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  1. wow so 60k backers but only 1-2k are deciding to actively play at one time? dang so either they got a bunch of refunds or a bunch of people who backed the game and aren't even bothering to play the game. I hope the games pop doesnt drop any more when new world launches πŸ™ƒ
  2. FYI the latest episode of Loki just dropped (i.e. Loki S01E05) πŸ‘½, and Flash S07E16 πŸš€ is also up if you need to ease the pain /stress while the servers are down. Order a pizza and get some soda and chill and watch tv or netflix. Thats what they did in the olden days. 😽
  3. Welcome to the forums btw, it took launch day issues to get you out and about from lurking 🀣🀣🀣 But anyways I hope you stick around, it would delight me to cross swords with you in pvp. ACE is not going to crack the 100% clean and zero issue launch day conundrum that other small, medium, and large sized developers cannot either. It's naïve to think otherwise. So we are at Cyberpunk levels then? Is it that extreme? Are you familiar with Cyberpunk? I'm just trying to gauge how big of a failure you deem it to be? So should they go the Star Citizen route and keep beta forever and sell us player housing? Again, please name 5 MMO's that had primo 100% smooth zero login an downtime issues at launch? The reason i say 5 is, because you act like its an industry standard to NOT have launch day/week problems. 😎
  4. If they could solve the launch day smoothness conundrum, balancing, and other quintessential MMO aspects that every other company has been for the past 20 years that would be awesome! But fact of the matter is, the rest of the industry kinda gave up recently, which is why we have seen a drop in the number of AAA MMO's coming out. Not saying this one is an AAA MMO or not since its kickstarter. But the point I'm trying to make is indie companies all the way up to large companies are trying to solve issues with mmo creation, design, rollout, and have all been trying to find the answers to things gamers complain about to satisfy them so they buy the game and buy cash shop stuff, expansion packs. So for surely not, all problems are not going to be resolved. Especially ones that have been plaguing developers for the last 20 years to NOW are not going to be figured out and eliminated from existence by ACE and a kickstarter game. yeesh 🀣🀣 🀣
  5. Nope, that was 20+ years ago, so all he can see is rose-tinted goodness across his screen when he remembers Ultima. Plus all the rage from the current maintenance is blocking memories from that far back. Honestly I hope the guy doesn't get a refund and ends up playing*. I need more people in the game to fight.
  6. I honestly feel like most of the players claiming to be MMO vets usually act like MMO rookies. This happens with many many MMOs. I honestly can't remember an MMO launch that went smoothly. This happens almost everytime. yes I know that we all have that special MMO that this didnt happen to, but besides that all the ones I've played in beta and launch etc always have issues. And people can't get into them because of a variety of reasons. It happens. We are nowhere near Cyberpunk levels yet dudes, so chill. Many of us are older, so think of your kids how they get mad when they can't get the thing they want right now, and you gotta tell them something to calm them down. Ok now say that to yourself in your head. πŸ˜„ Though I can see teens and younger people getting mad and upset about this, because they can't yet handle their feelings etc at that point in their lives.
  7. so at the first screen, the only thing i can think of is to check the top right section, i think its "account" maybe its in there? the crowns I dunno tho
  8. You guys need to be flexible. When they said CDT, they meant Crocodile Dundee Time. Which as you know is no rules, just right.
  9. This is a thread about the Aussie servers. so it should be "Lets check back in a week mate*" πŸ˜‚
  10. Kraahk just dropped the mic. <closes thread>
  11. yup, I was curious why they didn't do a headstart of 1 day or 2, if you gave them 5 bucks or pre ordered or kickstarted.
  12. what kinda gear you running?
  13. ultimately email customer support, but before that* there is a happy middle ground in there somewhere you can try to adjust your patience to. Not being sarcastic. I would look at it* as, try to find a patience level somewhere between 1 day to 1 month or so. Me personally I give a game 3 months. But beyond that its Cyberpunk territory. I know you have been playing MMO games since before me, i started daoc in 2001. so you are probably not Gen Z. But I guess many people are adjusted to the right now on demand gotta have it, which clearly wasn't the case for your entire life. So just digging into it further, on demand streaming services, amazon etc, gives you whatever you want to see when you want it, whatever you want to eat within an hour. If your patience level can't be adjusted for this game, you might want to, yes get a refund, and probably stop playing MMOs, as nowadays many of them, and many games in general are like that. Some times you buy a game and it takes anywhere from 1 day to 1 month to get things up to the point where you are happy. If your time limit is less than one day, then definitely get a refund, press your netflix button so you can have what you want to see right in front of you instantly, and order a pizza, that will be there in 45 minutes. And if its not, request a refund on that I guess, cuz they didnt hit the 45 minute window. sidenote: its actually refreshing to see some of the old timers like us getting hip with the kids in regards to our speedy requirements for gotta have it asap. 😁
  14. what level are you? 🀣
  15. yup, we get to keep those sweet sweet mugs. I got a green one and a blue one I think.
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