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  1. Sure, but some people just want to watch the world burn by "pwning" noobs with their zerg and controlling their server/faction. Anyway, all of this is pretty much just speculation about what would happen in the case that Crowfall had some 2.0 redemption launch and people gave it a new try, and then the population started to flourish, I can almost guarantee that there would be people/guilds out there willing to do this kind of stuff. It has happened in most PvP focused MMOs. In the current iteration of the game, you only need 200 people to just lock down an entire zone, so that's already a much larger problem that needs to be solved above any of this.
  2. I didn't mean that guilds would buy alt accounts, I meant more like how a guild of 500 + another guild of 500 could make an alliance and literally lock a server/faction if they managed to get their entire guild into the correct factions. Kinda like how the current zone locking works, but with factions instead.
  3. They'd have to drastically cut down the guild sizes of this game then. Otherwise you could game the system with 500 man guilds. It would be even worse if there were alliances with several 500 man guilds. They'd be able to take up the majority of the underdog factions and just not do anything for it, thus making the problem even worse. I think one of the biggest issues with this game overall is that they didn't just make it an RvRvR game ala DAoC from the beginning. They could then add the ability for large guilds to splinter off into their own and become hostile to all 3 factions, if they chose to do so. But then again, we'd need bigger and better maps, higher zone caps, etc. for that.
  4. How would that work for friend groups and guilds? Would you just have to not play with your usual group/guild because everyone would be split out over different factions?
  5. Then disincentivize winning-team joining by giving out less rewards for doing so. Like if you join a team that's already overpopulated and controls certain amounts of territory, you'd get like a -90% penalty on rewards. It also doesn't help that the rewards in Crowfall come in the form of them being handed out at the end of a campaign. There needs to be rewards handed out continually over the period of the campaign, so the tides are constantly shifting and moving, and so that people feel like there's a reason to play the game. They could give out everything from crafting materials, to individual and/or faction buffs, to faction-specific skills that unlock during campaigns after certain criterias are met, and then only make them available to the underdogs. That way the lesser populated faction players who are actually out playing and fighting would be rewarded, meanwhile the people just sitting in a zone with 200 people would be punished for doing so. Hell, you could even make daily and weekly quests/events that would boost certain stats for the underdogs. Another thing you could also do would be to give people the ability to become a mercenary for the underdog factions to gain additional rewards. Certain games have had success with stuff like that too. If the devs are feeling really lazy, they could also just go with a massive debuff that gets applied to people who try to zerg and/or the winning faction. Like if you have X amount of people together, they will all get 50% reduced healing and take 50% increased damage. There's a ton of ways that other games have dealt with these things in the past 20 years, so just going with the "Well, we tried some things in the alpha and that didn't work out, so now it's just the way it is" almost seems like a cop-out.
  6. I feel like it would be pretty easy to just change the way the game rewards a win so that it would actually be lucrative for people to team up and win. In most of the games I listed, it almost always just happened naturally. People got tired of always losing to one side, so they would gang up and defeat them. No real coordination, planning, strategy, etc. is needed if you can just manage to outnumber them and overpower them. Of course it would be much harder in Crowfall with a 200 player cap on zones.
  7. Even in a 100% ideal situation where the population was perfectly fine, the problem of zone caps still remains. With 500 people, you can literally lock down 2 entire zones and prevent anyone from even entering them in the first place. Not through any kind of skills, coordination, teamwork, or anything. Literally by just existing in the zone. It's quite comical if you think about it.
  8. This could be solved even easier and cheaper by just having a universal stash that all characters could access instead of having to use and/or browse through different characters. This is incredibly simple, easy and cheap to fix as well. They could just have tooltips when you select each EK that shows which vendors are placed in there, and then have another sub-set of tooltips when you hover over each vendor to show what they have in store. It would be super fast to figure out which specific EK fits your exact needs and you would never have to constantly physically go through EKs and their loading screens.
  9. Uh oh, you're gonna get in trouble with all the "hardcore" PvP players who will tell you that structured and fair PvP isn't "real PvP".
  10. Did Artcraft ever even acknowledge that it's an issue? Because it seems like such a no-brainer to change, but I don't remember them saying anything about it.
  11. Keep an eye on the Crowfall store. Perhaps they will add souvenirs soon, in remembrance of what Crowfall was - https://crowfall.com/en-US/store?category=featured
  12. You literally just created this thread to complain. You use the word "ironic" but you can't see the actual irony in your own actions.
  13. I was just speaking about the 3-party system in general from other MMOs, so I was just writing up the terms that other games used, not actually referring to guilds in Crowfall. However, your reply makes me wonder if/how Artcraft will try to prevent huge guilds from coordinating and just dominating in the FvF ruleset.
  14. Wouldn't the point of 3 factions/guild/realm/whatever be that the 2 lesser ones can gang up on the 1 bigger one to overwhelm and overthrow them, pretty much resulting in a constant shift of who is in power? That's how it worked in games like Silkroad Online, DAoC, Planetside 1+2, Elder Scrolls Online, Guild Wars 2, Archeage, etc. It will never be 3 evenly sized teams, but the 2 smaller/less powerful ones can band together, if they choose to do so.
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