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  1. Iam in gods reach with green as my disc. I assume thats the issue
  2. Maybe you are right though ill give it more time it just feels like a slog atm ya know
  3. The issue is inorder to wear mail you must use iron. 1 ring for ring mail , you need 2 per piece costs 20 iron a pop. I ran out of durability trying to find enough iron to make white gear. Is thee intent to have players comsistently naked ? If so then thats fine but considering every piece of mail requires iron and its as rare as owls teeth it seems to be a proble.
  4. For as many recipes that require iron , its just way to rare Been running around the pvp zone since 5 this morning ive gathered 40 total while i have hundreds of everything else. Even silver is more abundant
  5. Title says it all. Which promotion is most viable for 1v1 quick nuking someone down
  6. thanks man i was wracking my brain appreciate it
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