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  1. I dont know maybe I need to see it in action but right now it doesn't sound good to me having some imaginary timer let me know when it's time to play.
  2. Pretty sure that's how war works.. you plan and get ready and go when you want... not when a timer hits 00:00.
  3. And honestly by doing this type of Set rules you are telling people how to play the game they bought.thats a huge turn off.i cant be the only one that thinks the same either.
  4. It's not the fact of night capping... it's taking player choice away and taking the immersive feeling that you can lose anything at any given time. It's taking away that organic feel of a real war.
  5. I dont like the fact that they are dictating when and where I should PvP... I thought this game was full pvp but instead looks like they are starting to breakdown to carebears that would cry losing their keeps. It should be a free for all system. This will turn off a lot of players.. I won't be playing if I have to wait for a timer to PVP? Sounds stupid. I want my money back.
  6. As far as I can tell chaos is a zerg faction... let's now start these recruit threads to force people's decisions on biased opinions.. that just leads to a imbalance for factions.
  7. Then I guess your reading comprehension isn't that great because no where in there it says "5.8 will be releasing on dec 11th "does it?
  8. No one told you to stay up... no one said 5.8 was releasing today.... I guess you learned a lesson ... go to sleep .you can wait 24 hrs. Stop being impatient
  9. you have to be pretty dumb to need telepraghs... this is a game for adults, not a coloring book for 5 yr olds.
  10. I wonder how we will travel to other worlds??? through loading screens or seemless?? ... I would much rather have it where all EKs were open and this a pure PVP game no questions asked but you always have cry babies. Im also wondering about Multi - Kingdoms within worlds? so many questions. time goes to slow. freeze me and wake me up when the game launches
  11. I have not backed yet simply because there is not enough information to see how this game will play... Once we have some solid gameplay and crafting vids i will back if i like it. There is one question bugging me... The Eternal Kingdoms.... So does EVERY player get their own world??? doesnt this defeat the purpose of a living breathing world with thousands of ppl? I just dont get this quite yet... if anyone can shed some light on this because im still confused.. i would rather have 1 huge world for trading and kingdoms?
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