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  1. Are they just gone now or are they going to add them to the skills tree? aftet they fix it of course
  2. almost every old school mmo alpha, beta pre-alpha whatever, was free. you didnt charge people to play your unfinished game.
  3. that makes zero sense? odd, every mmorpg thats been created that i can recall does this. you just put your non combat abilities on a separate hotbar. remove the survival tray and just add a toggle button for in combat and ooc
  4. Coming from DAOC and other games where you have to enter combat I understood the Press Z. Is there a reason why we need to "enter combat" instead of being able to be in the combat tray and use an ability if we run up on someone and that put us into combat? I'm just having a hard time understanding the need for the switch from non-combat to combat but then also adding a graphical lag to switch over. As in, I can't just be out of combat and enter combat immediately when toggled or upon using a skill. The switching from the survival tray to the combat bars seems burdensome and even more confusing that just having a Z button. If you want to have the ability to toggle combat at will, why not make it so that it's as seamless as possible? I think if you're going to keep the survival tray, the switching between OOC and IC should be more fluid with the way combat is now. If this is the iteration you plan on keeping anyways. Just my opinion. Just because people were confused doesn't mean it was bad or should've been changed.
  5. then add more hotbars / buttons on the hotbars. problem solved
  6. but this isnt real life. and no one should try and make an mmorpg like real life.
  7. i agree. movement feels super slow in-combat. imo increase in-combat speed to current out of combat speed and increase out of combat speed relative to what the in-combat speed is.
  8. their entire problem is first person. if they got rid of that alot of people would play it.
  9. but also the cost of switching from survival tray to combat tray is a problem to. it isn't a one way street. just as they may have a disadvantage so do you if you're chasing them. i just feel like having this super fast and super slow mechanic built in depending on combat or not is a bit meh. atleast the way it's been implemented. comparing it to something like a minstrel or skald in daoc you would never be able to catch a skald if they were buffed, out of combat and running. however, if you attack them they lose that buff. imo if they are going to keep the survival tray, switching should be instant but once you're in combat there should be a timer since last being attacked that you can switch back to the survival tray
  10. which is fine but it needs to be fluid with the combat. and it isn't currently
  11. no. i mean an automatic in combat and out of combat mechanic. not an "i switch to this tray on demand and run away from people" and it doesn't even have to be automatic. add a toggle for the stances and get rid of the extreme movement slow with combat. it's hideous and feels clunky. I'm adds to the problems that plague action combat already, namely lag. not only do i have to leave combat to chase someone down, let's hope i have a lower ping than the guy I'm chasing when i decide to attack. when i do decide to attack i have to switch back to combat tray, aim correctly, hope he hasn't ran out of range due to the stutter of having to switch to combat mode, then try and hit him to get him dizzied, only to have him roll out switch back to survival tray and run. oh and hope there isn't 2 people out you may hit the wrong person. it just adds to the issues of trying to attack someone. just because something adds skill to something doesn't mean it's useful or fun.
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