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  1. Without even playing, I agree with this guy. And everyone telling him not to play are WAY off point. These would be simple adjustments. You need an ecosystem of testers, and this guy is frustrated. You set yourself up for failure by ridiculing people who speak out with emotion. Emotion means they are invested.
  2. I haven’t been following as close as I should be. I have a small guild I am trying to get organized for 5.8. My hope is that 5.8 will have enough content to keep a server populated organically. Meaning small encounters exist and have meaning. Basically, an MMO circle of life could persist. My questions: Snaptests are happening now on a TEST server. Then 5.8 will be released on to the “live” environment at which point, skills etc will reset? From that point, what is planning to be layered on that would require a wipe? If that is unknown, what is the closest projection?
  3. I would be surprised if they didn't have steal planned. It was a very unique skill in Shadowbane that could have been retouched to make more prolific.
  4. Honestly, I don't want to be a pessimist. That being said, I have seen more people show up for stress tests on a Shadowbane emulator. It had zero content, you could not do anything but run around and there were hundreds of people. It was free, and maybe that is it, but I think these guys should be very careful on the messages that they send. Take just a little time to make the testing experience a liitle more user friendly and exciting, see what happens. I have no doubt the game will be great, but many gamers are jaded by pay to test development models like this. The player base will be ke
  5. I disagree, why add minutes/hours of mundane resource collection to everyone for the possible addition of emergent gameplay. Why not handle that through a steal/stealth process that would offer counters to gameplay?
  6. I would say it should only apply to resources. Having to run in circles to collect harvests is unintuative and unnecessary imo. PVP/mob loot should be different.
  7. Anyone know much about how this works? I've maxed out a few of these and literally have about 50 more hps. Are they raising the max that I could obtain through gear? If so, custard...
  8. In a world full of Mmo beta launches. You'd be kidding yourself if you think people will look past how boring this currently is and come back. You may have lost a lot of people already. Time to focus on mAking the tests more entertaining imo. Also, if testing is key, why does it take x seconds to craft an item. Why not make it 1 sec or instant. That would increase testability and increase enjoyment.
  9. Next wave needs actual trade windows and safe zones with trees for apples. They need to allow cooking around npc fires. Also, crafting simple items should not take so long. It is mind numbing.
  10. My chat windows was showing campaign, which is where I was seeing people talking. After a minute, it showed that I had disconnected but I was still able to farm and collect resources. I noticed no one was talking. I attempted to speak in global several times and nothing showed up. So I quit to lobby and came back in. I had lost all of my stuff, but the skills I had picked to train were still working. After logging back in, I could see people running around but there was no channel in my chat with people talking. When sitting to log out, my character would start floating downhill on my scre
  11. My guess is you pick a god and they give you different boons. Like the one that gives you eternal life, you turn into a spirit bird when you die and can continue to contribute to fighting. Maybe even some gods have requirements and/or negative impacts. Once you pick the god, you can't undo it. Your character is forever in service.
  12. My biggest fear is ppl making excuses to quit because they suck. I already see some ppl swearing off the game, undoubtedly because they were stomped in a test. We quickly need to input crafting into the tests so that all the scrubs can spend less time getting sent to lobby and more time creating powerful pixels. Short term fear is Zerg balance. The game should be set up to provide tools for the outnumbered. Competent vs competent numbers are having a significant impact on early testing.
  13. Surely there will be Shards where you can only bring so many people in from the same guild. If not, I would be pretty disappointed.
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