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  1. 20 hour review

    @Staff All I see is a condescending rebuke. The OP is very new, doesn't have a bunch of friends yet and is struggling. You come along and put him down for not doing 80hrs of research for everything he posted; gg you win I guess. Out of all these reply's it still doesn't alleviate the fact that ANY new players (except those with "veteran" buddies already playing) are going to be lost from the start. God forbid some new blood wants to help support Crowfall because it looks good, only to get #%&@'d when doing so. To craft a Confessor Book it takes 4 people! <--- This is really crappy. To play a Melee, all it really takes is a Smith. Factories? Realistically, people aren't going to be out farming mats, risking their asses to make their enemies armor and weapons. They will just save their precious resources for more gear and guildmates. Let's "try" not be an asshat and come up with better solutions to help retention of new players, instead of scaring them off.
  2. 20 hour review

    This is pretty much dead on example of a players first experience, unless they have someone hold their hand. It's going to destroy the game if things don't change. It's not fun!
  3. 5v5 Tournament

    No, he is saying that you sign up with Comp (disks, spec's, etc) and you can't change.
  4. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    How much faster is the Fae Sin vs other Races? Is there any reason to go other races? Does Trailblazer actually do anything for Halfelf Sin? Could use some advice on this because after everything else in this thread, its the only information I am lacking. I don't want to crawl when I could sprint, but I just don't know stealth speeds. Thanks in advance.
  5. Confessor Talent/Skill Tree needs work

    Wow Makuza, you sure know how to be condescending. You assume way too much without trying in the least bit to put yourself in someone elses shoes. Not everyone will or has time invested into this game as it seems you have, but let me put it this way. Having a skill far down in the skill tree that seems like its great but have it FULLY cancelled out with one choice late in the skill tree makes ZERO sense. Yes, nobody is forcing a player to take those skills, but nobody is there hand holding them during game play either and for a new or unseasoned player, its something that needs to be looked into. This isn't the only skill that needs adjusting, but it was the biggest one I cared to leave as an example. Also, there is very little information about anything in this game right now. Vessels are required to logout and recreate a new toon? Who would have thought that I leveled all the way to 30 to only start over because I got a new vessel? Saying that I shouldn't pick tank-confessor because it limits it to 8m is a terrible argument because when I read 4m per point into the skill, it would add on to the 8m cap BECAUSE I SPENT THE POINT TO INCREASE THE RANGE. Base confessor range is 30m right? Plus talents = 42m? Tank-confessor is 8m right? Plus talents should be 20m. Still a huge range cost of 22m. Why would it be wrong to think I am losing 22m by picking Tank-confessor and not 34m?
  6. Just looking at the talent tree you can see immediately 3 wasted points. Increase range by 4m per point (3/3) - meaning 12m extra Sanctifier - Final point = Range decreased to MAX 8m for 20% extra damage The range of 8m for a caster is completely broken. Melee has endless swings because they aren't based on mana, but a Confessor even wearing plate will run out of mana fairly fast. Maybe with this point make it to where Confessor can use a Mace like Templar? Isn't that what a plate confessor ultimately is with different spells? Suggestion: When picking your final branch, allow a respec. Give the Chaos Temple a respec vendor. Allow the use of Dust to respec once a season or something.
  7. This shouldn't be allowed

    Anyone who talks about CCing him obviously isn't playing this version of Crowfall. CC is a joke unless its a knockup, knockdown or root. Half the time they last a whole .5secs or they get (R)etaliated out of. Those 10 guys chasing him around the hill were obviously using CC. The Assassin was more than likely suppressing while hitting him in the back, but you can see him even PAUSE once because he is immune to CC. Healing debuff? LuLz! Dark mantle and the likes absorb a joke of 500 health. That is 1 tick of his 6-10 ticks of health. Don't defend broken mechanics with "its about the lore" or you will have half the zerger (server) playing this class since it can 1v10.
  8. gameplay concerns

    This is assuming there is only 1 Lego and as someone stated above, in a 5v5 and 1 team has a Lego and the other doesn't, the Lego team wins every time.
  9. I am just unsure of what ever happened to crafting 100's of swords to progress to make fine swords and so on. As it stands you can literally never craft a thing in this game "on an alt account" and in 6 months you will be one badass crafter.......just sayin!
  10. gameplay concerns

    AOE Heals equal low skill cap period. Healing right now is super required because 1 centaur and 2 confessors can take out 4-5 players with no healer. What they are talking about is actually having to pick the target that gets the HoT or direct heal instead of just mindlessly tossing them out. All other classes have to aim their skills, why not heals from a Centaur? Druids healing takes a little more skill and longer build up. It's also not a direct AOE fire and forget. Druid is a balanced support that has a few mechanical flaws, while Centaur is OP and really has no choice to give it even a moderate skill cap.
  11. My first impressions

    You have to remember two things: You're not a new player. You're a new TESTER! You probably shouldn't consider this a "First Impression" of the game since its not even in Alpha yet. This is just your first experience in the test. I get what you are saying and I somewhat agree on the out of combat health regen being slow. Remember though, this is just the very very beginning stages of what looks to be an awesome game. Good feedback though, just keep those 2 things in mind.
  12. Skill Tree Training Que

    Thanks, I never heard that.
  13. Skill Tree Training Que

    Since the timers are not really clear about training times, a good idea that would simplify this even more would to add a training que system. If I wanted to go out of town for the weekend, but knew my training would finished at 3:13am tomorrow afternoon, I could have the next training que'd up so I don't lose out on that day or 2 until I can get back in game to get it going.
  14. Druid game play is tedious

    Warhammer Online had a similar system to Yin/Yang and they did it quite well. Using heals charged up your damage and using damage charged up your healing. Watch a video and you'll see, it was a good system that was balanced.
  15. Hunger Mechanic

    ......and I bet it's also tuned to a winter season. In Winter you need more energy so this is probably the extreme version to tune the harsh season before the easy spring.