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  1. Let's start by saying, I love the templar... I have probably been waiting for this archetype the most. So this archetype has... Stun (single target?) Knockdown (multi-target) Block Counter-attack Bonus damage to low health enemies AoE Holy Damage AoE Heal AoE Buff Removal AoE Self + Allies Heal AoE "buff" That Afflicts attackers with Sin when they attack players A Passive hit-point buff when conditions are met A Passive heal when conditions are met A Passive holy damage attack buff when conditions are met Oh yeah.. uses Pips like the duelist This archetype is a jack-of-all trades support+damage+heal+tank. ...utter insanity... I like it, but it's too much on one archetype. Needs some focus and some of the concepts spread across other archetypes.
  2. Now we just need to see animation to know the toon vs realism style, but by the screenshot I really think the stylized art isn't going toward the cartoony direction. Rather just a colorful pain pallet. Very beautiful looking so far imo. That image in the GRAVEYARD (a POI?) look as dark as it should.
  3. Strategic advantage only able to be gained during one of the PvP worlds but they die when removed from that world. The PvP world gets ravaged by hunger and then the mounts need to be retamed on the next world.
  4. How about instead of a true stealth they are just "camouflaged". Kind of like predator except 20% more visible. Water spells are good at bending light, right?
  5. This combat may work in crowfall open pvp, but the macro/bot-fest in wildstar FAILvP ruined it for me. Hopefully they implement it better. Other than that...this is exactly the stuff I've been telling people we need... Literally a "god controlled" area with gods that all force different ideals on their followers (probably providing a semblance of a safe zone), POIs! Yes!, layered PvP worlds that get more deadly and more rewarding as you go (risk v reward). This is the first game I've been really excited about in a while. --- I can see the deepest level being sparsely populated with the majority in the first level and the next in faction war. Guild v Guild will follow. Sounds great that there should be enough "rulesets" for people who don't much like PvP all the way up to people who just want to gank.
  6. No I mean what if you could have BOTH... ...separately lol okay the real life anime girl is actually a little....scary.
  7. What if you could have both ?
  8. I've always thought NPCs should be able to do everything that players can do with sandbox content. this means... monster tribes should want to mine, gather resources, build a base, siege. Humanoid factions of NPCs would want to do the same. Some factions are allied, neutral, warring with others... which just means you can attack first in 2/3 cases. How cool would it be for someone to accidentally attack an NPC group and then a day later an army laid siege against your entire guild? I know I'm thinking a bit too "big", but you get the idea... make NPCs part of the world and you'll have your PvPvEvP.
  9. Might help spread out zergs. Friendly Fire worse vs zergs than smaller groups.
  10. Interesting... a decay system that's very painfully could work in between the effectiveness of full loot and inventory loot. Never really had that before. Something new.
  11. As long as it isn't a Darkfall grind in a PvP game it should be fine whether people are underpowered by high levels or not. When SB was ending I think the leveling speed was great. Have a friend who's a scout or has the tracking ability and you could avoid getting ganked most of the time. Stay out of the hot zones...
  12. I was 2 blocks away from receiving my light saber (4th tier on 1 column and the main master's column) and then a couple days later they made Jedi an immediately playable class... Sombiches... I left the game a week later. I actualy think the Jedi grind was fine. Only people who really wanted it get it. Also you could die and lose the jedi. An mmo is a living breathing world, so it's interesting to see the game evolve from no jedi's to a game with many Jedi. Except that of course never happened on my server(s)...
  13. The issue here is people keep calling twitch style game play skill-based and anything else... not skill. Twitch-play is action-based combat. RPG Stat preparation is passive-based combat if you're preparing for combat. You can also prepare for other things. The point is both take a certain amount of different skills. We already know there's going to be crit chance and other probabilistic stats and we have no idea what combat is like. An exampled of utilizing crit chance gained though passive preparation and active participation can be described as (I used this before) the "Mario Kart" theory. I say that because most people played it. Remember when you press A before a race and you get either a moderate speed boost for slightly timing correctly and a great boost for perfectly timing it? In reality the timeframe that gives you these boosts is across a range of times. Let's say you have 0.5 seconds of time to press A. If you hit between 0.35 and 0.45 you get the moderate boost. If you hit 0.45-0.49 you get the best boost. Anything quicker than 0.35 and you get nothing. You could make a combat system that allows the player to attack normally, attack strongly (+15% bonus damage), or attack perfectly (+50%) bonus damage depending on your "critical power bonus". Based on how you time your attacks. You can do the same for blocks. This will make "critical hits" more active skill. HOWEVER, critical hit chance can widen the range of both your strong and perfect boost criteria... allowing you to effectively critical as often as you like. This would combine both passive and active combat strategies. Then you'd just need to add in a soft targeting system where as long as you aim at someone you'll be able to attempt to attack them. Soft target means no hit box issues, but you still have to aim a little. How can you do this? Well how about you incorporate the "skill loading" in Darkfall. You selected the skill with the # keys, but had to RMB or LMB click to use it. In this case every single skill would need a normal, strong, and perfect timing affect that might change depending on what you're using. Clicking the buttons fast would shoot out weaker attacks. Waiting however long would allot you more powerful attacks. For people with high crit, you'd have the 50% multiplier for pretty fast clicks. In a sense, it takes you less time to hone in on your target to attack them critically. I'm trying to strike a balance between both combat types that's never been done before... you'll then have the best MMORPG combat. Go all in on one or all in on the other and you will have shallow sides of both. Scenario 1 all in for RPG tab target would mean you're win or loss is more or less decided based on how you prepared. Scenario 2 means that you needed to get better at aiming and nothing you prepared really mattered if you can't aim perfectly (darkfall really). I'd prefer Scenario 3, which allows for a player great at preparing but bad at twitch to be equal with a player bad at preparing but good at twitch. However, if Crowfall wants to go full niche they can do that too. (But my suggestion is to never go full wonderful person)
  14. Last question: Can Centaur's be used as mounts? Okay I'm not serious...but if I were... That would be hilarious. And sandboxy.
  15. So with the connected worlds? Do the worlds WAR against each other?
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