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  1. You can't attack the other factions in God's Reach? What's the point of factions then?
  2. Some of the Dev's come from games of our past, but I feel they have forgotten some valuable information and it has been lost in translation. I know this isn't a Shadowbane clone, but it does have some reflection from the game. With the upcoming changes to Major and Minor Discipline Runes, looking back may help us move forward in a positive fashion vs going backwards. Shadowbane: Discipline Runes grant a player additional Powers and Focus. These types of runes drop on a set schedule from specific mobs in the world, and are announced to the entire server. Statistic Runes increase the player's current and maximum attribute values. Stat runes can increase the maximum attribute value by 5 to 40 points (in increments of 5). These runes are found as random drops from most mobs in the world. The best and rarest of statistic runes, which increase an attribute's maximum by 40 points, are announced to the entire server when they do happen to drop. Mastery Runes grant weapon mastery skills to classes that do not receive the skill as part of their normal class progression. These runes are also random drops from most mobs in the world.
  3. So you limit each faction to 50? What about the spies that log in and take slots? This won't solve anything. When you see one faction has 60, they really have like 40 and about 20 afk alts/spies taking up 20 slots. Sad state of gaming TBH.
  4. @Staff I 100% agree with your assessment. After playing every other game and then coming to CF, I feel there is a lot missing. ESO had a nice armor progression, but after you got your gear, you got to PvP for a while before switching to the "newest" set. Last night at the siege, each faction had their zones capped with 65+ to defend. That means that the 2 other factions could potentially get 35 attackers. What did this mean? It meant that there was going to be no PvP siege for the night. Order is all but non existent for the past 2-3 campaigns.......why? Because standing in circles sucks, being 10:1 odds sucks. For a PvP focused game, there is little to no PvP. Let me list the types of PvP below: Ganking Farmers - Probably the most common. Good for ganker, bad for farmer (farmer has everything to lose, ganker has pride) Siege Window - 1hr siege windows nightly that literally last less than 20 minutes. Last night, Balance was able to capture the Keep in less than 2 minutes from the beginning of the siege window. Maybe some random small scale during traveling. That's IT!!!! Where is all the Hunger Dome combat/fun? Class I totally disagree, but hopefully with 6.0 things get more balanced. Disciplines take away the uniqueness of classes instead of enhancing them. Shadowbane had good disciplines, but non were as overpowering as these in the current Crowfall. Some disks can totally change a class.
  5. pappy

    Item bloat

    I run to a nearby chest and fill it with white materials because they are of no use to me anymore. I can use it to make stuff for my EK, but I don't really want to so I just leave it for someone else.
  6. Last Test of this Season with full 5 pips. 1.5hrs in Gorro, running laps and this is my haul. Proof Needs adjustment? Not a lack of trying. There are loads of Hunger Crystals......just very little shard dropping. Literally 6 Crystals in this picture, just couldn't capture them all. 1 Shard from them.
  7. What does real life winter and Crowfall Winter have in common?
  8. Epic Hunger Shards give a Sacrifice XP of 10!!!! NICE.........<<sarcasim galor>>
  9. Sacrifice shards could be used to sacrifice or combine into Hunger shards based on quality. Right now, there is no reason for them to even drop in rareties unless its just to take up the already limited bag/storage space we have. Full trained with Conossier, I still get 1 shard per 50+ Hunger Node
  10. pappy


    Here is a screenshot of our damage on some poor noob that just started and didn't even have basic armor. Now take one of those classes ZeFx mentioned above: Champ/Myrm and you will Ambush them for 500-800 max!!!! All while they turn around and chunk you for 5k health in less than 2-3 seconds. In those 2-3 seconds of pummeling we are hitting them in return for 120-220 crits. This is just an example, but those are more tanky classes that do WAY more damage than a PURE DPS Class. Now, take into effect, if our Kidney shot could even last for 30% of the 5 seconds, we might have a chance at damage, but I have no idea of why anyone would put points into Hard Control training/talents when it means absolutely nothing, UNLESS the target has already been chain CC'd and at that point, they will be CC'd anyways.
  11. pappy


    ....and Dodge pretty much negates the Cutt Throats burst because unless players are new, its really hard to burst someone down like you are suggesting. Most veteran players are running Metal Classes which take little to no damage from the Assassin.
  12. pappy


    Lag double post or something....
  13. pappy


    My problem with this ability and other Assassin abilities is that they have some arbitrary requirement (from stealth, from behind, while poisoned). There are many other class abilities that do the same damage or more and have zero requirements like these. Ambush/Backstab should ignore armor without any changes to damage and then they would be decent. Backstab either requires PvE, a dumb opponent, or Call of Darkness (all attacks count as from the rear). In PvP, there are so many other things I would rather do than TRY to land a backstab. It needs help. If CC worked (ie. Kidney Shot stun - 5secs) then Backstab would be more useful as well, but all CC can just get retaliated out of unless you run a zerg with stacking CC's, but then you were probably dead anyways.
  14. I know your pain man. I have basically given up on crafting anything worth a crap again.
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