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  1. guni


    The rules set by Crowfall are that we are currently allowed to trade expired bundles and items only. Even expired bundles contain a lot of items that by themselves are not expired (yet). We plan to add the expired items that we are allowed to buy/sell to our website soon (this month).
  2. guni


    Greetings fellow crows. Some of you have already visited or used our trusted trader service on AnsheX (anshex.com). Thank you for the confidence in us and also for the patience with a newly launched service. We received a lot of helpful feedback that allowed us to smoothen out some rough edges and improve the site. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you notice something that you think could still be improved. As of now I am seeing a steady flow of buy and sell transactions that all seem to be going through within the promised 24 hours time frame now, many much faster. We also understand the supply and demand situation better now and adjusted our rates accordingly. Some of us have been playing Shadowbane on the Mourning server and before that in the EU beta a long time ago. I don't know if Braialla's Presence, Exile, Circle of Lords or Calenost still sound familiar to ancient souls here. After Shadowbane we became involved in legal trading of virtual goods and rental of virtual property as a service, working with the community and the developers of various virtual worlds and games. This is different from the game experience impacting black market trading or gold farming related activities most of us rightfully dislike. Every game or virtual world has rules, such as the ToS everybody agrees to when joining the experience. There is no honor in winning through cheating. As for the process of buying or selling through our website, I believe it should be rather self explanatory by now. If you run into issues, currently the fastest way to get help is via email to support@anshex.com. Please feel free to discuss our service or provide suggestions/feedback on this thread.
  3. It seems your sale has been accepted several days ago and our system has been waiting for you to transfer the pledge to our account. There should have been an email sent automatically to the address you provided including instructions and such. Lets take this to private message from here and get your sale completed.
  4. We have been buying and selling pledges every day since the announcement with most transactions going through within 24 hours. Right now we are trading retired packages/bundles. We plan to add individual retired items, probably sometime late next month.
  5. guni

    Anshee Chung Thread

    When I was in high school I liked to play Corewars: each contestant would program a small program in assembly language, upload it as a process into something like a virtual machine and then the programs would try to destroy each other. The author of the program that survived in the end would be the winner. This was pretty cool and everybody who participated knew and agreed to compete by writing and running code. In Shadowbane the rules were clearly stated. Shadowbane was not Corewars nor some other kind of bot competition or hacking contest. A chess game is also not a boxing match. I would assume that those guys who chose Shadowbane as a hacking and cheating contest were simply not very good hackers nor very good Shadowbane players. If they would be really good hackers they would have competed in a real hacking contest or something like Corewars. If they would have been really skilled Shadowbane players they would have taken pride in winning by the rules. Unfortunately, you always have those guys. It happens that somebody can't accept loosing a chess game and turns it into a boxing match. The only solution is a boot and a door. I genuinely hope that Crowfall will never become free to play. It can already be quite difficult to deal with cheaters (and griefers and all sorts of trouble) when it costs, say, $50 to come back after getting caught and banned. When accounts can be created for free or for cheap, the whole policing can become like fighting windmills, especially if there is no long leveling process required to make a character competitive. Luckily at the time we played Shadowbane cheating was not as rampant on the roleplay server we played on as on some of the other servers. Zerging was a bit more of an issue for us and people dropping bane circles at impossible night hours every night (until that was eventually fixed). We can probably count ourselves lucky in that respect.
  6. IMHO roleplaying in a PvP game is an excellent element. If done well, it makes the whole killing and slaughtering less a personal thing between players and more an event that is part of interactive story telling People have very different styles of roleplay though. Some don't like to roleplay at all. I saw attempts in games by players trying to force other players to roleplay in a certain way. Such things never let to good endings.
  7. I see. So "parcel" would be the whole puzzle piece and "cell" the smallest grid unit. Our EK is a big grid made of cells and those blocks we move around (as in the video) are what is named a "parcel". And on that parcel we then place additional buildings. Now I wonder what that means when it says a pledge contains "5 tax free parcels". Would those be resource parcels of a certain standard size? Or some type of empty standard parcels? Or would that be some collection of different parcels of different sizes, shapes and function as later determined by ACE? Or would this just mean that we would use those to make something like a Keep tax free? I guess I still don't really understand how taxes will work.
  8. guni

    Anshee Chung Thread

    We are not gold farmers, neither here nor in other games, and will play Crowfall for fun, not for profit, in accordance with this rule in the CF rules of conduct: Exploit the Game (or any part thereof) or any of the other ArtCraft Services, for any commercial purpose, including without limitation (a) use at a cyber cafe, computer gaming center or any other location-based site; ( for gathering in-game virtual, items or resources for sale outside the Game; or © performing in-game services in exchange for payment outside the Game, e.g., power-leveling.You just have to believe me that after my screw up on the other forum when I wasn't aware of the no-advertising-whatsover-on-these-forums rule. Oops, sorry for that one! On the other hand: trading game packages or items from the CF real money store outside the game has nothing to do with actually playing the game. Also, the following are KOS for us in games we play (and have always been): - bug exploiters - cheaters - macroers (unless allowed or tolerated by the game rules) - gold farmers - spammers Players we especially enjoy around us are folks whom I would describe as "pragmatic roleplayers". With that I mean people who appreciate the lore background and setting of the game and make some effort to explain their own actions in the game in relation to that, while at the same time not holding it against other players if they don't want or can not roleplay as well themselves. In that spirit we consider bots or gold farmers confused souls who appear to be obsessed by demons and need to be purged
  9. I see. This means that each Keep includes a land area the size of 7 parcels and won't use up any additional parcels when placed, but there is a function for parcels placed around it as "resource parcels" to achieve various effects such as reduced upkeep? Would that be correct?
  10. guni

    Anshee Chung Thread

    Hi and thanks for the warm welcome Please let me try to be straight and open here and try to clear a few things up. Anshe and I have been playing MMORPGs for a long time before any trading. In several of those games we were running guilds, amassed wealth or power in the game or otherwise succeeded. In Asheron's Call Anshe was known as the most skilled and wealthy trade skill character on her server for many months, in SWG she amassed a fortune trading, in Shadowbane our guild lead one of the largest alliances during the European beta and maintained one of the longest standing towns on Mourning after release. In some of those games people were selling items or gold for real money. We did not, because we respected the ToS of those games. When some of those games were closed, our characters took items into their graves that could have been sold for thousands of dollars. Second Life and IMVU are not games in the normal sense with a game economy and balancing issues. They are virtual worlds with an economy driven by 3rd party content creators creating artwork, scripts and other stuff and selling that to other users. The virtual currency in those virtual worlds is by design convertible into real money, so that those content creators can cash out and make a living. We took part in both of those economies as developers creating and selling content. We also engaged in RMT to help content creators cash out and consumers cash in. In Second Life we also have a large rental operation that is somewhat comparable to reselling server space. Unlike suggested by one of the posters above, this did not involve any special deals with Linden Lab, the operators of Second Life. The ATLAS program was only started more than 5 years after we began rentals in Second Life and has always been open to resellers of a certain size. Being an old Ultima fan (I played every Ultima since Ultima 3) I was quite excited when Richard Garriott and the folks at Portalarium started a Kickstarter campaign for a spiritual successor of that series about two years ago. I immediately pledged and became one of the backers of Shroud of the Avatar. Since I was interested in the game anyway and enjoyed taking part in the alpha tests I figured it would actually be a useful service to the players to provide a fast, easy and most of all safe way to buy/sell/swap pledges and items they obtained for real money. What we are talking here is not something like gold farming or making playing the game a job or pay to win. Trading pledges is like buying and selling XBox games or DVDs on eBay second hand. Now my involvement with Crowfall is solely based on my experience with Shadowbane and my personal disappointment about the cookie cutter nature of recent big budget "theme park" MMORPGs. I could go on here for hours writing about the deep social and emergent game play I experienced back then and never again in another game and the many good ideas that got lost when Ubisoft closed down that game. My pledge here is simply a statement of gratitude and support. Gratitude for years of amazing experiences in Shadowbane and all the things that both Anshe and myself actually learned for life (I am not kidding here) by playing that game that was really like a complex social simulation. And support for the mission to create Crowfall and to try to advance game play, rather than creating another WoW clone. I also plan to trade pledges here, similar to what we do for the SotA players, according to the rule set that Todd and Gordon and the crew at ACE will define for such transactions. This is not, however, why I originally got involved with Crowfall and I obviously would not need a Bloodstone pledge for that. Like you, I am very much looking forward to playing the game, as does Anshe and several of our friends and like most of you we also hope that there won't be pay to win in the Crowfall campaigns. I am looking forward to years of fun and challenge with you guys. I do hope to be ally and enemy of some of you in game and here on the (out of character) forums I hope we can all be fellow Crowfall fans an allies on a joint mission to support this game. Expect to find me and Anshe and some of our friends in the game as a small group of friends and half-retired power gamers having fun and, maybe once in a while, telling a story of the brutal old times. We are looking forward to see which new leaders will emerge and which new empires will appear in the histories of a new age
  11. I saw the Keeps in the Crowfall Store. I wonder how they compare to the Fortifications included in the various bundles (Kickstarter and post Kickstarter). And am I correct to assume that those Keeps require land parcels obtained separately to place them or do they come with land parcels included?
  12. I am trying to understand better how those locks in the store and the rewards on our pledges work. Do the locks in the store include parcels or what do the 300K sqm mentioned map to? And how do the terms "fortification", "stronghold", "lock" and "castle" relate? Is there some difference in buildings/artwork between store vs Kickstarter vs post-Kickstarter bundle?
  13. I pledged all the way up to insanely crazy amount because Crowfall will rock
  14. I am working with Anshe, yes. We are both old Shadowbane players and very excited about Crowfall. We have been trading virtual goods since more than 10 years now (not in Shadowbane of course, as this would have been against the ToS there), which means you are in safe hands here if you need to liquidate some SotA assets. SotA allows the selling of Kickstarter pledges, rewards and items. We would never do trades that violate the rules of a game or virtual world.
  15. I am a big fan of Crowfall and as it happens I have also been trading pledges and items for Shroud of the Avatar since a longer while. I am happy to help out folks who want to get rid off SotA pledges or items to acquire Crowfall stuff instead. We then just send you dollars that you can use to buy from the Crowfall store. If you pledged to SotA during the Kickstarter and then stopped following it, you might want to take note that we are for example able to pay $140 for those First Responder pledges that sold for $25-$33 during the Kickstarter campaign. There are genuinely weird reasons for this, having to do with hardcore SotA fans merging pledges and magically turning high end non-Kickstarter pledges into Kickstarter pledges by merging them with a low end Kickstarter pledge. You can also drop me a forum message here and try to work out other options or ask me questions. (@Moderator: I am not sure which forum is most appropriate for this topic as there seems to be no market place forum yet. Please feel free to relocate the thread.)
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