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  1. Thinking about C abillities in isolation is the wrong approach I feel like. It is less if all C abillities are equal in power, i.e. things with less damage should take less to charge, but more what archetype needs the C power more often.
  2. I would imagine someone making some kind of blackboard with contracts like that on it.
  3. I would mind a Samurai Archetype tbh. Maybe later in an east themed expansion?
  4. Sounds really PvEish and the hint you gave was way to obvious, If they just right out say it without a riddle they just do it in the language of Crowfall otherwise a riddle at least. It could be a POI like any other that people fight for so their translators can get in and get the information out asap.
  5. That is not how expansions will work. At least it wouldnt make much sense. We are still talking about Crowfall right?
  6. Non of this is implemented yet. So just expect some combat, crafting and lag.
  7. Yes please! Those kind of overhauls will keep the game alive, making news outlets report on it, bringing new eyes on it. Just look at Warframe! New expansions and giant visual and mechanical overhauls increased the playerbase over time steadily.
  8. I still pray that the Dirge isnt a bard. Never liked bard classes :| and imo a missed oppotunity for a promotion class with more CC and 2 pistols.
  9. Now that you notice it I am really surprised that this isnt in the game! Of course like 5-8 secs cast time and interuppted when damaged but still this should be in. A lot of tech required probably though.
  10. That is a good way to make the barrel absolutly broken. I don't feel the need to explain why. But I agree with people in this thread it is hard, if not near impossible, to have a setup of the barrel. I managed to do it once, also only because the knight didnt charge out of the way immedietly. Halving the detonating and fixing the root bug after using it should be enough though.
  11. May she also drown in moonshine wherever she is now.
  12. Because that would take away the reason why we have the skill trees in the first place. If you really wanna give new players an (unnecessarily) easy start maybe do freshstart campaings or something. No need to punish the community for some new players joining.
  13. The search function is really bad. Not even Pann uses it.
  14. Sign me right up! Go ACE make it happen =D
  15. Oh that is what you mean xD I always thought you offered yourself so I can get some pips for the next fight =D
  16. All of those are great ideas! Hope they get into the game eventually.
  17. What crafting bug? And why is max the culprit? Isnt the tier list Coppy < Tin < Iron < Silver < Gold? Iron has more HP then tin.
  18. Duelist isnt an option anymore (yey! <3) so my vote goes to Templer :3
  19. You don't even get a binary choice, you need to skill everything to skill the mastery and unlock the promotions. All the skill descriptions can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/embed/rl0D-DWhuYc
  20. Post your own ideas for combat =) Only having crafting and trading skills won't happen
  21. I don't care what they said I care what is. That way we prevent a disaster aka NMS. And right now you need every node connected to the node in the next tier on 100% completion.
  22. It is intended but we all hope that system is just placeholder for now.
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