, do you know what that means? META. This game said that everyone would be unique at some point but vessels are a MUST for anyone that play this game, so many plus status... Everyone got tired of Uncle BOB because he was a god and the new players would not find his game fun anymore, right now, with the vessels system, everyone at some point and time, will have the top tier vessel, i am sure of that, they have guilds, crafters friends and thats nice, then... BOOM new players dont have friends, dont have a guild yet, they will come in a world to test and the, die... die... die... Because he did not train enough disciplines? maybe, but i am sure that his white vessel against the other legendary vessels are quite a big disparity. 
    Want to say in the point of view of a crafter? Of course you guys wanna have vessel crafting,necromancy is the first tree many gonna level up. That i am sure. 
    Now, dont say that RP is not important to this discussion okay? There is people that like craft, there is people that like pvp and there is people that like rp and for them do you know how wrong is a paladin (light side one) is to use the vessel from a necromancer? Thats just wrong, sorry man, respect all the community. 
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    vaands got a reaction from IHeartFargo in Day 1 Rush   
    Yep, they said that the game would have many worlds at the same time, i don't think it will be a problem... Only if everyone enter the same campaign and that campaign dont have a limit amount of people, than... That would be hell
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    vaands reacted to chancellor in Day 1 Rush   
    Crowfall will be able to spread the load on these newly opened servers by putting more server-computers of their own and even leasing servers, thanks to the unity 5 engine and the parcel architecture.
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    vaands reacted to VIKINGNAIL in Day 1 Rush   
    Crowfall doesn't have the vertical progression you see in archeage.  If you can't beat others into server you will always be behind in any game.  But crowfall worlds are temporary so it is not the end of the world. 
    We would be lucky for crowfall to have problems with overpopulation, where they can just spin up more servers. 
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Who the hell is Jamesgoblin   
    When you receive a like from James Goblin, then you know that you were chosen for his army that one day shall conquer all of the forum and then... ZA WARUDO!!!!
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Horrible!!   
    Hey man let me say one thing, is not that all classes are gender locked (some are but they have a good explanation to be) is just that we are in the pre alpha stage and so the devs only made the minimum possible to let "we" players use and test with a bit of fun. 
    About customization. I love, i dont like, i LOVE customization, i spend more or less two hours doing my character if the game give many options, but, in the alpha such customization is not needed so is not implemented and to be honest, i dont think this game will give us 999 sliders to toy with when the game goes out (i pray to the All Father that i am wrong about this) but if you take some time study the skills, you may understand how can your choices make a unique styled character and i do believe that there will be specializations that will let us use more weapons (i want a spear, if art craft is reading this, let the knight have a spear, knuckles could be good too! For the myrmidon :D)
    What i am trying to say is that if you want to know for sure is will like or not this game, please, come back in the beta or in the launching day. Like i said in another topic, Alpha is not for us to have fun, is to help the devs find problems and give sugestions. 
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    vaands reacted to TJB0ND in How do you plan on playing this game?   
    I think want I want to do is turn my ek into a bar or tavern  for people to come hang out meet new people socialize, make contracts, ect. 
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    vaands reacted to untuin in How do you plan on playing this game?   
    Hide like the coward I am.  Watch 2 players duke it out.  Ambush the last man standing.  Sell the corpses in the my EK's market.
    (Realistically, strategic alliances in campaigns and lots of crafting)
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    vaands reacted to Durin in Vessels   
    Pages have been written on why C&V is undesirable to many (some very big threads with lots of thoughtful arguments).  Since it is not going to change, I earnestly hope ACE will "blunt" it a bit by allowing an option to bend it a bit more toward a traditional RPG.  In fairness, ACE has made noises to that effect (here and there) but the jury is still out.   
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    vaands got a reaction from Armegeddon in Vessels   
    I like the ideia of having the choice to change Alts by trading vessels (Just to clarify, i am the type of player that stick to one classe, character) but i do feel that the Vessel crafting is a bit too much. Okay we can find a crafter in our guilds to help us have a better vessels but i find the idea from @KrakkenSmacken much better.
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Reinstall is needed   
    Your drivers are updated? This is the only answer that i got in the forum for this problem
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Reinstall is needed   
    Let's see if that make the game initiate smoother
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    vaands reacted to KrakkenSmacken in Vessels   
    Yea, the crafting vessels skill tree annoys me. Square peg, round hole.
    Of all the things you should be able to be able to do independent of others, your "own" body should fall into that category.
    Disciplines I don't mind so much, I see that as a transference of experience/training from a master sort of thing, but vessel "crafting" just rubs me the wrong way. I would rather you have to take sacrifices (dust) to the temple, and then basically buy the custom vessel you want/need from the Gods.
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    vaands got a reaction from IHeartFargo in Change the Background of the Login Screen   
    I am not saying that the white is bad, truly, i think the background is very nice, but it would be cool if there was a more gray like scenario with snow falling or just acummulated in the sword to tell about most challenging season of the game. Just a sugestion of course
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    vaands reacted to Rawrlok in Animal Hunting/Leather Farming   
    Due to the current spawning issues I wanted to post a guide on how to farm leather for you guys who would like to fully test all of the leather crafting during this current test since PvP is down.
    I went around for about 2 hours earlier doing the following things and ended up being able to harvest nearly 100 leather between boars and hellcats.
    First I scout the area and find a Hellcat charger spawn like this one. 
    Continue to scout the area and try and find a Boar Den or as srathos likes to call them "Thickets" they look like this.

    At this point you will want to go back to the Hellcat Spawn Crystals and wait until a Hellcat spawns. After killing it you will have to put something from your inventory on it's body and loot it to get the corpse to activate itself so you can harvest it. BEFORE Harvesting make sure you have your harvesting potions active or you will get significantly less resources. Once you have harvested the corpse put your timer (I use my cellphone) on for 15:00 minutes.
    Now head back to the Boar Den and wait for it to spawn. When it does, note the time on your timer and figure out the difference between the time you killed the Hellcat and the boar spawning. If they spawn 5 minutes apart then all you have to do after finishing up harvesting the boar is head back to the Hellcat Spawner and wait the remaining time for the Hellcat to spawn again. Kill it and head back to the boar den and wait for it to spawn. Meanwhile (as in the example: 5 minutes) your harvesting potions should have time left on them and you can harvest wood/stone/ore around the spawn area until then and don't forget to remake your harvesting potions and Runestone tools under Runemaking for the extra harvesting stacks. 
    Using this method this morning I was able to run between 3 different spawns and had it down to where a MOB would spawn within 5-10 seconds of me arriving at each spot. And then having a remaining 10 minutes before having to start the process again. Giving me time to craft more potions/gear. I was also able to test out creating Leather Chest piece and Leather Helmet. Hopefully this will give everyone a chance to get in on testing the working of all the leather components in crafting and give testing feedback. 
    Hope this helps everyone who keeps asking in chat how and where to get leather? Where are all the mobs? Why aren't mobs spawning? Etc.
    (Doing all this gave me flashbacks of Everquest 1. I was waiting for someone to yell "CAMP CHECK!")
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    vaands got a reaction from IHeartFargo in Test Cancelled this weekend   
    It was my first time loging to test and the server got shot down... But thats ok, i think we all understand that a pre-alpha is more about "us" trying to found any problems to help you guys that you guys making the game nice for us to have fun. Save that for the ofcial lauching of the game! Good luck guys, i will wait for the next chance o/
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    vaands got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Test Cancelled this weekend   
    It was my first time loging to test and the server got shot down... But thats ok, i think we all understand that a pre-alpha is more about "us" trying to found any problems to help you guys that you guys making the game nice for us to have fun. Save that for the ofcial lauching of the game! Good luck guys, i will wait for the next chance o/
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    vaands reacted to that_eriksson in Brand new testers Beginner Guide.   
    Hey Guys,
    Been a bit of a news drought so been a while since I made a video just wanted to throw a quick video for the total new player as I see a lot of new people coming in which is AWESOME. Be sure to ask questions here and in Crowfall Discord is very helpful and will be glad to help.  As always I appreciate the feedback and support.  If you have any topics you would like to see more videos about please let me know!  I am always open to suggestions.
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