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  1. Thinking about C abillities in isolation is the wrong approach I feel like. It is less if all C abillities are equal in power, i.e. things with less damage should take less to charge, but more what archetype needs the C power more often.
  2. I would imagine someone making some kind of blackboard with contracts like that on it.
  3. I would mind a Samurai Archetype tbh. Maybe later in an east themed expansion?
  4. Sounds really PvEish and the hint you gave was way to obvious, If they just right out say it without a riddle they just do it in the language of Crowfall otherwise a riddle at least. It could be a POI like any other that people fight for so their translators can get in and get the information out asap.
  5. That is not how expansions will work. At least it wouldnt make much sense. We are still talking about Crowfall right?
  6. After bing encouraged in the Q&A here my feedback (Duelist PoV): Retaliate is still bugged: you deal 2,5k damage but you are stuck in CC. I would prefer number like in the greybox around 5k health instead of those ludicrous big numbers we have right now. Though I would like to say Soul Power improves the game and brings in more gamplay it is really the opposite: I can't use my C ever basicly. There is no strategic element to play around and there is a big unceitainty in the one button that should reassure me. No matter if I can adapt or not the Duelist C needs to be reduce
  7. The point of this thread isnt to explain the game to him. It would a lot more helpful to say: devs (blair in particular and UI guy (sorry forgot the name D: )) this is the new player experience. Improve it or not.
  8. Non of this is implemented yet. So just expect some combat, crafting and lag.
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