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  1. Is everyone starting new now for beta or are alpha testers and such just continuing on? Z
  2. Still in |Alpha| almost 5 years after taking my $ and saying "we'll release in 2016". Anyway, I hope it's getting close to a real "release" and there's no more wipes than needed. Z
  3. znick

    Gaea's Wail

    I seem to be using it, but it does very little damage... does it scale with levels? (I'm 25) Z
  4. LOL... it was down 30 minutes ago. So now we can all have max level characters and kill each other. Fun. Z
  5. That's down indefinitely. Z
  6. I've seen the patch notes from yesterday for 5.8, and that the test server is down indefinitely, but don't see an actual announcement anywhere... will 5.8 be live when the server comes back up today at 3:00? Z
  7. Yeah but when we put out $ in 2015 BECAUSE they stated it would be in beta in 2016 and released in 2017, we expect that to happen or in many cases feel lied to and scammed, losing trust in the game and the developers. This is trust that in some people's eyes can never be regained, and it's evident by responses on YouTube videos and other gaming forums all over the web. If you put $ down on something else in 2015 because you wanted to get the first 2017's released and in 2019 you were still waiting you'd be screaming bloody murder. Saying they "have to lie" to get buy-in is pretty damn sad and a poor reflection on the entire industry.
  8. Unfortunately, it's not very intuitive... having to swap back and forth from one tray to another... or two others, opening inventory keeping you from moving, sometimes you can access things, sometimes not... it's really not a 2018 type of UI. Having said that, you'll get used to it. Z
  9. In the login menu I am shown properties that I paid for years ago when I backed the game, and have the option to import them. If I do-so, I still have access to them later on after the wipe and such, correct? I would just like to play with them and see how they work. Z
  10. But can I use more than one tree at a time or do I need to use different characters? (I watched a video about this but don't totally get it) Z
  11. Thanks much! Does the test server have a way for us to level quickly? (never mind, I just saw something in the email about weapon racks) z
  12. I got an email about the snap-test tonight. I'm already testing on the server that's been up a while, but I got the impression from the email that the test tonight is on a different build. Would I be correct to assume that the link included in the email goes to a different download? If so, can I have both on my machine at the same time, and how can I tell the difference? (I just don't want to corrupt what I already have because I plan to spend some time in-game today) Thanks, Z
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