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  1. http://www.shadowbane.com/?fbclid=IwAR2AIEm0xNxDdRHD-QYy7POZwaF_t5knGcaFk-kIkvfQNNRzy3SpbtW_yCk think it's worth a shot?
  2. Thanks for the replies! I did receive a code for 20% off and I did my part and handed it out. I was looking for some extra love as backers.
  3. dajjal


    just let everyone train 2 skills at the same time, if you are not VIP then it caps, if you are VIP then it doesn't cap and can be created into a tome that can be sold or auctioned off. 100% fine with that -minor note, that there would also be a cap globally of how much you can train with tomes-
  4. any chance we who backed the game might get some beta keys for friends that we have failed to convince to drop 50$.
  5. dajjal


    backer from the start but I have not put much time into the game, I would like to change that. looking to join a guild for next campaign. I have yet to take the game in a serious matter so I have not leveled past 6, A lot will need to be explained but I'm a quick learner. I started with shadowbane as my first MMO some of my char names were refuse, deviant, dajjal, tumbledried and lVlatrix since then I played many MMO EQ,EQ2,WOW,DAOC,WS,AA,rift prob all of em. shoot me a message if you want more info
  6. Stat runes need to be brought into the fold for sure for 2 reasons. Emotion Economy I have seen guilds broken up over a stat rune drop, people turn into cut throats when grouped with random people. this creates drama, politics, chaos & a range of emotions no current game can touch. and obvious one is economy, get that lucky lotto ticket and sell that for a ton of gold.
  7. I played shadowbane a ton back in the day, started on war server day 1. Now I do share some of your concern, but as far as a shadowbane type game crowfall has the most potential to be its best thing we got so far and this is how.. Server type : guild vs guild Nothing comes out and the server will have some type of win condition. That's what keeps me interested. Btw i hate the passive training system too.
  8. I7-4790k oc 4.4 gtx 970 8 gigs ram 1833mhz water cooled
  9. When i was 20 about to graduate high school I picked up shadowbane not knowing anything about MMO's i never played everquest. in fact i bought shadowbane thinking it was a different game so it was by mistake that i took home this game that really did change me as a gamer. the first day i installed it ( which was within the first week or 2 that it came out ) started me a character on the WAR server i killed a couple spiders looted it then quit. I was so disappointed thinking i just wasted my money. I sat down a week later to try it again this time without what ever expectations i had ( i don't
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