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  1. @Todd: Have you ever played Savage or Savage 2? It's the closest comparison to Crowfall conceptually that I can think of.
  2. I guess we're all gender locked monsters ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. To be kingly is a term that can be attributed to women as well. Funny though.
  4. Also be sure to check out the post interview commentary on Crowns and Crows
  5. Oh nice Valor, was looking for the post show discussions.
  6. EKs are still far too disconnected from campaigns currently to be relevant beyond a typical housing instance in my opinion.
  7. @pang: I suggest you go back and watch some of the early talks with devs about EKs where they say specifically that EKs aren't just a trophy room and housing instance.
  8. The thing that I think throws everyone for a loop is that they seemed to have been pitching (initially) that the eternal kingdoms were a primary gameplay driving factor. When in fact they're a secondary supportive gameplay factor. That needs to be made clear to the playerbase. Housing instance with adventure and minor resource gathering on the side.
  9. Bro the female centaur not wearing any pants is pretty hardcore.
  10. Solid Gold Tiger Bear marketplace will be open for business, renting out shop space, will market the trading EK well enough in the usual places.
  11. Comments are pulled from Crowfall's comment page on Kickstarter - Overview of useful information originally posted at Rerolled.org ----- Things you might have missed over the last week of Kickstarter comments: Comment on number of concurrent campaigns active - @Gerolux This is going to be very dependent on population of the overall game. Our goal is to have as many as possible, but at least a few of each all the time. Comment on Char/Guild name reservation - @creoterra I've got no idea what info Kickstarter sends us at the end of the campaign, but we would use the date first backed if it's available, not the backer number for all the naming rewards. They will be done in batches starting with the first 1/10th of the people and working our way up. Comment on Syncing KS info to Crowfall website info - Exactly, we'll send emails using your KS information to link to your Crowfall account. Better get your crowfall.com account in place! - @Rhea The ability to change your email on the crowfall website should be working sometime early next week. Sorry it's down right now! Comment on Characters traveling between EK and Campaign - @Michael - you can log into your EK or your Campaign World with the same character. Your character cannot move things between the two while on campaign though. Comments on EK taxes - @Joshua Will the currency or resources required for the tax and maintenance fees only be available in campaign worlds? This is not settled yet, but the entire core of the game is based upon the Campaign Worlds and EK's being dependent on each other. I'd bet that you'll need inputs from the campaign worlds to make this work, whether you get them yourself or barter for them. If I am a tenant, who is responsible for taxes and maintenance... The owner of the building or parcel is responsible for the system maintenance fees. They can charge those under them whatever they want, presumably to pay for the maintenance fees. We haven't yet discussed someone else being able to pay for you yet. How often are taxes paid? We haven't decided on the payment periods, but you will be able to escrow future payments. Comment on Character Control - @Brian and @Black Wolf Think of our camera and controls like those in TERA or ESO. You have a mode you can go into to give you free mouse and a mode you are in while moving or fighting. Comment on PVE in EK’s - @Shilo My understanding is that there will specific parcels with PvE spawns, I hope that helps Comment on Traveling between EKs not yet in the game - You will be able to travel between EK's. That part of the design is not complete, so we're not ready to talk about it. I recommend you start a suggestion thread on it on the forums about it though!
  12. Eternal Kingdoms? More like External Kingdom Lobbies.
  13. I'm fine with them selling an Elkin unicorn horn hat in the cash shop. Or a Single horn spiked helmet for the Centaur.
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