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  1. suggestion on the deliberate Friendly Fire deterrence, reduce/remove decay/ loot drops/ travel return times/ etc when you die exclusively from FF? I probably have a misconception of campaign player counts (me thinks they will be fairly small, community focused and whatnot?), but communities/sub-communities should be able to police things from there, no?
  2. how many people do you expect will leave after the announcement? how many new people to you think it will bring in?
  3. until a moderator corrects this thread's location we should talk about more substantive race ideas ... sock puppets /nailed it
  4. Can a single character be active in several campaigns simultaneously?
  5. (with so many blatantly doomed suggestions, we might as well keep throwing more) "mana bar" attributes damage is taken as depletion of both spirit and strength some abilities scale potency to current spirit , all abilities consume it as mana some abilities scale potency to current strength, some abilities consume it as mana, if it hits 0 you are dead "mana regen" attributes low strength/spirit values regenerate faster than high ones dexterity and ‚Äčintelligence affect how slowly strength or spirit regeneration tapers (respectively)
  6. said my thoughts on this in the old pricing speculation thread sell permanent cosmetic recipes make the crafted cosmetics bound (salvaged/dstroyed on death?) and subject to normal item mechanics (deacy, etc)
  7. while I was reading the (extensive) friendly fire thread, I had an interesting idea for how (friendly fire) pets might work (occurred to me right after I read the post on poorly positioned AoE buffs helping friend and foe alike; genius idea @manusdei, btw) when you summon something, you choose where it goes and that's it it is otherwise a hostile NPC (presumably one that does not drop loot) so let's say I have a "Drop Bear" ability (guess what it does) small AoE with moderate damage (the bear "dropping" on someone) and a bear mob gets spawned at the center of the attack then influe
  8. an important thing to realize about optional subscriptions is that subscriptions are not mandatory. funny how that happens right? the subscription is about supporting the game, not getting a foot up on other players; I would guess the price came straight from the 20 page thread where a large portion of the community said they would be willing to pay up to $15/month the only aspect of the pricing model that could be viewed as remotely pay to win is the extra training queues, but this is selling convenience not power. if you stick to one character it will be "on par" in training with any of
  9. Nope.png dreams of 20 centaur tall towers of 20 centaurs riding each other like a tower of 20 centaurs -> crushed
  10. clearing a few thing up here: deflation does not prevent the sale of low value products *cough*bulk*gaspsforbreath* inflation is a bad thing on any scale IRL, but inflation rate is inversely proportional to unemployment (balancing acts, buisness cycle, buzzword, yadda yadda) /off topic the OP covers all money flow aside from player exchanges (trading, looting, etc), money spilling over the buffer would be the only money sink and new players joining would be the only source of new money having binged the dev tracker earlier today I will safely bet you any amount of anything ther
  11. title pretty much covers it (italics because we are whispering)
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