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  1. Don't worry, New World took care of that for you. A game where a small group can actually defeat a much larger group by using good tactics. In CF, the AOE limits and zerg ball make it impossible to even damage people.
  2. GW2 had Dolyaks that were on their own delivering supplies to the attached keep. You could either cut off their supply chain or kill them. There are so many ideas that worked from other games but they wanted to reinvent the wheel using a square. Ultimately the train stops moving and you just have an abandoned car.......like CF seems to be doing currently.
  3. Sounds like a job! Imagine going to work for a month and getting a book almost ready to publish and then just deleting the book before print. Hmm, I am just going to start over from scratch and see if I can make a better book........ Starting over from scratch deletes anything done prior. Basically you are suggesting a WIPE! It's fine if you didn't put in the time to get crafters up, discs leveled, harvesting grinded out...........but if you did......you're a dumb A! We have already experienced wipe after wipe after wipe in Alpha/Beta. This is suppose to be full release with no more wipes.
  4. The range at which EVERY other class can see compared to Archer is pathetic. Its one of the main reasons I haven't even really tried other classes. ZERGBad is a terrible push on OPEN WORLD games! There really is no way to crush the zerg either. Remove AOE caps and people would have to spread out, but I really don't think much is saving this game at this point.
  5. What is the point of crafted gear if you are just going to run around in War Tribe gear? The crafting system is so involved and your resolve is to not use it? Literally we should just cut crafting from the game and make it War Tribe gear only then, no imports. Still doesn't fix the durability problem. Farming is farming. 500 durability or 2000, it still sucks to need to replace it after a day or 2 of playing the game. A PvP game that focuses on farming? Gear doesn't need to last forever, but in a 30 day campaign, it shouldn't last 2 days! 30 import tokens and 6 characters? We can't even bring in all of our different toons geared! What kind of system is that? How about unlimited imports, but whatever you bring in, can't be exported.........EVER!!!! Every 30 days you would need to make a new set of gear for every toon you wanted to bring into the next Campaign.
  6. I would say with all of the TIER items for a guild, the stack size literally needs to be 1000-2000
  7. You go get any class you want and I will bring my decked out PvP toon to your designated place and I will be victorious 100% of the time. High end commons are like bringing War Tribe gear to a siege! You CAN fight, but you won't win!
  8. I know you have better crafters than that! 10% piercing bonus on chest piece. +4 dex/dex cap rings, +crit dmg bonus neck, +piercing pen weapon/s, etc. Literally adds up to over 30% more effective in your PvP set vs War Tribe. Don't act obtuse. You know the truth!
  9. This is false. Also, spending resources to level up your own personal crafter before the guild had Lego/Lego crafters is selfish as F! Probably for the best you got kicked since you don't seem like a guild teammate, but rather a selfish small group trying to piggy back off of a bigger guild that can protect you. I also see a lot of people such as yourself farming while a siege window is LIVE!! If I was in the leadership and one of my guys was farming instead of help defending/attacking with the guild, you'd get the boot immediately and then killed for your loot.
  10. Zone caps = 200ish Guilds = 100 cap Alliance = 100 cap (alliance should be formed by smaller guilds to compete with larger guilds) ie. Dad =44, Bob = 44, Pink Bunnies = 9 Pinky Pervs Alliance = 97 players This is really the only way to stop Uncle Bob. .....and to stop Uncle BLOB you need to remove the AOE Caps!
  11. So basically go out and farm/harvest etc in trash gear so the people hunting you in their PvP gear have an easier time? L U L Z !!!!
  12. I already posted something like this last week. Durability only hurts PvP!
  13. email support: support@crowfall.com Tell them you want to use your name change (1st one is free). In the email send them a list of your top 5 1- Timmy2 2- Jimmy2 3- Timjim2021 4- IamJim2 5- IhateJim2
  14. This is 100% what my post is about. People run from fights when its not a 10v3 but instead should fight those 3v5+ and see how well they do. Of course harvesters are always going to try to get away with their goods.
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