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  1. I played a druid last night. This is still the case, and so annoying.
  2. I'm a an exploiter. My friends entered dregs for the first time Sat morning. We read the rewards and promptly made 3 guilds, formed an alliance, and no-lifed the weekend. (Kids and wife out of town). We didn't want to make 3 guilds, but that's how the rewards were structured. It was tons of fun, learned allot.We had to experiment allot because there is literally no info on this game and no explanations in-game. That took time. Who changes the rules of a game during the game?! When my 9yr old tries this we explain how "the integrity of the game is more important that the W. Otherwise your sister won't want to play with you." Seems pretty basic, really. Pushing in on Wintersblade was not easy for 3 noobs. It was guerilla warfare. But the rewards were going to be incredible. Feels bad.
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