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    Gaming, Camping, Movies, lifting weights, racquetball, and some TV shows (GOT, Shameless, Leftovers, Walking Dead)
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About Me

I've played online games since the '90s starting with Delta Force (an amazing hardcore military FPS). I graduated to MMOs in 2003 with Shadowbane. I played Shadowbane exclusively for years. When Shadowbane died I moved to playing League of Legends to maintain my PvP fix.


In Shadowbane, I helped form a guild with my RL friends back in 2005 that would eventually be known as Paranoid. From there, we started taking group composition and tactics more seriously, eventually becoming quite competitive on a small scale. Our style has always been sticking to a small tight-knit group of players and using skill over numbers. We never put up much with unpleasant person-bags or unpleasant people.


We are an Anti-Zerg guild that never put assets before fun gameplay. As a guild we have tried many other projects but nothing has really stuck. Look for us as a smaller guild that will jump around a lot and take advantage of small weak points. 

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