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  1. If you are looking for a home in Crowfall - we might just be it! Check us out ❤️
  2. Make sure to come check out our Friday Night Fight nights on Twitch! Still recruiting ❤️
  3. Even with the rough state of the game we are still recruiting and we even have a public community EK PvP event we do on Fridays that we live stream!
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen At this point I am pretty sure ya'll are just using this thread as a way to increase your post count. 😝 That is why I am posting. 🤣 +1 interwebz Still waiting for the 'How do we turn this Pre-Alpha S Show around' discussion and maybe a little 'This is how CF could be more productive in PvP testing during Pre-Alpha' 😎😎😎 😎😎😎 😎😎😎
  5. On one side we have the: "Numbers? What numbers? Get good noob! What people joined our Faction? That has nothing to do with how bad 3 faction campaigns are to test with the current state of the game! Bah! You guys should all play as hard as we do! We refuse to acknowledge or engage on this topic because we are obviously immune to these concerns, petty noobs cry moar" On the other side we have: "Zerg Zerg! The really hardcore pre-alpha people all teamed up and now I want my warm milk! I cannot understand why 2 large pre alpha guilds would do this to us! I would never do that to them! All
  6. Just found this thread and wanted to mention a few things: Org migration to 1 faction is a fact in the past few months. That faction just happens to be winning campaigns. The fact that some orgs on Balance keep up this facade that they have no idea why the current playtest is as rough for the community at large is disingenuous at best. My personal opinion is that 3 faction campaigns in the current state of the game is detrimental to not only long time members of the community but new fresh faces to the game as well. I'm all about bringing back some Hunger Dome on Live for a n
  7. Inventory management is really bad. Spirit Banks need an auto sort. Guild banks need to be created and given simple logging features along with rank locking/unlocking and more Can only hope this is the start of those systems being put in place
  8. FoE just had a member induction that we live streamed! Still recruiting for all positions at this time! Come join us!
  9. Actually... it is the opposite? We're putting in effort, time, and energy to learn CF. I'm just stating from my own perspective that Pre-Alpha accomplishments have little to no meaning beyond testing for the devs and hopefully pushing constructive feedback to them. If you were to come bragging about your beta exploits for any game it would be the same mentality. Big deal. World Records in Gaming have been officially recognized only post launch which is the metric and standard that I also personally apply 😀. World First Boss down during a Stress Test in World of Warcraft? No one cares. Co
  10. Currently using different materials (powdered animal bones) to make a potion has no effect on duration or strength. My suggestion is to do just that. Give the poor/common the base we have now and from that base increase the effects by using better quality materials. So a rough suggestion looks like this: If I use green bones lets have 35 min duration Blue 40 min duration Epic 50 min duration and +Grave Dig/Mining/Gem and Mineral/Skinning Legendary 60 min duration and ++ All Effects This way Alchemy potions have a reason to use higher level materials. Not sure how to tag Val t
  11. While this clip is rough it had to be shared. Enjoy a little look of one solo confessor who was in a dire need of a bandage! 1v6 Keep Defense
  12. Really liked this guide! Great work Andius!
  13. I'm not concerned with numbers. As the game grows so will the guilds and organizations. I can say I am primarily concerned with game systems that need major adjustments, balance passes that are desperately needed, and more of the game being fleshed out. We're still missing an entire class... Pre-Alpha is just that. Because we paid to play doesn't mean my expectations of HOW the game will work right now are going to change. As I've said a dozen times over, Pre-Alpha glory means nothing. What really matters is everything post game launch. I enjoy the fights with all guilds and look forward
  14. Thanks for the shoutout @Staff FoE is recruiting!
  15. Really enjoyed this current Trial! 

    If you are on Chaos looking for a guild or interested in a group of good folks who help newbies become epic come check out FoE!


    1. LastDraw


      Hey Thanks! I've singed up and applied! That Guild Recruiting post was great. I lost it at "spreadsheet humping".

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