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  1. Without even playing, I agree with this guy. And everyone telling him not to play are WAY off point. These would be simple adjustments. You need an ecosystem of testers, and this guy is frustrated. You set yourself up for failure by ridiculing people who speak out with emotion. Emotion means they are invested.
  2. I haven’t been following as close as I should be. I have a small guild I am trying to get organized for 5.8. My hope is that 5.8 will have enough content to keep a server populated organically. Meaning small encounters exist and have meaning. Basically, an MMO circle of life could persist. My questions: Snaptests are happening now on a TEST server. Then 5.8 will be released on to the “live” environment at which point, skills etc will reset? From that point, what is planning to be layered on that would require a wipe? If that is unknown, what is the closest projection? Trying to avoid burnout for my guild. The intention here is that Crowfall could serve as a main game going forward. If this is planned to flip back and forth with snapping and alphaing pre and post etc, probably better if we wait.
  3. My guess is you pick a god and they give you different boons. Like the one that gives you eternal life, you turn into a spirit bird when you die and can continue to contribute to fighting. Maybe even some gods have requirements and/or negative impacts. Once you pick the god, you can't undo it. Your character is forever in service.
  4. My biggest fear is ppl making excuses to quit because they suck. I already see some ppl swearing off the game, undoubtedly because they were stomped in a test. We quickly need to input crafting into the tests so that all the scrubs can spend less time getting sent to lobby and more time creating powerful pixels. Short term fear is Zerg balance. The game should be set up to provide tools for the outnumbered. Competent vs competent numbers are having a significant impact on early testing.
  5. Surely there will be Shards where you can only bring so many people in from the same guild. If not, I would be pretty disappointed.
  6. You should be careful. There are a lot of 10 man guilds that prefer to play outnumbered. You force them to play together and it tends to get ugly fast for people like you. I'm assuming by the way you talk that you are one of the people that ally in hungerdome b/c you have more than 4 or 5 players. I'm different than you, I am bloodthirsty and will kill my guildmates without second thought.
  7. Going to play some Crowfall today. Word.

  8. https://youtu.be/vxdkhugWow4
  9. I will be interested to see how this newly released info might contribute to "meaning." My fear is that, with a persistent character and assets being only temporary, it might fuel a strange dynamic, where players have less influence. In other words, player action would have very little "meaning." If I can act like a hooligan, and hide away on another server or jump around between them, there would need to be some focus on how that behavior could be countered by someone wishing to influence it (win or lose). That focus should be pushed to the permanent character. I've never seen a system that really works, but what about renown or good/evil ratings that impact the player in a way that would not be overly disruptive to their style of play?
  10. What's up man? Haven't seen you in a minute.
  11. I agree. This, imo, is what made Darkfall dreadful. Diablo 3, another great example of this. Maybe this is popular with most mainstreamers, but please, for the love of God don't let people instantly retrain characters or allow them to train anything and everything they want. Also ideally, there should be weaknesses and strengths to every path.
  12. I agree with your point here. That does happen. The reason, however, has nothing to do with losing assets. The reason people quit, is because there wasn't enough population for every playstyle to exist. The organized go-getters would form large nations. Naturally the larger nations would butt heads. Eventually one would win or lose. No one likes to lose. The losing guild would eventually split up and some of the core players may stop playing. However, not all would stop. This is where the true issue comes in. There weren't enough players to feed this circle of life. Sure, the bigger nations can duke it out, but the smaller nations should be able to fly under the radar as they vie for victory themselves. They may never get as big and "bad" as the "powerhouse" guilds, but they are key to feeding this Circle of life. The dead guild's members need somewhere to go and content to consume that is fun. Eventually, the little guys will turn into the big guys. Some may never, but there has to be enough room/content and population for all of this to take place. SB, for example had very little content other than Mines and Banes. The leveling/equipping a character was boring. There was no crafting or gathering really, which can be interesting ways to spend your time, especially under the threat of losing it in a moment. Safezones became AFK havens and eventually that's what Shadowbane became. AFK groups and AFK bots. Boring... Add to that, the game was buggy as hell with dupes and many other things that accelerated the death of server after server.
  13. With this statement, the possibilities are endless. This could be a pet project that they've been working on for years no? The systems could all have been designed and rough drafts composed before the team was ever assembled. Also, looking at a lot of it, it seems they easily could have slapped some of the core (and amazing) features that Shadowbane possessed. Why would they have a countdown? A countdown to revealing the game and concept? Why are we already in Beta groups? So many questions.
  14. Anyone else get the sense that this game is farther along than most games at this stage of hype? Could this be a new method of development, where they shut their mouths and make an amazing game without exposing themselves to the let down when abstract comments are never fulfilled?
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