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  1. I check here every day at least
  2. The graphics have been getting better over time because there was zero reason to have any of it when all they have been doing is working on their engine for years. But you're definitely right, their backers won't be getting crysis online graphics when they want 1k+ on the screen at once with 60 fps.
  3. All the classes could have some kind of healing and it could still have nothing to do with "fire hose" healing
  4. CF CU it's amazing how things work out like that, they could have chosen any name and it came that close
  5. You really see this in any game testing where you're still missing major parts of the game. The reality is you're dealing with many people who are not really the hardcore testing type, even though they may say they are, they wanted just to get their sneak peak. "Testers" are use to full games on steam It's totally fine though there was no requirement that they were going to be forced to test. This is part of why they went with the Hungerdome early on so they could get some greater than usual interest. The FFA of right now is also scaring some people away. One thing is for certain, if ACE needs more testers they will certainly convey that message to us. You may see the numbers and thinks it's a poor showing when ACE is totally fine with it because of reasons that we just aren't privy to
  6. If Tully is still in the area, have him stop by as a surprise guest We can beat him up again in the hunger dome
  7. This was my survey feedback Give us virtual tours of Blair's closet
  8. I don't envy them, they're getting people who are telling them the game is too fast and people telling them the game is too slow
  9. I can't say everyone should have got it but some people should be getting a survey in their email
  10. I love filling out surveys What did everyone say about speed/pace related stuff? too slow(forget the exact phrase), slow, just right, too fast? I said slow
  11. Hodor gave birth to a new mmorpg siege meme
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