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  1. http://www.shadowbane.com/?fbclid=IwAR2AIEm0xNxDdRHD-QYy7POZwaF_t5knGcaFk-kIkvfQNNRzy3SpbtW_yCk think it's worth a shot?
  2. Thanks for the replies! I did receive a code for 20% off and I did my part and handed it out. I was looking for some extra love as backers.
  3. dajjal


    just let everyone train 2 skills at the same time, if you are not VIP then it caps, if you are VIP then it doesn't cap and can be created into a tome that can be sold or auctioned off. 100% fine with that -minor note, that there would also be a cap globally of how much you can train with tomes-
  4. any chance we who backed the game might get some beta keys for friends that we have failed to convince to drop 50$.
  5. dajjal


    backer from the start but I have not put much time into the game, I would like to change that. looking to join a guild for next campaign. I have yet to take the game in a serious matter so I have not leveled past 6, A lot will need to be explained but I'm a quick learner. I started with shadowbane as my first MMO some of my char names were refuse, deviant, dajjal, tumbledried and lVlatrix since then I played many MMO EQ,EQ2,WOW,DAOC,WS,AA,rift prob all of em. shoot me a message if you want more info
  6. Stat runes need to be brought into the fold for sure for 2 reasons. Emotion Economy I have seen guilds broken up over a stat rune drop, people turn into cut throats when grouped with random people. this creates drama, politics, chaos & a range of emotions no current game can touch. and obvious one is economy, get that lucky lotto ticket and sell that for a ton of gold.
  7. I played shadowbane a ton back in the day, started on war server day 1. Now I do share some of your concern, but as far as a shadowbane type game crowfall has the most potential to be its best thing we got so far and this is how.. Server type : guild vs guild Nothing comes out and the server will have some type of win condition. That's what keeps me interested. Btw i hate the passive training system too.
  8. #3964 will be in the second alpha, can't wait. gold pledge p.s going to steal your name decoy
  9. * based on what we know about it. better? not going to lie i want shadowbane 2, but ill settle for crowfall as it has a lot of great ideas. but just like the first page when playtocrush.com was launched, i don't want a trophy hall or medals. seems a little bait n switch, but there is enough meat in the game to make me stick around. with this thread ( that has went way off topic ) I was hoping we could add more to EK's, not just settle on "well if you don't want to do it don't " attitude. personally i see a lot of fun to be had in the EK's with a few tweaks.
  10. maybe overhaul was to harsh of a word but i definitely think EK is the weakest link, again not here to bash EK just improve on what we already know about EK.
  11. guess I'm a hipster but I like the idea of losing or earning something. just being given something loses its worth ..
  12. Isn't that why we PVP to see who is better, kind of the same principle don't you think?
  13. not really risking anything are you? few coins maybe if you want...
  14. When you can't bring these items into a campaign whats the point? to show off in a FFA match? have you guild mates/friends look at the item in your EK? The first ring seems like a tut for new players, don't know much of the second and the third ring is i think where the dev's in-visioned most people playing. I guess it could change and they allow guilds to bring in items for the shadow campaign, but i don't think that's the best idea. I'm just basing this on what i see from the FAQ BTW.
  15. I did a search before i posted, I felt this was a bit different. It was aimed at brainstorming ideas.
  16. I doubt the game is far enough in development that changes can't be made. and again i understand its optional, as most do but just a few changes and it could be a great feature to add to the already amazing lineup.
  17. I did, thank you Mel. I wanted to make a thread to brainstorm on how to make EK better, it is the only thing in the current build that i feel hasn't reached its potential. I get that part and that's great, But it doesn't change the fact that there is only maybe one campaign you can bring crafted items into. thus making the EK's nothing but a trophy hall.
  18. So far i love everything this game has to offer except the Eternal Kingdoms. Why do I care about having a kingdom if everyone has one? It sounds like a more expanded garrison from world of warcraft ( which is a chore / not fun ) If we can't bring items into a campaign why do I care to craft In my EK world that has nothing in it. There needs to be some risk involved, ( i know there is the Guild vs Guild campaign ) there needs to be conflict in these realms. An idea I had is as follows.. Guild A wins the guild vs guild campaign Guild B comes in second Guild C comes in third these three guilds meet " rival " conditions and can lay siege to the rival guilds EK. winning guild gains one parcel of land from losing guild. nothing is given away or created out of thin air. the parcels are earned through warfare and risk. in order to get any rival designation guild must have meet these conditions. 1. participate and come in 1,2 or 3rd place in a guild vs guild campaign 2. have a extra parcel of land to anti for the price of war. more to be added if need be Just a thought I'm sure everyone brainstorming on this idea, we can make EK truly "worth it"
  19. good topic i think it would work like this. In game of thrones when Roose bolten turned on the starks and the lanisters gave roose bolten the title of warden of the north as a thanks to his service to the crown. Those that did not bend the knee were considered traitors to the crown and went to war. point is you may not have to make every guild bend the knee, but could achieve the same outcome as fealty if you defeated them in battle.
  20. yeah i hear ya, i would be fine would either system. just feel a happy medium is what shadowbane had
  21. was hoping to talk to the devs, looked forward to getting Todd to sign my shadowbane box what happend?
  22. rather have shadowbanes' loot rules, its better than darkfall/UO loot rules imo
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