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  1. Youtube: 18k views, 39 comments Facebook: 21 shares, 28 comments, 81 likes IG: 25 likes, 0 comments Twitter: 78 retweets, 17 comments, 161 likes These are all numbers from the official Crowfall accounts where they posted about their launch date. They have had close to zero engagement for an MMO that's about to launch in less than a month. The writing is on the wall. I doubt any streamer above 500 viewers is even going to give Crowfall a chance when it looks and feels like a game that's in early alpha. They'll take one look at a gameplay video and instantly say no thanks. I suspect they will be getting a lot of negative feedback from Youtubers like TheLazyPeon, KiraTV, MMOByte, etc. as well. I also doubt we'll even hear anything from J Todd Coleman or Gordon Walton. Maybe they will release some lawyer-speak statement post-launch about how great their game is how great it has done, even if it does extremely poorly.
  2. The new UI screams alpha version of a 2005 F2P asian MMO. Not sure what they were thinking with this. It's like everyone who worked on Crowfall didn't look at/study/play any other MMOs in the past 10 years.
  3. Go pull up a video on one monitor from 2016 when they redesigned the combat and then open up another video from this week/month on another monitor and compare the two. Perhaps you will realize that there has been hardly any changes over the course of those 5 years outside of small updates to the UI, slight animation changes, a tiny bit of optimization and other non-gameplay/non-combat changes. The combat, gameplay loop, mechanics, etc. are still nearly identical to what they were 5 years ago. Everything about the UI screams placeholder, animations look and feel wonky, combat is floaty and nothing has any weight to it, sound effects are terrible quality and have no feel of "oompfh" or impact, melee looks and feels absolutely laughable, the whole world is completely dead and empty, the lore might as well be non-existent, everything PvE-related and mob AI is straight up garbage, etc. I think all of these things are most likely the results of the studio heads not having played any MMOs for a good ~10 years. There's legitimately nothing in Crowfall right now that is up to modern MMO standards in any way. Also, let's not forget that a game like Ashes of Creation which has been in active development for far less time already looks infinitely better and more impressive. Not that I am convinced AoC will be a good game, but it definitely has had way faster and way better progress. I'd suggest you go look at their latest siege gameplay video if you haven't seen it, and then keep in mind that they began development in mid 2017. Then compare it to Crowfall.
  4. I will definitely be present at launch. I'm not gonna miss a trainwreck like that. It's gonna be hilariously bad.
  5. You wouldn't be so surprised if you were able to take off your fanboi glasses and see what's really going on with the game. At the end of the day, it's an MMO made in Unity that's janky as hell on all fronts and they have struggled to maintain even just 100-200 players in regular testing over the last 2-3 years. That's a huge indication that the game just isn't fun or engaging in its current state, not even to +90% of the backers. It's nearly impossible to be positive about launch next month when you look at it from a realistic perspective.
  6. Right, I'm sure when I open the game at launch in 1 month then I will magically have 20 ping, +100 FPS and the game running smoothly without any clunkiness, hiccups or issues, just like I am able to experience in almost all other MMOs on the market currently. I'm also sure that we'll be able to have multiple battles with hundreds of players going on everywhere, like they advertised, without any server issues because the developers at ACE are so good that they have managed to make the first real 3D Unity MMO that isn't a huge mess. You have convinced me, Retchet. Thank you.
  7. It's ironic that you're telling me to stop pretending to understand things when you just confused ping and framerate right above. You were talking about ping related issues at first and then you said that they fixed it all because there was a patch where you went from 5 FPS to normal.
  8. I really hope you are trolling, because otherwise you're just confusing framerate and ping. Either way, both framerate AND ping related issues are pretty bad in Crowfall. Most of it is probably because it's a Unity game and the engine is just not built for making MMOs, which means it's something that they literally can't ever fix.
  9. Ask yourself one thing. Is the case that ACE managed to fix ping/latency issues that are bound by the laws of physics, and have been a problem in every single game since the dawn of the internet? Or is it just that the people who consistently play Crowfall have low standards and are willing to accept anything?
  10. My bad, I was just reading up on CU and CSE before posting that. Funnily enough CU and CSE are in a relatively similar spot to CF and ACE.
  11. It seems crazy to me that people are fine with this launch because they are fully convinced that CSE will be magically fixing all the issues post-launch. They have been at it for so many years already, yet there's still so many basic issues that never got fixed or changed during that time. Also, what happens if there's only 1000-2000 players at launch? It's not financially feasible for CSE to continue working on a game with such little interest. I mean this launch thread has been up for more than 24 hours and it has not even broken 100 replies. If I was working at CSE right now, I would feel very unsafe about my current job.
  12. Yeah, because there won't even be enough players to stress their servers.
  13. They have been behind schedule the entire time, so what would 1 or 2 more years matter to them? I mean, they have secured close to 40 million dollars in funding since they started in 2015, so I just want to know the real reason behind the launch. It surely can't be that they are running out of money, because there's no way they spent 40 million dollars on a game that's running in Unity. So if they still have enough money left, why are they pushing their game out into an inevitable premature death? Are both J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton completely okay with destroying their reputation as game developers due to how poorly managed this whole game/project has been?
  14. I'm 99.99% sure they are launching the game because they are doing some kind of "hail mary" play where they're just cutting costs and hoping for the best because they realize that they can't salvage Crowfall as a whole and that they probably know it's going to be a massive failure considering all the tens of millions of dollars they got in funding. However, just to put the 50-75k number into perspective, we can look at the top 15 Steam charts. ACE needs Crowfall to be more popular than games like ARK, Rust, Warframe, Dead By Daylight, Rocket League, Terraria and so on. Clearly that is never going to happen. They won't be able to even maintain 1/10 of the numbers of those games. I would really like to hear J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton talk about the rationale behind the decision for this launch date, but I doubt we'll hear the true story from them.
  15. Anyone can see that this game clearly needs at least 1-2 years more of active development to even be halfway decent. What happened? Did they run out of money? If so, where did the money go? They had 500k people sign up because people thought it was gonna be Shadowbane 2.0, but instead this product they are launching is some janky Unity action game that feels like it was made by an amateur friend group of 10 people in their spare time. With the state the game is in, I would be INCREDIBLY surprised if there's more than ~2000 active people playing Crowfall 1 month after launch.
  16. I haven't posted anything for a whole year because I felt like development progress on this game was getting pretty stale and not really going anywhere. Now this is exactly the kind of updates that I have been waiting for. It's looking really good. Removing archetypes is one of the best decisions that has been made. The disciplines look awesome and I can't wait for all the theorycrafting that's gonna happen. Oh and let's not forget about the graphics overhaul. The game went from looking like a Fisherprice plastic hell to looking extremely amazing. What an incredible update. My hype has returned in full force. Good job, Artcraft!
  17. Will there be disciplines/promotions to make you 100% focused on Life or Death? I'm starting to feel like these forced "you MUST swap your tray" things are getting boring and annoying. What if I don't want to swap? Is this a wise decision to not let enemies see the healing orbs? I think it could create a lot of weird "WTF just happpened?" situations in regards to low HP targets and sudden bursts of heals because they walk through a bunch of invisible orbs. Also, these new hotkey icons are very nice. Much better than the Ranger icons. Props on those!
  18. Goddamn the Shadowbane music was so good. It had the perfect amount of mysticism and epicness at the same time. I hope Crowfall will have an equally good soundtrack.
  19. Funnily enough I've been in CU since the beginning and I'm getting the exact same vibe as you. It's why I've stopped doing any sort of testing or giving any feedback at all. I'm just gonna ride it out and hope for the best.
  20. There is but imagine if everyone was the exact same and was constantly praising everything without any criticism. The game wouldn't end up good, would it? The stone throwing is a necessary "evil". Always has been and always will be.
  21. We're only throwing rocks because we're really passionate and we care a lot about this game. Always remember that. We're not doing it to be mean, we just want the game to be the best it can be.
  22. Of course there needs to be a combat log. I don't know why this should even be a question, it seems very straight-forward to me. It benefits a lot more than it "hurts". The only reason to not include a combat log would be to keep the "mystery" as previously mentioned in this thread, but if you're the kind of person that wants to retain that "mystery" then you can just choose to not look at them.
  23. That quote actually pops into my head every single time there's some new feature/tech/whatever being announced because I remember how that exact quote made me think that this would be some super hardcore Shadowbane 2.0. It honestly does seems more and more like they are trying to appeal to everybody with things like limited abilities, slow-ish combat, RNG, etc. It's actually kinda weird how we went from that whole PLAY2CRUSH SUPER SKILLBASED HARDCORE PVP idea and now we're here with a "game" that probably anyone could pick up and play at a decent level within 2-3 hours tops. I guess that initial thing was just marketing hype.
  24. I look forward to experiencing all those "Oh, I just got custarded by RNG" moments.
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