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  1. Morello? You are in the wrong gate mate, go home j/k <3
  2. Yah obviously lame on there part. I don't think they were the best guild by a long shot but they brought a new play style to the forefront when it comes to specs. Sure people might have done a channy group before but they were the first to do something decent with it. Their issue is once guilds found a way around it, they didn't adapt and come up with something better. This is what separated good guilds from GREAT guilds. Case in point TSP on Morning. They were a great guild for their innovation and also ability to adapt to fights.
  3. The channy grp was very innovative and very good at banes. RoFL just found a way around it. Inherently, their channy grp never should have been elf. It was a bad call there but regardless they were much better than 98% of the guilds I have seen in this game.
  4. Having been in Nurfed and played with G.O.D a bit during some banes I can tell you they were both very good. Their def channy group was really the first one to actually work. They got smacked around later on because people found ways to defeat it, much like the spec groups my guild, Rerolled ran. That was the magic of SB, you could roll a lot of different ideas. Say all you want about G.O.D but they left their mark on SB much like Nurfed did.
  5. Say what you want but G.O.D was one of the most innovative and skilled groups that I ever played with. They in many ways created the spec group when other people were mindlessly zerging.
  6. I would kiss this man... wait..
  7. Sup sexy pants, Are you playing? I just picked up the game to check it out.
  8. Zerg... not so much. They did delete their own wall and rightfully so when we were up on it. It was actually the right call at the time.
  9. Good to see you guys coming back. Had some pretty fun times back in Shadowbane!
  10. How do you know they have any of this?
  11. I am very interesting in the funding for this project. A ubiquitous trend in smaller companies games these days is the early access projects that consumers are inundated with on a regular basis. These projects allow customers to buy in early to help the project continue to develop allowing them access to the game but often times leaving customers frustrated by slow development times and lackluster content. Having seen both sides of this perspective, I am interested in how crowd sourcing could be done right for Crowfall. If we take two forms of crowd sourcing we can examine them for possib
  12. I feel like this is something they HAVE to do at this point. In a development cycle, if we are at a concept art stage with character model implementation, you are looking a multi-year dev cycle MIN for the type of game they are speaking about. Sure the hype is fantastic right now and growing but what kills communities is complacency. When things are moving at a lightening pace, communities die very quickly. So I wonder if we will get some information about the people working on the project and a look inside at some of the time tables for the project.
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