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  1. Ehn 2 AM is close enough. Fireworks were still going off then, where I'm from.
  2. As of right now there is no archetype restriction. Last I remember we were leaning towards Chaos and Balance, but I think 7B or one of the other constables will have to correct me on that. I think because of the lack of in-depth lore we have not picked any specific god yet. (Although, I remember Illara being tossed around a bit because of this picture ) LW will be mostly playing on the Dregs but we will definitely allow playing on the other rule sets.
  3. Why stop at the Saga? We want all the lore!
  4. There is a problem with an underground base, and that's land regeneration. Getting buried would not be fun.
  5. Another difference is FX artist vs Graphics programmer
  6. I would not be surprised, given that he has that picture of JTC.
  7. Uhm, your math is a little off regarding the number of accounts and passive training. Underlines are what I added. "1 normal account = 1 character with passive training and 2 more without 1 VIP account = 3 characters with passive training" "If the intention is to have maximum one character per account on a single campaign, isn't that a disadvantage for VIP accounts?" No. A VIP account is better than a Standard account. Now the player/person who does this will have an "advantage" over the person who just gets VIP. (And kindly supports ACE) You are trying to compare 3 accounts to 1.
  8. Nah I think that works. It's got to be a crappy photo too.
  9. I find it strange how many people think dual-wielding swords is better than a sword and shield. Explain how this is telegraphs please. I'm not making the connection.
  10. Congrats!! Can't wait to play.
  11. So this is a carebear? And this is a Gonzo Fluffy?
  12. That's not how proofs work... But close enough.
  13. Expanding on this I also think that the VIP is meant to be a support to ACE (Kinda like a donation, but with benefits to you)
  14. I'd say 50v50 is about the optimal amount. Anymore and the battle starts to partition itself into smaller battles.
  15. Congrats on the Alpha! Well said Peloquin. See you in game!
  16. Currently we have been thinking Balance, but it is of course subject to change in the future. When it comes to which god we will fight for it will be the one that best fits the lore. Although, when it comes time to play you are not required to fight for the same god/faction only suggested and encouraged to. Honestly, it's still a waiting game for us on this one, we just need to know more about the gods, and lore of Crowfall. As to roleplaying, I know currently some of our members write fan fiction. Here is the section from the main page regarding role players: As you can see, we like
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