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  1. Realistically... Anthem, Fallout 76, Fortnite: Save the World, Marvel's Avengers, cyberpunk 2077... probably many others. BUT the more important thing is... and? It's not really relevant that there are plenty of examples of games that launch in poor states insofar as it not being acceptable. It's a bit of a red herring / deflection IMO. Getting kicked in the shin is unacceptable. Getting kicked in the shin 50 times in a row doesn't make it better.
  2. QFT. CF doesn't get to enjoy the same environment old games like EQ and WoW got where there was very little competition for viable experiences. This year is shaping up to be one of the biggest years for MMO's in the better part of a decade and the sad truth is a lot of people who leave now are unlikely to come back. Even if they intend to come back eventually so many different things are coming out in close succession they are likely to forget about CF; it's happened to games in much better health in much slower years.
  3. The reason the game is so sparse in terms of wiki etc is due to multiple layers of opposing factors. The single biggest reason, the game changes pretty significantly pretty frequently. A functional wiki would need to have massive updates, often about information that isn't necessarily immediately obvious meaning there needing to be a lot of practical theorycrafting and testing to document every change. The secondary reason is this game is multiple layers of niche which means it is going to have a much smaller community just because of the nature of what it is. People willing to write wikis + theorycraft + test are extremely uncommon to begin with and that problem gets compounded when you have a small community OR an obtuse game with high levels of complexity and CF has BOTH. The third most prominent reason is PvP centric games of this fashion are far more hostile both in terms of sharing information (because everyone is your enemy) and in terms of fostering a thriving community in general as they generally cannibalize their own audience. Basically you'd need people willing to constantly spend large amounts of time testing for changes, documenting those changes, updating the wiki pages who are also of the persuasion that they are willing to openly share the fruits of their labor on a game that has a very small playerbase most of whom will be using that very same information against them when they go to play the game. Those people are certainly treasures when you can find them but they are exceedingly uncommon, seems like most of the ones that used to be there largely moved on before or around launch.
  4. IMO you should be locked out of changing your faction till a campaign is over if you go into one anyway but I think you can get to opposing faction temples without changing faction.
  5. That's a lovely strawman you've built there. The other modes are meant to be what keeps you engaged by giving you more reward (and more risk) and the game is literally designed to push players towards shadows and dregs to be involved in those campaigns. You're also moving the goalposts; Why devote resources to try and capture people who play one or two hours a week tops and don't want to participate in the literal point of the game from a design standpoint? ACE actually needs to make participation in those modes more compelling to prompt people to stop hugging the tutorial zones, not give them more reasons to stay.
  6. I've been thinking about this today and I have a very important question... Out of all the things this game NEEDS to help the game stay relevant does investing in changes that caters to people who play a one or two hours a week and don't want to play the game modes that are the clear focus of the game make any sense? If there was content like dregs / shadows without actually going to dregs / shadows then why would people actually bother with going to the actual dregs / shadows instead of just sitting on the mode that they can endlessly dominate? I just don't see how this suggestion is warranted, it's antithetical to the current design goals.
  7. I think the main issue with this suggestion is it detracts from the point of the game as it stands. Like it or lump it the campaigns ARE the game and GR is meant to let you dip your feet in the water. Adding new zones doesn't really achieve much functionally and GR in general is already fairly population sparse and largely wasted space already; that's largely at the heart of why they retracted the server selections. Also there really is no reason to have more SP over just going to shadows if you just want to hop in and play without worrying about campaign scores AND they've incentivized even mild participation in FvF on an individual level. In summary: There is no benefit for players and it takes away from the modes they are trying to get people to actually populate.
  8. Just as a mild retort... Scout the zones for a map that generally has the best overall resources (esp mining / quarry but also leather) and build up a fort there or in a central map that gives you access to multiple zones and focus on defenses and buffs. Even if tourists eventually take it you should enjoy a pretty large amount of up-time on the gathering buffs and if you can manage it gathering at least 3-4 decent pvp'ers to get on during the siege windows you can at least stop cheese. Up to you ofc, just my 2 cents.
  9. ^ This. The problem isn't going to be fixed by punishment, people respond negatively to negative feedback of this nature. Instead it should be something more akin to low pop guilds / alliances getting a boost + giving more individualized participation incentives similarly to how battle passes work that can only be worked on in dregs and have upper tiers of those actually be very enticing.
  10. The issue has happened to me before and has sorted itself out automatically after a few hours some times and others sorted out almost immediately. The issue is not client side. I did both of your suggestions before even contacting support.
  11. It's a server side issue. I've rebooted, used a different computer and still locked out. I can get into a trial account just fine, even in the zone that crashed and locked me out.
  12. I've done both and have been locked out of my account for going on 7 hours now because one of your zones crashed. I was trying not to make this complaint public but following official channels has produced no results and support takes 3-4 hours to respond and nobody responds on discord. About two hours ago support said the issue was fixed but I still cannot log in. I get that errors like this can be difficult to fix but the response time on this is pretty underwhelming.
  13. ^ That but also there is also an aura that increases fire / holy damage. But holy is difficult to really get big bonuses on because it's unmitigated damage so boosts to it are limited. I'm pretty sure there is no way to boost it with your class without majors involved. I believe Templar can increase theirs by boosting their weapon damage.
  14. This doesn't fix short sighted design choices; but many necros actually take requests and will craft without having to spend time filtering through EK's. There's a few ad hoc trade websites plus a few people with necro or vessels in the EK name leave a note with thier discord info. Frankly for a solo player buying vessels outright is probably the most practical method with things as they are.
  15. In fairness the rewards never really were worth it to begin with, I made far more than the previous top rewards in my first hour of FvF. Even the dregs rewards are kinda underwhelming, they're just icing on the cake. I've always seen them as more bragging rights than anything else.
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