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  1. Even if somehow the Crowfall devs get their heads out of their arses and manage to completely transform the game into the greatest sandbox pvp mmo to ever exist, the game's reputation is already so heavily shot in the foot that potential players will never consider touching it.
  2. Who are you trying to convince by making threads like this? Everyone here can just log in and see you're lying 🤨
  3. I hope nerdslayer is taking notes for his next "Death of a Game" video
  4. You get what you deserve for not playing a big guild like intended
  5. You don't pay for VIP privilege? How do you even stand this game?
  6. Just be in a big guild and you'll get your rewards. That's the recurring theme in Crowfall's development. You're either in a big guild or you're playing the game wrong.
  7. I think the best way ACE can make this situation right, is to pay more people to make "Crowfall vs New World" advertising videos.
  8. Another change that makes playing in a big guild the only viable way to play this "sandbox mmo". 🙄
  9. LazyPeon's experience is going to be the experience that the majority of new players will have. That is, they will be bored out of their minds with a fetch quest tutorial for 6ish hours. Then finally be guided into the "pvp zone" which will be dead. Instead of recognizing the problems the game has and why LazyPeon was confused, we have veterans like Dilbo Dabbgins making a 20+ minute video to bash LazyPeon's confusion. What's funny is that this same Dilbo who ridiculed LazyPeon for not understanding the game has a video called "50+ Things Crowfall Doesn't Tell You". THAT is a problem lol.
  10. Working as intended scrub. If you're not on your knees worshiping the biggest guilds so that you can live in their shadow, then perhaps this game isn't for you.
  11. Sorry there's no room for that, this is a sandbox game. And by sandbox I mean the devs only allow you to play the game one way. Big Guild vs Big Guild.
  12. Another paid Crowfall vs New World video today. This is such a shameless attempt to piggyback on people's interest in New World.
  13. This is honestly the worst sandbox game I've ever seen if it really even is a "sandbox" game. You just have a glorified battleground to run around in. There's not even a world to explore and conquer. It's literally just an uninspired and bland island with random forts and mob camps.
  14. I thought the devs were doing a "quite launch", because they wanted to improve the game first before advertising. At least that's what I keep hearing from the people defending the game. Now they're using paid reviews to try and rope in New World players? And have improved nothing about the game. Simply nerfed solo play more and hid their player numbers. lol
  15. Part of the reason this game will never improve and why people have been pushed away. Instead of the community recognizing that a lot of new players are getting confused by the boring tutorial, and that these players are being lead into a dead zone for pvp. They instead choose to ridicule the few players who tried to give Crowfall a chance. These foolish new players should have sought out guidance from the veterans to know how to play this game the RIGHT WAY, and then sucked off the veterans to get into the big guilds.
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