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  1. Could use some QOL improvements to make EKs more active for trading. 1. There needs to be a "last visited" notification on the EKs. Can't tell you how many times I was EK hopping and looking for stuff on vendors, only to realize I had just been in the same EK 30 minutes ago. It gets confusing which ones I have and haven't visited lately. So, just something simple as "Last visited 10/23/2021 at 8:02 PM"... Or even just remove the time frame but put a date on it. 2. Allow the EKs to stay open longer. With going back to low pop, alot of the US EKs aren't open for the EU players, etc. Heck, I have VIP, a keep, etc and mine only stays open 30 minutes. That isn't long enough to even bother with vendors, unless I want to stand there and run around every 15 minutes just to keep it active.
  2. Do you feel that this will make players want to stay in the "safer" areas and not venture into Dregs or Shadows? Especially with only resetting it once a month, versus say, once a week... Makes me think some will try to stay in Prime for the month to "finish" the quests and get the best reward - Instead of realizing the better rewards of going to the shadows. How about also... "Visit 5 EKs" or "Buy 1 item from an EK" This would help promote the idea of going to different EKs.
  3. I mean, I generally prefer to craft things like tools in the keeps. Better then the temple. But, yeah, that is about what I would use it for. But, I don't think people really care if they get potentially ganked in a Keep. It's annoying, but doesn't really change your gameplay. It's the flying around that is the issue.
  4. Looks like the problem is related to people that purchased the "Patron" game package to begin with... Looks like a support ticket is needed.
  5. Update, I guess it's allowing some guildmembers to "upgrade", however, it doesn't have that option for me... I have the base pack... Not sure what is going on.
  6. There really isn't a "Crowfall store" section of the forums so just placing this here. I noticed the "Scary Awesome Bundle" includes a 20% increase to inventory... But, I can only purchase that in a pack that includes the game basepack that I have already bought? What sense does that make? Can we get a bundle that just includes the VIP and the 20%, or just sell the 20% separately? The store claims it's a $24.99 (USD) value, but how can it have a value if it's its not offered stand-alone? If I am dumb and I just can't find it, then I apologize in advance.
  7. Everyone hopes someone else will buy a project… Rarely does it happen, and even when it does…. It rarely survives much longer
  8. But can Fae not fly around with their guildmates landing on unsuspecting prey when they can see and attack opponents, and the opposition can’t see or attack them? That is the question? Can Fae realize that the flying bug is a bug and not use it all day everyday? These are the questions that we want to know the answer to.
  9. Boys, boys… Easy… we would like an answer though… is it acceptable or not to continue to use a bug/unintended feature or not? We all understand it wasn’t the intention to allow Fae to fly around everywhere. The question is… Is it ban worthy? Also, before that is answered…. We all understand that banning someone means they abused a mechanic or bug and it was game breaking…. I am more then happy to share why this is game breaking…. I would rather not on the forums, as I would potentially be breaking the rules…. I am more then happy to share them via PM, or allowed publicly on the forums for the community to judge…
  10. Thanks Tiggs for this. It definitely helps settle the Keep issue. Honestly though, I don't think many people cared about that. Sure it was an annoyance, but it was considered ok gameplay. What alot of people really want to know is... Is being able to glitch fly (not glide) acceptable gameplay? Hovering 500m in the air and being able to land on people, or being able to get out of a fight quickly by flying away? In alot of our minds, this is game breaking. It would be nice to get your perspective on whether it's allowed or not, and if you see it as game breaking or not. That will allow us to understand better where you are coming from. Thanks.
  11. First… you were crying in general about others cheating… just thought it was humorous... Second, you brought this off topic not me… I just simply reported a bug… You are just trying to justify your bug/abuse/exploiting…. Not my issue
  12. I mean… It’s a bug report right? Love how you post that you were aware of it, even took your own screenshots… But didn’t report it? I had to…. Smells fishy…. Also the fact that you did it multiple times…. Wasn’t just a once occurrence…. You all left that fort and came back 3 times, and all 3 times you “glitched” like that…. Nobody else… At best you knew of a glitch and didn’t report it… At worst, you caused the glitched and covering yourself…
  13. So, are flying mounts a thing now? Was trying to take a fort, all stealthed up... An Anki blob comes to defend it... Then "LastWish" literally takes off into the air, and starts flying around. At first, I figure it's a graphical glitch right? Well, he seperates from the group a bit and I am right under him. I take a swing and don't hit him at all. I get re-stealthed and peaced out. Below is a imgur of related pics. Sorry, I don't take video. But, this happened like 3-ish times when that blob came back to check the fort. The funny thing is... This same guy starts hollering in general chat about someone else cheating!!! LOL... So, is this a bug? A cheat? Something else? https://imgur.com/LyW0DOm
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