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  1. i will dress as a crow, jump from a building, with a big paper with the site url. FOR CROWFALL.
  2. We rock people Erick, rejoice!!!
  3. mmmm.... i really hope that if the devs want to release some female with boobplate, its because they want. and if they dont, because they want as well, and not because people picking on a fantasy game for not being realistic. as long as ACE people are doing what they want to do, i am totally OK.
  4. This is something that i think we need the devs to tell us for what rate they are aiming, T, M, Adults only, etc. For me, since this game will introduce physically based combat, why not make things more cruel, i mean, the centaur stomping in someone, the forge master crushing heads with his hammer, lets go full Game of Thrones, but that its me, i dont know if would be good for the game be a bit graphically violent. So, what do you think?
  5. ohhh man, as a programmer, this things turn me on. Thanks for sharing so much about the implementation of engines and programing of the game, really loving how open you are about the game <3
  6. sorry, i actually speak 3 languages and some words get mixed between languages :| but you make a good point, that there most be something beneficial to the campain to keep npcs alive, like they may help build or repair faster your stronghold or help on other crusial task.
  7. We know that our characters are inmortal, that we get the treasures and spoils of war of thousands of worlds, and live this cicle for ever for our god, in exchange of an eternal kingdom of our own. but have you asked your self? How really can inmortality afect us. If you watch movies or read books about inmortals, for them, this is both a blessing and a curse, Inmortals see milenias passing, and loved ones that die of age, but the inmortal is still here. Imagine that something similar could be implemented in the game. That in the dying worlds, there are NPCs that you can be friends with, or lovers, or adopt a family, or have one, but in the end, you will see them sucumb to the hunger, dying to other players, or vanishing like dust in the wind once a world is destroyed, and all that will remain, IS YOU. Of course i am not talking about life simulation things a la sims or dating games, not really, but something like this, even if simple, in my opinion, could add to the dying worlds a feel of that we actually left something great in those worlds that has been consumed. what do you think?
  8. Brothels?? lol, now that you mention something like this, wich rating will this game be? everyone, teen, or something more since the devs likes a lot game of thrones :V
  9. Cosmetics of course, i would totally buy bikinis and santa hats, even if i make some people mad.
  10. Frostweaver, blue elf girls are just sexy, if artcraft could add the night elf dance to the fem frostweaver as a tribute would be a total win XD
  11. The wait for Alpha begins.

  12. am i missing something? Or is an actual complain about boobs? Or her arms has something that i am missing?
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