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  1. Didn't stop to ask we just constantly heard the highlight reel over and over.. we'd actually be talking about something out of the game at certain points you'd com stomp the channel with "bro bro..this guys so sh**t.. i totally just did this blah blah" over and over. You and couple more of you would just sit in this ego circle jerk session Hey you do you, but don't sit on that high horse preaching about strategic brilliance here all you continue to demonstrate yet again - my instincts are correct. You are a toxic child I don't know what you're even attempting to argue here. Let me know when your ego resolves a point or two? Intense is a polite way to describe what you are displaying here. ... obsessed maaaaybe is probably the right definition here. Overcommittedunhealthy perspective etc.. Yup, I left Executioners after that siege to join you guys as i agreed that was toxic af to be apart of. So when I came back the dude in question on comms wasn't in the guild So... again.. you shadowboxing here or going to arrive at some point?
  2. Lied? ummm what? So... this is awkward. We didn't refuse se said we were finding our feet at the time. This 2nd week into Crowfall mind you 😜 TBH we both left because we disliked you @Sylvanna you were the biggest blow hard we heard non-stop. The rest was fine, but everytime you popped off on comms it was cringe. So we left.. there i said it.. didn't want to name names..but since you went all ad hominem ... You would literally interrupt conversations to remind us how good you were at the game and killing someone AFTER you bragged about twitch snipping them for being "stupid" for streaming. Yeah at the time they were fighting about it ON STREAM. It's not a state secret lol. I don't know what to say to this other than saying "i heard something" vs "watch me go to this specific location and swarm them" BIG difference there champ At the time of that post we were planning on coming back once we figured out how to play the games crafting system. We went onto dregs to get our own chance at jump starting the discs to help get some momentum once Kermie figured out that the Top 20% was easy to game. We were successful but we also got dunked on a lot by you guys and others, so we formed an alliance with some other 1-2 man guilds - such as @LashLash and got perspective on different intensity levels of the game. When it came to making a decision to join another guild again, we looked again at Synapse and saw you guys were pushing for an alliance with Winterblades. We felt at that time we weren't interested in that big zerg ball intensity level game play so went to where we felt comfortable - casual game play. At this time I was joking around with axi0m and doodert a lot in chat, felt like they had a positive attitude towards the game and didn't take it seriously as you guys were clearly pushing. So.. we made the right choice clearly as you're still as toxic as you were at the start - if anything you just confirmed my instincts are on point. And there's that toxic moment on full display. I don't know why people try to use the age and the fact I have children as some attack vector? if anything it just establishes I have a healthy out of game "experience" where as this is coming from a guy who's finishing move is to attack someone at a personal level to advance some lame Guild vs Guild agenda As if that mattered LOL. Note: suddenly a lot of Synapse players coming on to fight this fight 😜 clearly there are some internal discussions going on lol
  3. I don't think its actually about losing its about getting frustrated that if you ball up and out number the other side the overall fight ends shallow. You know this yourselves. The amount of times we've come up against you guys with 6-7 man squads and being pummeled by a 12-15 man squad i've lost count. It's the games nature to allow this, so blaming you for that is pointless as you're approaching it from a different insensitively level. What I do find strange in all these discussions is how folks are stating that they are in this for "winning" (not sure exactly what that looks like tbh) and devoting all this time to an intense fight only to have it crushed in seconds. Do you blame the horde of players or the games actual mechanics? I'd say both. The game definitely needs a lot of rehabilitation here but at the same time - you know what you're doing and why you're doing it, don't feign surprised when you're call out on it. Let me ask you all a different question - do you like bruteforce game play mechanics where its numbers and PDM stats win the day or do you like those open field battles that work off positioning and strategy? Every fight I've ever been in that gave me joy were the ones were we would fight you guys out in the open - win or lose didn't matter. It was the story of the fight and the lessons I personally learned in that fight that mattered? That to me is "winning" in this game based on its current conditional game mechanics. The rest is just insecure bragging and chest flexing over a broken af guild vs guild mechanics that i could list a 100 ways which if you money ball the math correctly will work in the favor of those who have "the most who turned up" which Jah often leaves out in his spreadsheet narrative Those who turn up. We aren't in War though are we? i mean.. we're probably in a Red team vs Blue team battle. But ask Elron what "War" means when you play at a massive scale with more emotion than Crowfall. War is a campaign that last months and has a very specific agenda to it. This? this is just a keep vs keep flex at most. First few dregs the the scoreboard may have had some meaning.. but this time round, I think the only people that are fighting for CQ points are the ones competing for the top 20% rewards. Imho i think you formed up in the big boy alliance too late in the cycle and the intensity levels you're asserting that the game is supposed be feeding you aren't there except in your own bubble of game play. Changing it is pointless, as there's no benefit either way. Winning against this guild / alliance meta for what gain? to say "we are better than you at a game that needed balance weeks ago" ...ummm sure... i guess? Nothing wrong with it just making a note you take it seriously as per your point. See you're stuck in this narrative about Us vs Them. I watched you guys twitch snipe anyone who went on the Crowfall category. Each to their own, not my cup of tea to be honest as it ruins the excitement. Others they justify it in their own ways. Executioners had a zerg / streamer thing but bare in mind 90% of them were all new players who were trying to figure out wtf a Rune disc was and barely left Skypoint . I started out in Executioners moved to Synapse and came back because the vibe was different (despite Elron giving me crap for it lol). Just saying, the people in this guild make conscious decisions to play the game a different way - to call them pathetic and weak for it? meh i made the right choice? You guys started out insecure and intense, usually thats not a healthy adoption cycle of game for those of us starting out. You found your feet and now you're flexing in a very odd manner that is well as I said - toxic and just bad form? Not saying our guys don't get salty about their losses either, everyone has frustrations with losing. Flexing when you win is normal to, but what @Lemonade said imho stepped over the line and demonstrated that those insecurities are still flashing raw and this whole "winning or die" complex going on is just overcompensating now. It doesn't personally bother me in the slightest to win or lose in this game. Try being a 2-3 man guild and going up against all of you for several dregs at time. You learn to build up a tolerance that the numbers are never in your favor and being out geared and out positioned is going to happen a lot. So by the time you do arrive in a larger guild your expectations for success are way different to that you're opposing. Winning a fight in seconds is boring af. That's the crux of the discussion and it would appear your Alliance uses that to an advantage by intense game play. If you think that's an enjoyable winning "fix" for the game, cool then expect the response you see before you. As we are all hunting the same thing, good fights, healthy competition and a push/pull mechanics that allow this. We are just all starved in one way or another of that sadly - not largely by Winterblade alliance fault, but more the root cause that allows it.
  4. Woah woah woaaah shots fired look at you @Lemonade coming out with your one-trick centaur neck breaker move I mean you seem toxic here bro, its time to just relax a little Having been in your guild and now in executioners i can attest to the level of intensity levels both guilds approach the game with. For instance, Synapse have a roster with specific builds in a spreadsheet - much like some of us used to do with Eve Doctrines. The types of players in the Synapse guild I've played along side in both Ultima Online and Eve with, which in both games our intensity levels were as Lemonade explains - intense and focused on winning. Now during my time in Synapse I witnessed a lot of behaviors that didn't appeal to me this time around, firstly the twitch snipping was weak tactic. That didn't go down well with me personally at all. Secondly the level of discourse in the comms could be best described as a "circle j**k session". Again, not my cup of tea to listen to a select few talk themselves up as some kind of pvp gods over and over. I did however like FxFighters leadership style in fights, good shot caller to be honest. I did like how you guys would break down your losses, analyze what you did right/wrong and improve. Mostly you're intensity levels were quite focused on winning at all costs and that's fine. However, the reality is it just isn't matched on the other side(s), and the ones that you did have a chance to fight with same intensity levels you'd form alliances against to win - specifically seeking out the larger numbers to help bolster that drive. Being in Executioners is a completely opposite intensity levels that you are so hardened and preoccupied with. Moving over to this guild is relaxed, happy comms and rarely does an actual argument break out at all. Everyone jokes most nights, we help new players out with crafting tree knowledge and when we lose we just go back to farming or goofing around. When we win, we go back to farming and goofing around. Point is you're expecting a matched intensity level that doesn't exist. When you seek out an alliance with Winterblades over several dregs to help bolster that intensity level, did you stop to ask or think "wonder if others will do the same". Seems like you're entire alliance is in a massive circle session here, wondering why your arms are getting cramped?
  5. How about instead of misrepresenting the number of members in a guild who REGISTERED for Guild vs Guild, but start tracking those who PARTICIPATE in the Guild vs Guild As we are all on the same page that there a members who are either dormant, haven't played as much this dregs or in some cases have shift work (x week on, x week off) schedules. This narrative you keep clinging to as if to say Winterblades are the "underdogs" here is comical, borderline delusional at best. I am all for propaganda fights - Eve Online does it better btw - but at least use a bit of the ol` brain matter to come with a better story line then "but but but we are outnumbered" As are you trying to convince yourself or others? Hint: Start tracking the kills/assist/deaths per player in per guild per day and then see what the fluctuations come back with, since you're "winning" at Google sheets for crowfall The only thing you're winning Jah is demonstrating you need to push back from the keyboard and take a long deep breath as to what you are hoping to achieve with this alliance politics nonsenses when to be openly honest, i'd say 90% of the player base in general aren't exactly happy with the Games *actual* Guild v Guild mechanics - which i feel this forum and discord channels have been quite clear on. Translation: You're playing chess against yourself, while the other kids are outside having organized 1v1 pvp battles for the most fun. I am setting up a GoFund me page to get Jah some much needed intervention. Don't worry you can donate via his EK. Let's get Jah some much needed help. Donate to the "Help Jah Never go Full Try Hard" fund. JahPal payment is accepted. Anyone else wonder if Jah is also getting special help from ACE in a lot of this? (see thats propaganda that you could fuel for days).
  6. Still is qualitative though isn't it ... ie how many of these numbers are "active" per hour and what timezones stack proportion to the disproportion etc. Lots of lingering questions I think most of the entire game community has some good instincts honed around I mean.. i applaud your intensity at "winning" but when you're the only one running a race, its just a dude jogging around a circle by himself I am yet to honestly meet a single person in game (including so far some of the winterblades guys i've meet) who actually cares who wins the dregs. I think you guys are either really bored or are playing a different game to the rest of us? I judge the fun by how long a fight lasts, meaning if the "other sides" all show up with silly numbers to a skirmish and expect to be hailed amazing "strategist" in pvp by bruteforcing their way into a win, which sadly the game does reward. Then... But hey, you do you bud, Role play away i say.. and all the power to you guys. I hope the victory you seek and its....rewards.. keep the ol imagination and belly full.
  7. Umm not sure what your point here was and also its not as clear cut as you make out. Notch did start the game development of Minecraft by showcasing it as he progressed. While it generated initial excitement it wasn't until others like Jeb and SeargeDP etc made its way onto the scene before it took off with momentum. In fact, it was argued that it would never leave "beta" at one point due to the constant tweaking Notch would put the game under. When Mojang a game publisher picked up interest in the game, they funded it so Notch could actively work on it fulltime. It's around this time that the progressive disclosure approach to the game stopped and moved into an actual release cycle management. Furthermore, at the early stages SeargeDP didn't actually work for Mojang, in fact he was the one of the founders for the MCP which was project created to deobfuscate the code base to enable modding to occur. Notch was brilliant at what he started, but he honeslty didn't finish what he started either - although he's very wealthy as a result of the initial work. So @BlackfeatherCo comments below are actually on point with what coincides with the evolution of this particular case study. I don't understand I guess what the push back here is on his comments. Didn't seem out of place with the truth at all?
  8. Couple of things worth noting: The fact you're keeping a spreadsheet on the conquest leader board..... Secondly, You should really google "Quantitative vs Qualitative" when you start to throw spreadsheets around I'll give you a hint that's missing in your wittle spreadsheet bud, "Cadence of time" (ergo actual active members during which time zones. As clearly you're in this compe... sorry (i am laughing too much to type.. i'll try and compose myself..ok..) competitive race to win "dregs" when I think nearly every "other" guild on the list are more in it for the casual fun experience of the game, given i think we can all collectively say this current consolidated dregs wasn't what we had hoped. The spreadsheet... oh that killed me when i saw that... how i laughed.
  9. Pro/Con of Auction House. Let's assume we go down the WoW Auction House Market / Eve Online Market Place per location quasi model. Players walk up to a Kiosk like situation and out comes a dialog which shows you searchable items to look for. You have the stock standard sell / buy price ecosystem and pretty soon inside there will be 1000's of rows of data displaying Ambrosia (all separated by 1 gold to get the cheapest bump to the top). Pro Sellers ability to obfuscate the price of this commodity is removed. Sellers ability to flood the market with a commodity increases (return for their time crafting/harvesting) Buyers ability to get fair market price automated. Buyers ability to queue buy orders while offline. Sellers ability to scam / mislead quality bands for price removed. Buyer cognitive load removed - no more running around in a giant circle and trying to remember what weaponA compared to weaponB price difference was. Buyer can sort based off Class needs (ie Stormcaller -> Elect Damage Bonus etc.). Con Buy/Sell orders can easily lead to gold value de-stabilization. PVE returns need to be balanced against product creation/destroyed per hour. Inherit latency in loot tables responding to market volume needs to be dynamic and immediate (i.e. does that mean mobs go for 30-70g per kill down to 10 because a whale has a huge buy order in play?) Market is susceptible to Guild/Alliance control. Syndicates of players can easily game the market - many games suffer this. Gold Stacks continue to pile without sinks. Durability is the currency of Crowfall not gold, an AH will demonstrate this more clearly tbh. Removal of vendors in-game and "market place" experience(s) Overstocking can lead to crafting bypass. It's already at a point now where logging/miner discs are way cheaper to buy then actually grinding. Potential removal of player haggling / custom ordering experience. Crafters in game do like the notion of being a virtual "goto" for custom order specialties. Junk stocks. If the niche crafters don't keep orders flowing then eventually its just wartribe for sale only - giving appearance game is "barren". top-tier to trash-tier. If User Experience isn't careful, new player experiences can be jaded based on buying trash-tier thinking its near towards top-tier. Again, stat modifiers to each armor aren't clear at the best of times in terms of -/+ attribute differentiators. Everything hinges on honed user experience heuristics here. Can be used as additional virtual bank slots (hard limits will need to be imposed to remove bank slots) Susceptible to Botting behavior(s). The moment you can macro a User Interface botting via products that do Screenscrapping etc take over with low effort technically. In Eve we called these "1sk bots". Resulting in gold farming behaviors. Buy Low sell / High behaviors. We all want to be wall street moguls in virtual economies. However this can and will inflate costs unnecessarily based on top-tier players wealth. Guild acceleration. Ideally you'd hope small/medium guilds could use this to accelerate their pvp prowess via kit fit outs, however larger guilds can starve the market depending on size limits etc. In many games this has been a prevailing issue. Accelerating over-feeding cycles could be linked back to the AH buy power. I feel that the AH's not as simple as solving searchability issues of the game. There is a concern in all that the wider impacts often subtle have long-term effects on guilds ability to gain strength and retain control over the game - given we are in a heavily influenced player driven content experience. The other thing to consider is how does this translate per "realm" and pricing fluctuations will need to absorbed in both in a reasonable manner in order to not de-stabilize both. Lastly but more importantly, we currently have a virtual economy imbalance with Gold stacks. This is largely due to the early stages of the games adoption cycles, but as of the time of writing this i'd argue that the player base is now starting to settle into end-game crafting tree(s) - resulting in soon more wealth generation with no viable sinks. Already I am seeing players with 99999 gold stacks sitting in bank vaults with no real purpose to unload (i.e. they have their discs etc). Subjective Statements I'm going to cherry pick some statements in the thread to highlight them more, as they're worth unpacking and qualifying more. I'd rather we not "attack" the person for their ideas and brush them aside, but challenge the ideas themselves (so removing the author to help facilitate that more?) It doesn't need to be a single Global Auction House like World of Warcraft. As per above, what's the consequences & impact of splitting the AH per realm vs not. I remember my first week in CF, had a good amount of items with no real way to sell them and was forced to vendor them as i had no clue of market prices or the value of them. Would this be a result of progression in the game? Could this also be a good thing or a bad thing for new player experience as part of the discovery process of what a vendor cost would end up being. It's worth noting that unless another player "tells" you about how the vendor or ek system works, a new player has no concept of what player-driven selling looks like in this game. You need a "murder" (see what i did there) of players to inform you. EVE Online and Albion Online have auction houses, their economies are robust, the AH's are local to specific regions. Eve Online has "Market Place" modules per station in every system which enable players to post their wares at their own prices. One specific system was picked by the player base to act as the main "hub" of auction activity - aka as "Jita'. Jita is considered the baseline price sheet for any and all sales, meaning if you sell "ore" to another corporation in Eve Online its considered "what is the jita plus or minus price" (ie how much above Jita median average). Jita market place is filled with market bots and is price to price control by allegedly a coalition named "Goonswarm' (don't take the bait its the perception of Eve Players). The underpins issue with Jita is that is driven by the player base (good and more bad) but it also starves all other market place of sales and activity due to logistics of getting your buy/sell orders to and from. One key takeaway from this proposition is the "satellite" market place concept. Breaking the entire market place into individual "zones" acts as a way to create diversity in pricing but still adhere to players having that in-game "market place". For instance having a Auction House in every zone within Crowfall individual of a central one, can create an interesting potential pvp conflict. Taking a page out of Last Oasis you could even have a auction house building in each map that has a 15min pvp-free flag enabled (which count downs). After 15mins you are automatically re-flagged as pvp (ergo don't linger too long at the AH). The downside just like in Last Oasis this mechanic gets abused as a "safe haven" when things go bad, players run to it for protection (so the are negatives). Eve Online has a broken economy. The financial reports of Eve that are published by CCP monthly demonstrate how much a single group of players (Imperium Coalition) are able to control exactly how much commodity makes its way into the market with syndicated control. It's the biggest threat to Eve's ability to scale outwards and many CCP staff have commented that its both a blessing and curse to their feature discussions. So in the recent dev/creator to player twitch stream they dismissed the idea of an AH or any form of centralized market place. To be fair, these were soft ball questions and I took that as a "move on" discussion point. I don't think they have closed the book on this based of that comment. The reason being that it would "Lower prices". Historically in all games, this is true. Supply/Demand will keep prices fluctuating but without external analysis tools typically pricing gets pushed down by syndicates of players for their own market control desires. Meaning it is susceptible to player market manipulation when populations are low enough to control. This means that the EK system exists to simply prey upon new players to buy overpriced things and it works I guess. New players run around for 30 minutes trying to find an item. Get frustrated and quit the game. The current EK vendor system is insane and doesn't respect anyone's time. I don't think players are quitting the game because of EK Vendor system. It could be one of a 1000 cuts, but I do think its highly unlikely players are abandoning the game because of one specific feature that has bad user experience. I'd mount a case the the core tenant for the EK vendor idea was to push people towards the Guild system, meaning the purpose of the game in its current state from what I can ascertain is to drive behavior towards players joining guilds and rely on one another to do the crafting - whilst down playing the resale of such items as a way to circumvent this. I think there is legitimate purpose here - execution of the idea, nobody in the entirety of Crowfall community I think will defend EK's as being a great experience. Try making one, its a horrible horrible experience to craft a parcel.
  10. That uncle bob looks familiar... i think uncle bob is hijacking the game...
  11. Probably pure coincidence and the two data points had nothing to do with either. Brazil was overdue to get the patch as it was behind the rest where the fix was already in place. But hey, a good conspiracy theory is always fun to tell around the forum campfire.
  12. Right gotchya wasn't aware of their reputation. I mean like I said, its a fun conspiracy theory to throw on the pyre but i highly doubted there is that behavior going on. As the other comments have illustrated - once caught its an immediate death pill to the product. I highly doubt anyone would risk that behavior openly like this.
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