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  1. Whatever makes you feel like a winner mate.
  2. Nope. Because this discourse is not productive. Frankly I do not understand the impotent need to bang on and on and on about how so many of you feel disappointed and misled and lied to, or whatever. Without adding anything positive or constructive to the mix.
  3. And yet it has become commonplace in literally every form of game development.
  4. I have followed the development since the initial pitch. Of course it won't be magic. It will be code. Written by developers. The rest of that bit is supposition. The game is obviously unfinished. It's a live service game. It's never finished. The development is always ongoing. Features that did not make it into the game currently could well be in the game in the future. You miss the point entirely. What purpose does any of everything you just wrote serve? Your distrust, what is it accomplishing? Your disbelief of the statements made during the most recent road maps? How is it contributing to better the situation?
  5. None of that is remotely productive discourse. Did they say another 6-7 years? Or did they say near term in the past two live streams? Does that frustration and attitude make your gameplay experience better, the same, or worse? Do you feel that it is going to make their coding sprints faster? Developers will be pecking keys at a faster rate because impotent forum guy has a throbbing mad on? Would that even be a wise idea?
  6. Even if it's empty of liquids and gases, in a vacuum, it is still full. Of vacuum. Or nothing. I am playing and having fun. I feel like there is a bit too much emotional attachment to what people want the game to be and it is preventing then from enjoying what it is, and watching it grow into what it will become. That and a complete lack of patience and tolerance.
  7. I like all of this. Skulls have no real value beyond bragging rights after level 31. Allowing them to scale based on vessel would restore that value. Vessel parts potentially dropping upon decapitation is super sexy as well. I can kill you, use your skull to level, and equip your arm/leg/humerus/eye/spleen in my new body. Then I get to kill you with your own part. Head on spike is also awesome. Combine skull with crafted spike. Skull type determines the head model. Target with the reticle to see whose head it is. All good ideas.
  8. I would like to see additional conquest point values for developed keeps. A keep with every plot maxed out should have a greater conquest value than one with only a bank and a respawn.
  9. I really feel like there are more elegant and interesting solutions to this problem than pulling the AoE cap.
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