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  1. Haha
    znick reacted to Staff in Gaea's Wail   
    please nerf, stormcaller is too stronk when it has more then 1 attack 
  2. Thanks
    znick reacted to Staff in 100 Trial kills of Stormcaller Experience   
    Over the course of the last 2 trials i have almost exclusively played stormcaller with my recent stints on balance during siege as a titan being the only exception and having been the only stormcaller i had ever seen before this campaign i consider myself the one with the most experience on the current iteration of stormcaller and the most experienced with it in sieges, fort fights, and open world small scale and large scale. After playing stormcaller for these 2 campaigns these are my thoughts on it and what can be done to fix things that either dont work the way they should or dont make sense. I dont know which dev is responsible for druid but if you know please tag them in the comments.
    The other 2 druids get a death tray with their staff, i believe on stormcaller we should have the option to replace the shield and sickle with a staff for extra damage in exchange for extra resistances if we chose too
    Gaeas wail: Its still dreadful to land and while it hits like a truck its channel is too long to effectively use outside of zergs, this power simply does not work with any form of druid at all and especially not with the leather wearing mobility dependent stormcaller, i would like to see this replaced with a 30m dot that grows stronger with every hit done from your basic sparks perhaps taking 20% of each basic hit and adding it to the dot damage for 5 hits and lasting until a 6 second delay between basics occur.
    Lightning burst: another ability unusable outside of zergvzerg situations, it has the same problems as wail, it roots you in place on the first ability, i simply wish to be able to move during every part of this power
    Basic hits: As it is now stormcaller is very basic hit heavy like titan is but we dont get an extra 50% basic hit damage to keep at it and unlike titan we dont have several useful damaging abilities, as it is now we have just 1 and thats call storm which in my opinion is perfect as it is. If we're going to remain so basic hit heavy i would like to see more power scale off of basic hits like my wail suggestion
    Sacrifice/Ritual Sacrifice: Sacrifice is actually a worthless power and forces us to throw away a passive point so we dont do more damage to ourselves then our enemies in battle, i want to see ritual sacrifice completely replace sacrifice in the talent tree and instead see the slot where ritual is now replaced with a power ill call stormcallers gambit for now which would mark a target, and every basic hit would add 1 mark on that target for 10 seconds, if you give the target 5 marks you get double the essence spent on those basic back but if you dont it takes double the essence away, id like to see more skillful play with stormcaller and i believe this would help raise the ceiling.
    Storm Avatar: Please lower the cooldown to 3 minutes that is all.
    Electric skin: This passive is essential to stormcaller survivability and is currently not working, without it stormcaller is crippled with its survability
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    znick reacted to Leftnut in chat and inventory and ninja looters   
    Never a loot all button, this is a PvP game... well it's supposed to be
  4. Haha
    znick got a reaction from JamesGoblin in I'm Just Confused   
    Unfortunately, it's not very intuitive... having to swap back and forth from one tray to another... or two others, opening inventory keeping you from moving, sometimes you can access things, sometimes not... it's really not a 2018 type of UI.
    Having said that, you'll get used to it. 
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    znick got a reaction from Atome in Is Release any closer   
    Yeah but when we put out $ in 2015 BECAUSE they stated it would be in beta in 2016 and released in 2017, we expect that to happen or in many cases feel lied to and scammed, losing trust in the game and the developers. This is trust that in some people's eyes can never be regained, and it's evident by responses on YouTube videos and other gaming forums all over the web.

    If you put $ down on something else in 2015 because you wanted to get the first 2017's released and in 2019 you were still waiting you'd be screaming bloody murder.
    Saying they "have to lie" to get buy-in is pretty damn sad and a poor reflection on the entire industry.
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    znick got a reaction from Kraahk in Question about the test today...   
    Thanks much! Does the test server have a way for us to level quickly? (never mind, I just saw something in the email about weapon racks)
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    znick got a reaction from Kraahk in Importing Properties   
    Cool... thanks much!
  8. Thanks
    znick reacted to Hyriol in Importing Properties   
    Hey Znick,
    The items on the purchases tab are all reset periodically as the game updates and/or wipes.  Feel free to claim them and use them as you like; they'll still be there when the game launches.
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    znick reacted to Bosshogge in What is the purpose of an EK?   
    I appreciate the feedback! It's not that I am uninterested in EKs its just they don't seem to have much of a point, like the points I brought up are still valid. I took some more time to think about it since yesterday and I found a loop for me and my guild that will work to make having a EK work. Ultimately I still think their is a lack of information though on what can and can't be taken into a campaign.
    I saw other peoples posts about having a similar concern to mine and a fellow insinuated that he took his legendary weapon into a campaign. Just needs to be more information around this topic.
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    znick reacted to Surelia in Question about the test today...   
    2 folders for test and live and you will be fine
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    znick reacted to Atome in Is Release any closer   
    No need to be so rude and defensive,.
    Your rude then completely contradict yourself by rationalizing a change of delivery by them, which is what i am responding to with my question, not my fault they made false promises. I just asked if we were any closer due to said false promise.
    @Thevo thanks for your response.
  12. Thanks
    znick got a reaction from Yumx in Breakdown of 5.8 Promotion Classes!   
    Thanks SO much for this post... as someone who hasn't logged in for a year or so, it's a huge help!
  13. Haha
    znick got a reaction from Kraahk in When will CF be released?   
    Thanks for the warm welcome. If this is the type of community that answers "find out for yourself" then you're probably right, it wasn't worth the investment.
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    znick reacted to miraluna in When will CF be released?   
    The only answer we can give is "when it's ready" - no date for launch has been announced yet.
    As a backer, you can login to the LIVE test environment any time and make your own wild guesstimate like we all do 
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    znick reacted to BarriaKarl in When will CF be released?   
    OMG, things took a dark tone there.
    Yo, Znick my man, how you doing?
    I don't think we have a official estimate right now. If I had to give a date I would say in more than 6 months and less than a year. So, late 2019?
    Six months 'cuz we still have stuff to do. Nothing too crazy but a couple of importants things. Like frostweaver.
    ! year 'cuz like I said we already seem to have gone through all the major stuff. The first proper campaign just went up on the Test Servers. They are working on mounts -- That would classify pretty low in my personal to-do List. It really seems we are moving to the final stage of development.
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    znick reacted to Surelia in When will CF be released?   
    Hey there,
    i would also add that this dev-team is a really special one. i guess they want to go their way as the progress is there. i am sure they have their internal masterplan with maybe a releasedate, but most of us have the same knowledge than you about the date. it feels like to get the game started they are at 75 or maybe 80 %, about what is planned to be there maybe its 60 or even 50% of the workload done (all numbers just from my little perspectrive!). there is a huge update on the way which is announced to be the first time the game has its coreelements in and is actual full playable (first campaign). so as mentioned before, some say it will be mid 2019, others say late 2019. i think for me there is a place to invest most of my onlinetime coming around the corner right now.
    so far my opinion to your question.
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    znick got a reaction from miraluna in RIP Obs LoD   
    Wow... my prayers are with you all. We (Silver Hand) were allied with you long ago vs the R30's in Shadowbane. I'm really sorry for your loss.
  18. Sad
    znick got a reaction from JamesGoblin in RIP Obs LoD   
    Wow... my prayers are with you all. We (Silver Hand) were allied with you long ago vs the R30's in Shadowbane. I'm really sorry for your loss.
  19. Thanks
    znick got a reaction from blazzen in RIP Obs LoD   
    Wow... my prayers are with you all. We (Silver Hand) were allied with you long ago vs the R30's in Shadowbane. I'm really sorry for your loss.
  20. Thanks
    znick got a reaction from JamesGoblin in A Crow has Fallen - Coolwaters   
    I didn't know him, but was part of a gaming community of my own for 16 years so I know how REAL a friendship can become, in-person or on-screen. My heart goes out to both his family, and his gaming family at the same time. I'll say a prayer for both, as well as Coolwaters, wherever he might be.
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    znick got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Money   
    We all get virtual bitcoin machines.
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    znick reacted to izkimar in Ranger - arrows   
    I agree, in fact I find the whole ammo system to be a tedious bore.
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    znick got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Fri, Nov 4 - Bugs, anomalies and tech issues FEEDBACK   
    I login, patcher goes through motions, says "Access Invalid" then closes.
    When I try to use the launcher that worked fine last week I get in an error box;
    There should be 'CrowfallClient_Data' folder next to the executable   HELP!
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    znick got a reaction from JamesGoblin in how long do we have for layaways   
    And then what happens?
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    znick got a reaction from Kraahk in how long do we have for layaways   
    And then what happens?
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