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    Pwning noobs. Being a #HealthyGamer. Being the best father I can be.
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    Maine, 'Merica

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  1. Dregs is almost done and new content coming soon! Looking forward to your applications.
  2. Enjoying some of the new recruits! Hope to see you soon!
  3. Don't go it alone! Take some FoE friends with you. Apply today!
  4. Yes we know some of your friends went to play New World. Looking for a badass group still kickin buns in Crowfall? Check FoE out!
  5. Guys how do you have time to write all these long post? I'm too busy grinding in the game....😆
  6. Getting closer to the end of this first Dregs - we're still looking for a few more to fill out our ranks in CF!
  7. If you are applying please pay attention to directions. We are also not looking for alts or alt accounts. 🙃 Thanks!
  8. Notes? What notes? All I see is farming!
  9. Regular maintenance post while waiting for the game
  10. Is this your first time around MMO launches? Makes me want to tell you about the original BC WoW launch where I'm pretty sure some people were stuck in that first zone for days. Lol Buckle up becky MMO's typically have rough launches. If people enjoy the time they get in the game they'll continue to play past a rocky start
  11. Ok I laughed at the title I admit it....
  12. Servers are down still? That's okay. You can come hang with us while we gently sob into our coffee this morning! Launch day saw a bunch of us level up mains and gathering/crafting characters all while getting some fun PvP in as well!
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