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  1. Salut, cool ce que vous faites pour la communauté Fr! Je ne passe que trop peu souvent sur le fofo mais en tout cas ça fait plaisir de voir des petits trucs comme ça. Si vous avez besoin de design, bannières, miniature youtube etc, hésitez pas à me contacter, je suis graphiste illustrateur et dispo. Et même si il faut donner de la voix ou chanter des chansons je suis dispo à plus all!
  2. what a day! after all this announces, im very happy to see so fast an really nice article about what i love the most in game! THE ART! its so amazing, i vote clearly for more! For me, its the masterpiece of Crowfall concept art who bring me to have interest for this game, its so inspiring, so fresh, you have made a crazy work. I really can feel the spirit fo the game, you add the soundtrack on it and im flying so far. I would like see article about the artist who made me like Crowfall! : DAVE GRECO! : http://myelectronicdays.deviantart.com/ amazing Thank you, excellent! waiting f
  3. can't wait anymoreeeeeeeeeee, ok i will listen in loop the first soundtrack again!
  4. DAVE GRECO CONCEPT ART! !!! go go guys go like his page! => https://www.facebook.com/dgrecoart?fref=ts ! Amazing artist! #inspiration i hope i'll survive after all theses weeks for watching all new concept arts... About The Knight, love it, its goes very well, can't wait for next news! The music is so excellent, loop listening day Take care all!
  5. About this concept of arena, me i love it, i even would like see arena's of the different house. For ex: a master of guild and his mates choose their champion(s), it's him or them will fight against the other House champion(s) who has been choose in the same way. Loosing could affect decision and moves of houses etc. Imagine the reputation of a house or guild with a team or a champion who win a lot Oo helpful for new alliance Brief i don't know if such things are realizable but i share it just like that for the fun take care all
  6. Salut à tous! ça fait plusieurs semaines que je suis l'actu Crowfall, je suis déjà fan^^ Hâte de voir les 1ères vidéos du jeu et hâte de voir comment cette petite communauté Française va évoluer! Si des groupes, guildes etc se montent, je suis dispo!
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