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  1. This is a big mistake, in my opinion. There should definitely be NPCs in one centralized city, so that people are driven to go to the cities, which in turn will then make it seem more like an MMO and feel much more alive overall. Please consider rethinking this. You are starting to have systems that can drive foot traffic to cities, but you are choosing not to utilize it. This also feels like a mistake. Quest dialogue is a great way to make the world feel more alive for people who care about lore. I understand that it's probably because you guys don't want to write long texts, but having a few lines of text added to each quest shouldn't really be that problematic. Again, it would also make the world feel more "real" and alive since you'd be completing quests for NPCs in the world. Big mistake again, in my opinion. See my first reply as to why. 4 per day seems a bit low. I would have imagined 10 to be the sweet spot. Imagine with everyone in the campaign having "Capture a Fort" for example. If you are a mostly solo person, then you could essentially have lost 1 out of your 4 daily quests entirely because you wouldn't be able to capture a fort since other groups/guilds would be spending all day camping forts. You'd essentially miss out on a lot of reason to even try to attempt to complete it. Not to mention that 4 quests might also be able to be completed in like 1 hour if you are rolling in a good and/or big(ger) group/guild. Please reconsider increasing the amount of daily quests so that you can really give people a reason to log in and stay logged in every day. I am really hoping that these rewards are just temporary placeholders. The rewards needs to be things that would really drive people to want to complete as many daily quests as they can, because the rewards should be very lucrative. A couple of examples that you should be able to get with the token currency(PvP token currency as well) could be things like capes, titles, mounts, skins, weapon glow effects, and so on. You could also go with something a bit more gameplay desirable, like having really expensive "warforged" discs with maybe a 1-2% extra power boost compared to the normal ones. That would give people something to actually grind/farm for personal progression. I feel that it is a HUGE mistake to make a system like this and then only look at it and say "This is only for new players". You should desperately want to implement this in a way that it appeals to BOTH new players and experienced players as well. With a few tweaks I am certain that you could achieve something that would please both. Other than that, I think it's a great idea overall and it is a very needed thing for player retention. You just need to reconsider a few things and then apply some tweaks so that it can appeal to everyone. Someone who is an experienced player could easily look at this entire system and consider it entirely worthless because the rewards are so "meh" to them.
  2. The prices seem extremely steep for what they provide. They range from $25 to $40 PER STATUE in a game that's already B2P + has VIP. Reading their descriptions and then checking the shop prices literally shocked me. They should be no more than $10 each if you absolutely have to charge for them.
  3. First time I post on here in 14 days and you're there to react to my post and then also proceed to talk directly about me, literally 1 hour later.
  4. Is it a bannable offense to use/abuse the bug?
  5. No offense, but that was a whole bunch of words that literally said nothing and didn't clear up ANYTHING about that 6 page thread. It's really simple. Just give an official statement about the following question: Is the flying a bannable offense or not? Yes/no.
  6. I meant for Crowfall specifically.
  7. I'd like to hear some of your ideas of non-lazy approaches to how players can magically conjure up content for themselves, rather than having the developers make actual content for them.
  8. Classic response from someone with a "ACE Development Partner & Investor" title. Blame things on the players, instead of blaming things on the developers.
  9. Go ahead and tell me how it is useful for anyone to have them repeat to the players, what happened in the game. Surely the people playing the game already know what happened since they were actually there. And while you are at it, how is it useful for the players that they keep reminding people about the the recruit-a-friend program at every opportunity they get?
  10. No offense, but why does it feel like these blog posts are getting more and more padded with information that's pretty much useless? There's SO many things to talk about and that could be addressed, but instead it's pretty much just ignored. Instead it feels like a 7th grader just filling their essay word count. The things marked in red are absolutely useless non-information. The things marked in green are actual information. Not to mention that if you push out the 7.300 patch on November 1st, the absolute earliest, it would then have been ~120 days since launch. If you are telling us that it has taken you 4 MONTHS to fix something like the laggy map and the broken chat system, then what timeframe are we looking at with any kind of major changes to the game? Or does it mean that no major changes are ever coming?
  11. I have already moved along. Over the last month or so it became more and more apparent that ACE as a company doesn't even really care about CF. People are leaving every day, and they still aren't even addressing things in any way. They're just all smiles and pretending everything is okay. Their upcoming monthly stream will probably be more of the same. I had a 1% hope that they would come out and be like "Listen, we know that we messed up and delivered a sub-par product, but if you give us time we will try to salvage this". Unfortunately that ain't happening. They don't want to admit any of their mistakes. Hell, they even doubled down on how "awesome" they think the EK system is, for example. So now I'm just witnessing the sinking of this ship while eating popcorn and waiting to try out other MMOs such as New World and Ashes of Creation.
  12. The funniest part is that they are about to double down on timers. I don't know what the hell they are thinking with handshake sieges. If their aim is to make people log in and play even less overall, then they are on the right track for sure.
  13. It has been 82 days(2,7 months) since Crowfall launched and they still haven't fixed the more trivial things such as the chat system, the overall UI, the lagging map, etc. Let's look at all the patches since launch day and what they have changed in that timeframe, and which features that they consider to be "big" changes that were worth mentioning. Keep in mind that some things like the Shadow campaign, for example, were already 99% done pre-launch and that it wasn't something they created post-launch. 6.540: 1 jumpstart tome to skip the tutorial added to all accounts Lowered gold from 1-25 Wartribe NPCs. 7.000: Introduced Shadow campaigns(FvFvF). Duelist balance changes. Assassin balance changes. Zone cap raised from 200 to 250. Dregs/Shadows rewards changes. 24 hour cooldown added before you can join another guild after leaving one. Trial accounts can't claim campaign rewards. 7.100: Introduced global servers to accommodate a smaller playerbase. 500 alliance cap. Sacrifice XP roll-over. 7.200: NPE updates. Alliance cap changed to 15 guilds. Doubled castle/keep mitigation value. Dregs map changed to 4 adventure zones + 4 siege zones, split between 4 regions. Other than that, it has mostly just been balance changes, performance optimizations, server stability changes, bug/glitch fixes, and other minor tweaks of things. Here's their near-term roadmap. Things marked in white were/are slated for 7.200 and 7.300: https://i.imgur.com/QbzJgHG.png Here's their mid-term roadmap: https://i.imgur.com/pFY1JqK.png https://i.imgur.com/SeJBKGt.png https://i.imgur.com/kukaKq3.png Finally, their long-term roadmap: https://i.imgur.com/tD1Kjo2.png They confirmed in their last stream that each patch cycle will be around 5-6 weeks per patch. Now with that information plus the patches that we have already seen, plus the laid out roadmaps above, it seems fairly obvious that anything that could potentially save Crowfall is very likely MANY months out. I would not be surprised if CF is in a nearly identical state in 6 months from now. It's incredibly obvious that they simply just can't make any big changes in any timely manner. Most likely because they are just a small skeleton crew that's keeping the game up until their next game is coming out.
  14. Don't worry, it's only a soft launch. When they do the REAL launch they will have hundreds of thousands of players!
  15. Wow, that is amazing. The person who runs the ArtCraftQA account must just blindly react without even reading the posts they are reacting to 😂
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