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  1. Not surprised in any way, shape or form. I would have been stunned and honestly skeptical if Artcraft had announced everything was going perfectly and had no significant delays at all during development. This is because of the many, many games, Crowdfunded and traditional, that I've watched develop/thrown money at from alpha to launch (or, in the cases of several, to the date of their utter vaporization). Delays are pretty much a given in every instance, that's just the unfortunate truth of game development. Its hard to predict how much time a complicated thing like a video game will take to c
  2. The self immolating thing, wow. Yes. I dislike druids-- there is a sick part of me that wants to see them all on fire Except for the ones on my team of course. I do dig the headgear however. Fetching. One nitpick though: the model's face looks weird. It doesn't look like any of the concept art of the druid. Not sure if that is intentional or not, since we'll be able to choose different faces later on for our characters anyway, making the face modeling less important right now-- but I thought I'd say something regardless.
  3. My first impression/gut reaction is that this arch looks fun, even for a first iteration: I would play it. Animations are smooth and believable.
  4. I think the armors and helms look awesome, but I agree with some of the others in this thread that the helms look impractical. Cool, but impractical. They would fit better on big melee or protection focused classes like Champions or Knights, classes that aren't concerned with stealth but are inclined to heavy armor and would benefit from looking intimidating.
  5. lol, you guys actually did it, you made a male assassin... and you even managed to keep the Fae lore intact. Half-elf-looking dark rogue with torn ears, sick emo hairdo, bad boy wings... sharp implements. Yep. Gonna be a popular archetype. Also nice interview with Mike, he sounds like an all-around knows-what-hes-doing kind of dude. Plus the hair, very interesting. If I had naturally blonde hair like Mike I'd probably dye it "fun" colors too. Its cool to see an accomplished programmer who is super chill and easy going, one that's not the stereotypical up-tight programmer type.
  6. My first reaction was "this is better than I thought it would be". I liked the speed of combat, didn't think it was too fast or too slow for my tastes personally, but I'm still going to have to rewatch the vid a couple more times before I see everything there is to see. Liking it so far devs!
  7. Wow this is going to be interesting. I've never seen a class like this in any other game, I think the closest to it I've played is a paladin... but those tended to be stationary buff/heal tanks, and the games I've played them in were traditional tab-target affairs devoid of all the goodies that Crowfall will have (physics, friendly fire, aiming). It's going to be one wild and crazy ride attempting to iron out the major kinks in Crowfall's combat, and I can't wait. Gonna be pure insanity, like nothing else before it.
  8. This is clearly a step in the right direction from a player's point of view, even though it will require more work/time/money to implement compared to the previous simplistic gear system. But gear, and by extension character customization (visual and statistical), is a huge, super critical part of most mmorpgs, and will still be important to some extent in CF despite the de-emphasis on vertical progression. Not only is there more visual diversification with this new system (always good imo), but there is also exponentially more gameplay-effecting character customization choices, and I think al
  9. Centaurs don't suck, how dare you ACE! Thems fightin words. Maybe they suck for you guys, because you have to figure out how to implement them properly in a massively multiplayer sandvox vidja game, with physics. Hahaha, you did this to yourselves though! Well, I guess Todd did this to you... either way, ON WITH THE SHOW! Centaurs forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually I'm a little confused now. Are Legionnaire's supposed to be melee DPS like their archetype page states, with support skills as a secondary aspect of their class, or are they supposed to be tanks with support aspects like this artic
  10. That is one fabulous grey box. It's a good idea to continue setting expectations and reducing hype like this before alpha and beta. Meeting or exceeding expectations is much better than disappointing during this early stage of the development, when everything will be at it's worst anyway. The hype train should only come a-chuggin back into town toward the end of development, when the game nears release. Now I'm just a poor "contributor" pleb, so I'll be watching streams of Crowfall for a while before I can ever lay my filthy unwashed hands on the game. The intended swift iteration pace
  11. The centaur armor looks fantastic, especially the two more complete sets. I also like how centaurs are not being reduced to necessarily brutish simpletons. I associate centaurs with a wide swath of human cultural diversity because of how ubiquitous equines have been throughout recorded human history, from tribal societies to the most wealthy and intellectual empires, so there is a lot you can do with a centaur beyond the "big bestial brute" role. When I think of centaurs I also think of Greek mythology, and by extension the neighboring (and conquering) Roman culture, so it's a good fit for the
  12. I know which two gods I'm not going to placate in any way, shape or form Alison is amazing, been following her career for over ten years now and it's so cool that she's lending her monstrous abilities to this project. I know that the creatures of CF will be gorgeous, intimidating, and anatomically believable in her hands. I've enjoyed every piece I've seen from her so far, and these ones are no exception. The wyvern, it's simply to die for! And I will die for it, many, many times I'm sure. I can safely say that I simultaneously want to be, conquer, and possess the wyvern, so mission ac
  13. I like her, she's cool and her outfit is cool. I also like the image in general. The artist that does these is very good with light and texture. He's also doing a good job keeping the palette cohesive and the pieces stylistically simple without making them look boring. Each piece looks distinct from the others for the most part, each one evokes a different mood. Good job artist dude (who I am assuming is Dave Greco). Anyway, keep up the good work ACE. I expect things to be relatively quiet around here until alpha, but that's how these things go. I'm looking forward to the shop additions, p
  14. Well since it's been rezzed, might as well use this opportunity to beg. Can we get a bird-man archetype someday devs? I mean it's called Crowfall, and we already have several different types of mammalian animal men, don't you think we should also have a corvid-themed avian archetype? Also please make the female counterpart as well, I would play it/buy it immediately. And no the Fae Assassin doesn't count, that's an elf with wings. I'm talking fully feathered baby, scutes and beaks all the way. I'm pretty sure I saw a tweet by a dev (JTodd?) that said (in response to a question about bird p
  15. Sleeping is not hardcore devs, you PvE-loving casuals. You can sleep when you're permadead, in a casket with absolutely no fluff in it whatsoever. Does that sound good to you? No? Then man the custard up already and quit whining about needing sleep, just make me more stuff to stab. I can't believe all these disgusting carebear roleplayers on the team, ruining the game with things like mandatory "sleep schedules", sheesh. If you won't at least commit to working on the game 24/7/365 for the next 10 years I'm canceling my pledge pronto. Back to reality. The new stretch goals aren't exactl
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