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  1. I haven't posted anything for a whole year because I felt like development progress on this game was getting pretty stale and not really going anywhere. Now this is exactly the kind of updates that I have been waiting for. It's looking really good. Removing archetypes is one of the best decisions that has been made. The disciplines look awesome and I can't wait for all the theorycrafting that's gonna happen. Oh and let's not forget about the graphics overhaul. The game went from looking like a Fisherprice plastic hell to looking extremely amazing. What an incredible up
  2. Will there be disciplines/promotions to make you 100% focused on Life or Death? I'm starting to feel like these forced "you MUST swap your tray" things are getting boring and annoying. What if I don't want to swap? Is this a wise decision to not let enemies see the healing orbs? I think it could create a lot of weird "WTF just happpened?" situations in regards to low HP targets and sudden bursts of heals because they walk through a bunch of invisible orbs. Also, these new hotkey icons are very nice. Much better than the Ranger icons. Props on those!
  3. Goddamn the Shadowbane music was so good. It had the perfect amount of mysticism and epicness at the same time. I hope Crowfall will have an equally good soundtrack.
  4. Funnily enough I've been in CU since the beginning and I'm getting the exact same vibe as you. It's why I've stopped doing any sort of testing or giving any feedback at all. I'm just gonna ride it out and hope for the best.
  5. There is but imagine if everyone was the exact same and was constantly praising everything without any criticism. The game wouldn't end up good, would it? The stone throwing is a necessary "evil". Always has been and always will be.
  6. We're only throwing rocks because we're really passionate and we care a lot about this game. Always remember that. We're not doing it to be mean, we just want the game to be the best it can be.
  7. Of course there needs to be a combat log. I don't know why this should even be a question, it seems very straight-forward to me. It benefits a lot more than it "hurts". The only reason to not include a combat log would be to keep the "mystery" as previously mentioned in this thread, but if you're the kind of person that wants to retain that "mystery" then you can just choose to not look at them.
  8. That quote actually pops into my head every single time there's some new feature/tech/whatever being announced because I remember how that exact quote made me think that this would be some super hardcore Shadowbane 2.0. It honestly does seems more and more like they are trying to appeal to everybody with things like limited abilities, slow-ish combat, RNG, etc. It's actually kinda weird how we went from that whole PLAY2CRUSH SUPER SKILLBASED HARDCORE PVP idea and now we're here with a "game" that probably anyone could pick up and play at a decent level within 2-3 hours tops. I guess t
  9. I look forward to experiencing all those "Oh, I just got custarded by RNG" moments.
  10. Yes, please. This makes putting theorycrafting into practice so much easier when you can get a guaranteed crit by telling your friend to just sit down.
  11. I'm hoping that it will be possible to play in more than just 1 campaign. I'd like to play with a guild in Dregs/The Shadow and sometimes play solo in God's Reach during off-times/downtimes.
  12. Faster combat doesn't have to mean that you die in 10 seconds.
  13. Yes, the majority of posters on this forum want to try out faster combat but the devs are taking the "we know best" approach and not really explaining much about why we can't test faster combat, sadly.
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